(Clearwisdom.net) Calling China to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP, the CCP's Youth League, and the Chinese Communist Young Pioneers is in many ways similar to calling China to clarify the truth about the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong, but there are differences. It will not suffice to clarify the truth only. We must also break through the layers that have formed in their minds and untie the knots in their hearts so that we can encourage them to withdraw from the CCP with no regrets. I would like to share some of my most memorable experiences.

1. How to Broach the Topic When Calling China

We call people in China because it is a sacred mission for us to save people. We should create a positive effect as soon as we speak in order to establish an environment favorable to our truth-clarification work. When we make a call, the first sentence is the most crucial.

I have had many trials and errors, but I have learned my lessons. In a very enthusiastic tone, I first say to the person that answers, "Hello, I am glad you have listened to our broadcast over the phone. Was the sound quality good?" The enthusiasm in my voice is usually contagious, and the person cannot help but say, "Yes, it was clear," or "No, it was not very clear." Those who listen to the message in the broadcast have asked, "Is it true?" or "Do you have any evidence?" Once they initiate the conversation, it is easier to clarify the truth. For example, an arrogant man in Beijing said, "Yes, I heard it clearly, but I need tangible evidence. Once you have completed your investigation, give me ten names of Falun Gong practitioners, preferably from Beijing, including those who are missing. I will knock on their doors and verify the information. I may bring police officers with me. If what you have told me is true, I will make the CCP my enemy!" However, some people become silent after they comment on the sound quality. In this type of situation, I find other things to talk about. Once a farmer from Shenyang said he didn't hear the broadcast clearly, so I told him the facts about the CCP from scratch. When I told him about the CCP atrocities and its persecution against farmers, he became very angry and launched into a tirade against the CCP. When I told him about withdrawing from the CCP, he said, "Say no more. I will severe my ties with the CCP right away!" One person asked, "Is this true?" I said, "Of course it is!" and I started to enumerate many facts. Before I finished, he interrupted me and said, "I will withdraw from the CCP!"

In some cases, it is very natural to start a conversation as I outlined above, because both parties will have something to say. Another advantage of this strategy is that you don't have to think of any special line when you pick up the phone. When you ask about the sound quality, you may take the moment to adjust and purify your mentality to keep your righteous thoughts.

2. One May Talk about a Wide Range of Topics, But Never Forget the Purpose

I think that it is important to present the most shocking and persuasive messages in a very short amount of time when trying to persuade people to quit the CCP over the phone, so one should touch people's hearts and let them decide on their own to withdraw. Indeed, calling people to persuade them to quit the CCP is the front line of the battle with the CCP to save lives.

Accordingly, I have been using the three most despicable crimes of the CCP as my talking points. The first crime is the CCP's organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners for profit. I will talk about it at the very beginning to awaken their numbed consciences. Next I will talk about the fact that the CCP is responsible for the deaths of 80 million innocent Chinese people, illustrating the Party's consistent evil nature. Finally, I tell the facts about the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong. I find this approach to be most effective in awakening people's consciences.

Let's talk about the CCP's crime of harvesting organs from living practitioners for profit. One needs to take into consideration that some people might deny this heinous crime, some people might have doubts, and some kindhearted people might find it to be too shocking to believe. I decided to offer proof from different perspectives. First, an independent Canadian investigation obtained 18 categories of evidence in its two-month investigation. The investigation is accepted by the international legal community and shocked the Western public and governments. Second, the wife of one of the surgeons in China revealed that her husband had removed over 2,000 pairs of corneas from living Falun Gong practitioners before they were transferred to other surgeons who removed their livers, kidneys, and hearts. Third, a veteran military doctor in Shenyang Military Zone revealed that there are at least 36 forced labor camps in China imprisoning Falun Gong practitioners at so-called "human organ farms." Fourth, about a dozen hospitals in China openly solicit patients in need of organ transplant. On their websites as well as in recorded telephone conversations with investigators acting as potential clients, they guarantee organs freshly harvested from living practitioners. Fifth, Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott secretly met two Falun Gong practitioners and a witness during his visit to Beijing to confirm the organ harvesting. Six, Head of the Liver Transplant Research Center of Armed Police General Hospital Mr. Shen Zhongyang, Head of the Organ Transplant Research Center of Tongji Medical College at Huazhong Technology University Mr. Chen Zhonghua, and Chairman of Organ Transplant Center of Fudan University Mr. Zhu Tongyu were served with a court summons on July 24, 2006, when they attend the World Transplant Congress in Boston, MA. They have all taken internal organs from living practitioners. Each organ could fetch between US$100,000 and $300,000. They now face a lawsuit for crimes against humanity. When I present so many facts at once, no one can deny the existence of the CCP's crime of organ harvesting.

