(Clearwisdom.net) After reading an experience-sharing article about the rescue of Yang Jianpo, I felt that I have the responsibility to share my understanding with fellow practitioners.

Disintegrating the Evil Is Unconditional

If, for example, there was a pile of trash in the new universe, we should completely clean it up without any hesitation. We should not think like this: "We all did very well, why doesn’t the trash disappear?" Our cultivation has nothing to do with the evil! So, regardless of how well we cultivate, the evil has no reason to exist. If the evil still exists, it must be that we have allowed it to exist in a certain aspect. It is because we silently tolerate it; thus, it survives. So, when we face the evil that is fighting against its fate of death, we should eliminate it completely and without any conditions. We should not think of anything else.

Looking Inward Should Not Become an Excuse for the Evil to Exist

Looking inward should be done according to Master’s requirements for Fa-rectification.

After a long period of rescue actions that resulted in no obvious progress, all fellow practitioners are looking within. However, we have to be cautious that we don’t associate our looking inside with whether the evil exists or not. If we do, the looking inward becomes the reason for the evil to continue to exist. "We all looked inside ourselves; why does the evil still exist?" Isn’t it that you looked inward just for the purpose of eliminating the evil? Aren’t you then looking inward according to the evil’s arrangement? Actually, looking within has nothing to do with the existence of the evil. Looking inward is part of our cultivation process. And cultivation has no relationship with the evil.

Looking inward is the miraculous Fa power that can rectify and elevate us. It is also a dignified sign of enlightening and the elevation of a cultivator’s xinxing. The evil isn’t qualified to have any impact. It only deserves to be fully eliminated.

We Should Be Stronger and Firmer to Maintain Our Righteous Thoughts at This Moment

After seven months of rescue work didn’t yield anything, the "numbness" and "What can we do?" kinds of sentiment became overwhelming. The more frustration there is, the closer we are to the time when things will turn upside down. At this moment, we should be stronger and firmer to hold onto our righteous thoughts. "Buddha’s Fa is boundless." When we do things according to Master’s requirements, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish.