(Clearwisdom.net) I feel strong energy during Dafa cultivation. I began to see things in other dimensions when I first started cultivation. Just like Teacher said,

"People whose Third Eyes are open have their challenges while cultivating, and those whose Third Eyes aren’t open have their challenges cultivating, too—cultivation isn’t easy either way." ("The Sixth Talk," from Zhuan Falun)

I can see other dimensions clearly, but I still became very complacent, making me less and less diligent. I did not look at Fa study and cultivation as having great importance. As a result, those evil beings took advantage of my loopholes. I was arrested and taken to a brainwashing center once. Later, I returned to being a practitioner during Fa rectification with help from Teacher and fellow practitioners.

After the difficulties I endured because of my complacency, I dared not slack off in cultivating for even a second. I strictly followed what Teacher said about doing the three things very well by placing full emphasis on sending righteous thoughts and showing the divine power of Dafa practitioners.

Teacher lectured about sending righteous thoughts. When I was doing the second exercise, as I was thinking of going to Tiananmen Square to take a look, I saw an evil red dragon spitting fire into the air above Tiananmen Square. There were many practitioners using Falun and other Fa-implements to attack it. The fire the evil dragon was spraying hurt many people. I pulled out a sword which was behind my back. I called it the "celestial sword" and cut toward the dragon. Many practitioners used their supernormal abilities at the same time. My "celestial sword" cut the evil dragon into several pieces. Many practitioners and celestial beings beat the evil dragon into a piece of black burnt wood. It was then put into a sealed container, which would prevent it from being reincarnated.

I have a "celestial sword" and a "celestial hammer." Every time I send righteous thoughts against "special agents of state security" and the 610 Office evil in other dimensions, I use the "celestial hammer," and many evil spirits and ghosts are eliminated. A good result. I have a unicorn which guards the front gates of the State Security building. The unicorn grabs the evil spirits when the state security staff go out to do evil things and eliminates them.

I think of eliminating bad thoughts, karma, bad ideas, and interference from other dimensions when I send righteous thoughts. I see that my dimension is full of white energy, and no bad thoughts can enter. The white energy field around me is expanding towards the universal space when I hold my hand vertically. All the dark substances and factors in the universe are being eliminated or changed. Sometimes, the negative factors I meet are very strong, and I must first cut them into pieces. Then I surround them and eliminate the dark substance piece by piece. Our Teacher once said,

"I have taught in the Fa that in Dafa cultivation one’s supernormal abilities are developed the most comprehensively because Dafa disciples are to cultivate to higher levels—the higher the level one breaks through, the more he is freed from matter, and he will thus fully demonstrate his innate abilities (supernormal abilities)." ("What Are Supernormal Abilities?" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I have not been very diligent during Fa-rectification cultivation. I hope these experiences that I’m sharing will be of some help to practitioners who cannot see other dimensions or do not have strong feelings of other dimensions. Dafa practitioners cannot neglect the importance of sending righteous thoughts.

Please kindly correct any of my mistakes.