When I talk about the fact that the CCP is responsible for the deaths of 80 million Chinese people, it is important to have them identify with me from the very beginning. If they hold the slightest doubt, they are likely to hang up. I say, "It is the CCP itself that admits it has killed 80 million Chinese people. One can find the evidence in the CCP's central documents, historical files and People's Daily. The CCP admits it because it sees the massacre of 80 million Chinese people as accomplishments in its repeated political movements. It does not think it is a bloody crime or shameful." Depending on people's reactions, I tell them the following facts.

1. After the CCP took power in China, it killed over six million landowners, capitalists, members of the Kuomingtang, and people with overseas relatives. These people were not rioters. They did not commit any crimes. After robbing them of their land and property, the CCP killed them. Next, the CCP lured dissidents to come into the open by soliciting intellectuals' feedback on the CCP. Shortly afterwards, two million intellectuals were branded as right-wing undesirables. Over 500,000 of them were tortured to death.

2. In 1969, communism blew across China and the production of grain declined drastically during the "Great Leap Forward". As a result, 40 million starved to death in a famine that was man-made. Peng Dehuai appealed for the people with a 10,000-word letter of appeal to Mao Zedong. Peng ended up being branded a dissident and executed.

3. The Cultural Revolution and the power struggle between number-one and number-two of the CCP caused the unnatural deaths of 20 million Chinese. Later, Hu Yaobang told a Yugoslavian reporter that the Great Cultural Revolution was a disaster. Hu said, "During the Great Cultural Revolution, 100 million Chinese people were victimized, which is about one tenth of China's entire population. At least 7.73 million people died of unnatural causes in China." Despite the fact that Hu Yaobang reduced the actual number of deaths due to the Cultural Revolution, the death of 7.73 million is still a shocking number.

4. After Deng Xiaping became the chairman of the CCP, he allowed a number of Chinese to become rich. Who were the selected ones? Deng Xiaoping's children and high-level CCP officials and their relatives. When college students from Beijing University and Qinghua University held a peaceful protest at Tiananmen Square against the CCP's corruption, Deng Xiaoping killed 200,000 people in exchange for another 20 years of CCP rule. The CCP mobilized the army. On June 4, 1989, the army ran over students with tanks and shot at students with machine guns, slaughtering nearly 4,000 innocent young people. On overseas websites, there were many photos of corpses and puddles of blood on Tiananmen Square taken during the June 4 massacre. At the time, the commander of the No. 8 Army was arrested because he refused to kill the students. Zhao Ziyang was placed under house arrest until his death because he opposed the suppression.

When I talk about the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong, I use contrasts to accentuate the fact, for examples, the contrast between Falun Gong's "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" versus the CCP's tactics. Six out of the seven members of the CCP's Standing Committee were against Jiang Zemin's decision to persecute Falun Gong. There are people in over 80 different countries that practice Falun Gong, but China is the only country that bans it. The CCP claims that 1,400 people died from practicing Falun Gong in China, but there isn't even one such case outside of China. This is how I try to win people over by contrasting certain thoughts. Once I have built a basis, I clarify the truth about the CCP's staged self-immolation at Tiananmen Square to instigate people's hatred towards Falun Gong. Finally, I tell people about the famous Chinese attorney Gao Zhisheng and his three open letters of appeal for Falun Gong and against the CCP's crime of removing internal organs from living practitioners. The result of such an approach of truth-clarification is predictable. People will draw their own conclusions as to who is righteous and who is evil--Falun Gong or the CCP.

