(Clearwisdom.net) I was most fortunate to be a participant at the Chengdu lectures given by Teacher during the period from May 29 to June 6 of 1994, and I will never forget those memorable days. Over ten years have passed, and memories of the scenes still appear vividly before my eyes. Just as Teacher says in Zhuan Falun,

"I think that those who can listen to my lectures in person, I would say, honestly... you will realize in the future that this period of time is extremely precious. Of course, we believe in predestined relationship. Everyone sits here all because of a predestined relationship."

Predestined relationship

I was born in 1949 and was highly influenced by the communist culture in my upbringing. God, Dao and Buddha meant nothing to me, much less their cultivation principles. At around about the Chinese New Year in 1994, a cyst, the size of an egg, suddenly appeared on the leg of my 20-year-old daughter, which caused her grave pain. Further, except for the affected leg, she could not sweat anywhere on her body. All the doctors we saw did not give any conclusive results and we were very worried.

One day, while visiting my brother, I met a relative who happened to practice Falun Gong. She talked to me about some miraculous stories of Teacher at the lectures given at Beijing. Half believing her, but at the same time anxious to get my daughter healed, I told her to let me know as soon as Teacher came to Chengdu to start a new class. Not long afterwards, the relative called and told me that Teacher was coming in early June to run classes in Chengdu. She then left contact information with me.

The warmth of Dafa students

After confirming the date and time of the lectures, my daughter and I quickly went to attend the lecture after work. There were so many people. Many of them had attended the lectures previously. I could not understand why someone would follow Teacher around when they had already attended the classes before. Students came from all over the country. What a happy bunch of people! They were clad in bright yellow clothing and everyone wore a smile.

Everyone was so eager to help, from the time we registered until we found a seat. Very patiently they answered all my questions. They were extremely friendly and the amicable atmosphere was so different from anywhere else I had been to -- at home, at work or anywhere around.

First time seeing Teacher

As soon as Teacher appeared on the stage, the audience welcomed him with a standing ovation. The sound of the applause lingered on for a long time. That was my first time to see Teacher. I was applauding while watching Teacher. He was young, tall and was smiling. His face was beaming with delight. Teacher greeted us with his hand held upright in front of his chest. The students continued to applaud, and some were seen overjoyed with tears -- everyone was embraced in Teacher's compassion.

I was filled with joy and happiness. There was neither sadness or misery and this feeling has remained in my memory ever since.

My daughter slept soundly during the lecture

Teacher had a magnetic voice. He was serious yet humorous in his expressions. Occasionally, he cracked a few jokes. Using examples to illustrate what he meant, he slowly led us, a group of people heavily clad with karma, into understanding the principles of the cosmos. How fortunate I was, to have the opportunity to listen to Teacher personally! I was deeply moved, and all my previous preconceived notions slowly melted away.

I was fully drawn into Teacher's talk. However, my daughter, who was sitting beside me, dozed off and slept soundly. I was anxious. A few times, I tried to wake her up, but she felt asleep again.

When Teacher explained why some people sleep during the lecture, I was relieved and felt thankful to Teacher for his boundless mercy, bringing to this world such blessings. He said that to condition people's bodies, he had to consider how much each can tolerate, hence it was sometimes necessary to put some into a state of sleep.

After the lecture on May 29, my daughter stopped taking her medicine. She started to practice the exercises, and began to sweat. Her swollen leg also began to go back to normal.

Watching Teacher walking down the stairs

There was a flight of stairs outside the lecture hall. After the lecture one day, as I was walking out of the hall, I saw lots of people walking down the stairs with Teacher. Teacher was taller than the others. He had a kind, compassionate and sincere appearance and his jet black hair stood out among all others as well. I was simply astounded at the spectacle.

Teacher was so natural and accommodating when mixing with the students. Yet, his complexion shone above them all. All the people around seemed to be moving in unison with Teacher's invisible force. At that moment, I had just one thought -- Teacher is truly the Master.

Aura light appears in photo taken with Teacher

After the lectures, to my delight, we were allowed to take group photos with Teacher. To save time, we divided ourselves into groups. In the front row, we put a chair and asked Teacher to sit in the middle. Whichever group was ready first would take the photo first. The weather was hot, and it was hard on Teacher, who had to walk to and fro taking pictures.

When I saw the picture the next day, I notice a column of yellow light, about two meters high by a meter wide, right in the center above Teacher's head. Thinking that we had spoiled such a valuable print, I was somewhat upset. Later, someone took the photo and showed it to Teacher, who assured us that it was a good thing. We felt so excited and happy.