(Clearwisdom.net) For nearly several months, my teeth were going bad and ached so much that it was too painful to eat meals. Quite a few of my teeth were loose. Some were looser than others, so I sent forth righteous thoughts, but I saw no results.

Several days ago, I read a Clearwisdom article about "Reminding Practitioners to Mind Your Speech" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2006/10/10/78827.html). I was so astonished and realized that I was quite weak in cultivating my speech, especially during daily communications with everyday people. Ordinary people get used to chatting about "who was so great or who was so bad" and I was following them. Colleagues had some conflicts and I was joining those discussions on "who was right or wrong" and so on. In other words, I treated myself as an everyday person. There was one incident several months ago when my daughter told me she was so upset because her ex-boyfriend already had another girlfriend before they broke up. She still could not understand why he did that. As a cultivator, I knew it must have been her karma. However, I did not eliminate my sentimentality. I said what I should not have said when trying to console her, even badmouthing her ex-boyfriend and saying his future would not be good. As a practitioner, my speech has power. Maybe what I had said may have decided his future. Didn’t I harm him? I think in other dimensions the "information" may be more profound. How could I keep cultivating while harming others like this? I sent forth righteous thoughts very seriously, "Everything I said that was not up to the standard of Dafa is eliminated and eradicated, and not effective."

Prior to this incident, I initially thought I was quite good because I memorized Zhuan Falun several times, did the three things and performed the exercises. But using the Fa as the standard to judge my words and actions, I did quite badly. Especially when I came into contact with ordinary people, I often forgot I was a Falun Gong practitioner. I developed thoughts and behavior that were similar to ordinary people, and I did not cultivate my speech and created karma. I even didn’t eliminate the pursuit of gain and affection. When I was attached to results, I also forgot I was a practitioner and I said whatever I wanted, so the evil took advantage of me. The problems with my teeth went away as soon as I realized and rectified my attachments. I haven’t had a tooth ache since then.

Cultivation is so serious and cultivation of speech is truly important. This is the reason I shared my experience and exposure of my bad behavior. I hope those practitioners who have similar problems will look inside and cultivate themselves. To be true practitioners, we must strive to make all of our actions and words conform to Teacher's requirements.