This type of approach works well for middle-aged and elderly people in China. Because they have experienced the aforementioned history, they recall events as I talk and agree with my points. Once the fact that the CCP is evil registers with them, it is usually very easy to persuade them to withdraw from the CCP. While I was listing the Party's crimes to an elderly man over the phone, he would interrupt me from time to time with his comments. "It's an unforgivable crime to rip organs from live people!" "The CCP does nothing but commit crimes. It has always been torturing, killing, and lying to people." "The CCP is evil by nature!" When I asked him if he knew what the staged self-immolation at Tiananmen Square was all about, he said, "Falun Gong practitioners are good people. I am very sympathetic towards them. I don't know the truth about the self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square, but I am sure it is a lie." I explained to him in detail about the self-immolation act. He responded in anger, "Heaven shall never forgive the CCP for plotting against Falun Gong!" When I tried to persuade him to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, he said he had never joined the CCP or the Youth League, but he had joined the Young Pioneers. He said, "I am not afraid. I will withdraw from the Young Pioneers with my real name."

When I clarify the truth to young Chinese people using this lengthy approach, they rarely hang up on me because I don't give them empty lectures. When a college student majoring in international business and trade in Fujian Province heard about the brutal torture that practitioners are suffering, as well as the truth about the staged self-immolation at Tiananmen Square, he choked up in tears and said, "I cannot bear to hear it any longer. It is too cruel." I said, "You cannot bear to hear it. I cannot bear to tell you about it. These are demonic atrocities." A young man in his 20s from Beijing told me his name and agreed to withdraw from the CCP, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. He also wrote down ways to overcome the CCP's Internet blockade. After I hung up the phone, something bothered me that I couldn't quite nail down. After about ten hours, I called him back and asked if he could get on the dynamic IP site. He was delighted and told me that he could. I said, "From now on, no one can lie to you [because you have access to the truth]." He agreed. All of sudden, I realized that I had forgotten to tell him the facts about the staged self-immolation at Tiananmen Square because everything had gone so well. That's what was bothering me. Sure enough, he didn't know the facts about Falun Gong. He completely believed the CCP's staged self-immolation to be true. I immediately clarified the truth about the self-immolation act. This experience has taught me something: We clarify the truth about the CCP's sordid crimes because we want to help them understand the truth about Falun Gong. It's a man's attitude towards Falun Gong that will determine whether he will be saved. If we are unable to position a person's attitude towards Falun Gong after he accepts the truth about the CCP, he still won't have a future. What a pity it would be.

3. How to Clarify the Truth about "Heaven Shall Annihilate the CCP; Quit the CCP for Your Safety"

For decades Mainland Chinese people's minds have been poisoned by atheism, materialism, and the ideology of violence that the CCP promotes. As soon as I tell people that Heaven will annihilate the CCP and that they should quit for their safety, they completely dismiss it. "Superstition! Propaganda!" "You don't believe in science!" "You are foolish!" Because of such endless debates over the existence of divine beings, I cannot go into the topic of quitting the CCP. If an argument takes place in a phone conversation, I think it is definitely an interference, because arguments will get in the way of saving people. Whenever a conflict arises, I must calm down and search inward and think about ways to prevent arguments and kindly steer the topic toward a more favorable topic.

When I tell them that Heaven will annihilate the CCP, I avoid the subject of atheism. I almost never mention the words "god" or "divine beings." I will tell them about the two Canadians' independent investigation report on China's organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners and that the 18 categories of evidence they have collected all point to the same conclusion. But everything I talk about will support the idea that Heaven will annihilate the CCP. I present facts from four different categories that point to the inevitable dissolution of the CCP.

The first category is the Heavenly Law. Since ancient times, elderly Chinese people have always talked about the heavenly law that Heaven will ultimately reward good people and punish bad people. The list of crimes committed by the CCP is long enough to reach the heavens themselves! The Heavenly Law will not tolerate the CCP. It is high time that the CCP suffers karmic retribution. This is the law of the universe. No creature can escape the orderly cycle of formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction. The CCP has committed every conceivable crime. The list of the CCP's crimes is endless. Destruction is its inevitable fate. For thousands of years of Chinese history, a new dynasty rose with the collapse of the previous one. There is no such a thing as eternal rule. All the Chinese dynasties in history fell because they became corrupt. By taking this approach, no one argues with me.

The second category is celestial signs and Heaven's will. I don't talk about natural disasters being Heaven's warnings because many Chinese people will dismiss them as natural phenomena and debate with me incessantly. Instead, I tell them about an ancient rock found in Taobo Village, Zhangbu Township, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, that is 14 meters long, 3 meters high, and weighs over 100 tons. Six large Chinese characters naturally formed on the surface of the rock. They are: "The Chinese Communist Party is annihilated." It is truly a mystery.

