(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa cultivation requires all disciples to remove our various attachments because we are cultivators walking on the path to Godhood. Every thought of ours must be in accordance with the Fa. No matter whether we are validating the Fa or doing things in society, as long as we still have human attachments, we are unable to achieve the effect of truly validating the Fa. At present, fellow practitioners who are experiencing persecution are all those who validate the Fa with human attachments and are thus exploited by the evil.

Recently, a Dafa disciple who lives not far from our region was arrested. She did not act in accordance with the Fa and gave in to the authorities. She told them that the truth-clarification materials she had with her were originally obtained from her sister. As a result, she was fined 8,000 yuan. The police then went to arrest this practitioner's sister. The sister stood at the highest point of her house and clarified the truth to the police. No matter how they coerced her, she did not listen but continued to clarify the truth. In the end, the people who came to arrest her all understood the true facts and then left. The different outcomes with the two sisters demonstrate that only Dafa can save everything and disintegrate all evil.

We can only study the Fa more. As long as we have righteous thoughts, Dafa will reveal its mighty power to us. Doing the three things has to be based on the Fa. We should cultivate ourselves well. We should do our everyday people's jobs well, but at the same time we should not get tangled in everyday people's matters. We should use our righteous thoughts to direct our supernormal abilities to disintegrate the evil in other dimensions.