Chinese media reported on the discovery, but they hid the last character "annihilated" in their reports. But large full pictures of the rock have been circulating on overseas websites. Chinese people think it is a sign of Heaven's will. There is another rock called "Pig Squealing Rock" in Shibanyan Township, Lin County, Henan Province. Since ancient times, this rock will squeal like a pig at the turn of dynasties or when a major event was about to happen. Now the "Pig Squealing Rock" is squealing again. The CCP is completely incorrigible. If mankind will not bring justice and eliminate the CCP, Heaven will. Chinese people also agree that these rocks are signs of Heaven's will. If you don't believe it, you may travel to Guizhou Province and Henan Province to take a look at these rocks in person. They are indisputable facts. In fact, no one argues with me about them.

The third category is ancient prophecies. I start by telling them about the six types of recognized supernormal capabilities. One of them is the supernormal ability of precognition and retrocognition. Those who have this kind of capability are usually referred to as gifted people because they can see the past and the future. When such gifted people write down their visions of the future, they become prophecies. I list a number of famous Chinese, Korean, and Western prophecies that are known to be extremely accurate. Next I tell people that all these prophecies predict that the CCP will collapse in the foreseeable future. These famous predictions came from China, from outside of China, from the East, from the West, and from different countries worldwide. Predictions were recorded from different people at different times in history, but all of them predicted the downfall of the CCP. It can hardly be explained as sheer coincidence. Aren't they miracles? Aren't they a representation of Heaven's will? Mankind's history was arranged a long time ago and it has been recorded. If you don't believe me, you may read these prophecies. This way no one will dismiss the prophecies as superstition.

The fourth category is talking about the "Big Elimination" predicted in ancient books. After I finish, no one argues with me. Instead, many of them ask me how to avoid the disaster. It becomes natural to talk about the three withdrawals, because nobody wants to share the CCP's fate.

4. How to Persuade Teenage Students to Quit the CCP, Youth League, and Young Pioneers

One day I called a phone number in Xi'an. I heard several young girls chitchatting and giggling in the background. One of them asked me in a confrontational manner, "You guys say the CCP is very bad. Do you have any evidence?" After I presented many facts of the CCP's crimes, one girl said, "Now it's our turn to speak." Next she said in an interrogative tone, "Where are you from? What is your name? Where do you work?" After I answered these questions, she asked, "You want us to quit the CCP? What benefits do you offer us?"

After I told them that Heaven will annihilate the CCP and that they ought to quit the CCP for their safety, a girl said, "You are promoting superstition and ideology from feudal society. You are against the CCP. Are you Chinese or not? What is your purpose?" She added, "Since we were little, we have learned that there won't be a new China without the CCP. It is only because of the CCP that we have everything today. China's glorious accomplishments today are because of the CCP's leadership." In response to her statements, I patiently explained the truth about the CCP. Perhaps she did not have anything to say in defense of the CCP because she interrupted me suddenly and shouted, "I curse you! You are against the CCP! You are even less than a pig! You are less than a dog!" I told her, "It is bad for you to curse. You are still young." Before I had even finished the sentence, she interrupted me again. "What's wrong with being young? I am 12 years old. I know as much as you."

Afterwards, I was very disturbed. She could not be further from an innocent 12-year-old girl. Everything she said, she quoted straight from the CCP's textbooks and the standard answers of the CCP's political examinations. Billions of Chinese teenagers like her grew up being indoctrinated by the CCP's [brainwashing] education. In comparison, the middle-aged and elderly Chinese people received a traditional Chinese education before the CCP took power and have suffered from the CCP's persecution one way or another. But they too have been subjected to the CCP's poisonous propaganda. When the day comes that Heaven annihilates the CCP, many innocent children in China will suffer the same fate. My heart is overcome with grief at the thought of it. I thought about how to better clarify the truth to teenagers, and I decided that, when I try to persuade teenagers to quit the CCP, I should tell interesting and inspiring stories, such as the legend of the red-eyed stone lion, cases of reincarnation, and near-death experiences.

I once called a female college student in Xi'an. She said, "What a coincidence. I am sitting in my dormitory, writing an application to join the CCP." I clarified the truth based on her situation. She told me that she was the Secretary General of the CCP Youth League in her middle school, high school and college. If it had not been for this telephone call, she would definitely have submitted her application to the CCP the next day. I told her, "If you join the CCP, you will be deeper into the grave and perish with the CCP." She told me her name and asked to withdraw from the CCP's Youth League and Young Pioneers. In addition, she decided not to submit her application. She liked the stories I told her and asked me to call again the next day when she would have over 20 classmates on the phone.

5. Overcoming Frequently Encountered Problems

If we don't address these tough questions, people won't be willing to quit the CCP. For example, an elderly man in his 70s said, "I have experienced everything you have told me about, so I know you are telling me the truth. However, enduring the the CCP's political movements over many years has made me a coward. After seeing how it has launched its persecutions so many times, I have become numb. I don't want any trouble. I am content if I can have peace and quiet for the rest of my life. It was over 50 years ago when I was a member of the CCP Youth League. What is the point of quitting it now? I will create trouble for myself if I do that. I am an old man. Won't I be meddling in politics if I do that?" When I encounter people fearful of the CCP, I usually respond to them this way: "Don't parents teach children to stay away from evil things? In order to educate Mencius, his mother moved their home three times. Like the old folks said, 'If you cannot fight them, hide from them.' I am not asking you to pick up a rifle and fight the CCP regime. We have nothing to do with its collapse. When a person commits every conceivable crime, Heaven will eradicate him if man does not bring him to justice. This is not about politics. Besides, you may use your nickname or a pseudonym to quit the CCP. Only Heaven, you, and I know about it. No one will seek trouble." This elderly man said, "Okay. Okay. My nickname is Gougou. Please process my withdrawal from the CCP on my behalf!" If the person is still undecided, I add, "To protect their safety, over 14 million people have quit the CCP, Youth League, and Young Pioneers. I am a volunteer at the Global Service Center to quit the CCP, Youth League, and Young Pioneers. There are many volunteers calling China like me! Perhaps your friends, relatives, and colleagues have already quit the CCP in secret. Many high-level CCP officials have quit the CCP to find a way out. You are a good person. Why do you stay with it? Is there anything more important than your own life?"

Once, when I knew the woman on the phone was the provincial chairman of the branch of the Democratic League, I told her directly, "The Democratic League does not support democracy at all. You are the CCP's accomplice and you do nothing but create an illusion of democracy and political freedom in China. Do you know that you are lying for the CCP and cheating the people in China?" She said that she knew that very well. When I talked about quitting the CCP, she said, "I did not join the CCP. I joined the Youth League when I was young, but my membership expired a long time ago. Besides, I did not do anything bad when I was a member. Forget about it." I told her, "It does not count. Even if you are too old to be a member of the Youth League, you are still part of the CCP although you don't attend the Youth League's activities any longer. When you joined the Youth League, you swore to give your life to the CCP. That poisonous pledge still counts and the mark of the CCP still exists. There is a good analogy. A married couple that are separated for many years are still known to be married. Only if they are divorced will they no longer be a family." As to her defense that she did not do anything bad, I told her, "If you are a good person, why do you want to be associated with such an evil organizationi? Just by remaining its member, you are expanding its power. Every crime it commits, you will have a share of it. For example, think of a cancer patient. There are cancer cells as well as healthy cells in his body. But when he dies, all the cells, including those healthy ones, will die too. Let me give you another example. If you work for a company and later find out it is a front for a gangster operation that will soon be brought to trial, wouldn't you want to resign from the company quickly? Would you stay and go to jail too? I don't think you would do that." After my explanation, she immediately agreed to quit the Youth League.

Lately when I talk about quitting the CCP, some people have told me that Chen Liangyu, Secretary of the CCP Committee in Shanghai, has been brought to justice for corruption and that it is an indication that the CCP is fighting corruption within the Party. They say it means that there is hope in China. I take the opportunity to tell them about the severe corruption of Jiang Zemin and his son, Jiang Mianheng, who took so much money from people's pockets. After I tell them this, the clever ones understand that the larger "tigers" are still escaping justice. Chen Liangyu was just a sacrificial lamb of the infighting for power.

From our experiences, we have found that people of all ages, all levels, all regions, and all occupations are quitting the CCP. We should study the Fa well and eliminate attachments to save more sentient beings.