(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Fu Rufen in Tongnan County, Chongqing City persisted in practicing Falun Gong and being a good person. She was arrested twice after July 20, 1999, and was "illegally imprisoned" for 725 days, including once being imprisoned in a labor camp. On September 22, 2006, after being arrested again, she was severely beaten and injured by police officer Luo Yonghong. She is currently being held in Maojiashan Women's Forced Labor Camp.

Fu Rufen, 57 years old and a village doctor, was a Women's Association chairperson in her village. She lived in the 2nd Village, Shouqiao Rural Area, Xiaoduo Town, Tongnan County, Chongqing City. She began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. When the persecution began on July 20, 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal and was twice imprisoned in Tongnan County. On January 10, 2006, she was arrested and taken to the Maojiashan Women's Force Labor Camp in Chongqing City for one year. She was imprisoned there for another nine months due to her refusal to give up her faith. She was kicked on her breast, physically beaten, and verbally abused. She was hung up by her handcuffs and forced to do slave labor. Later, when she was back home, she again suffered from constant harassment and fear of possible arrest by Chen Jianfu and Chen Hengyou, the head and deputy head of a police station in the Shouqiao Rural Area. Ms. Fu was thus compelled to leave her home to avoid arrest and was homeless for over a year.

On September 22, 2006, Ms. Fu, Zhang Hua, and Ding Hongmei went to the Banzhu Rural Area in Tongnan County to clarify the truth. They visited Zhang Jifang, from whom Ms. Fu had learned medical care when she was young, at his home. A group of police officers from a station in Xiaodu Town, Tongnan County, arrived at Zhang's house and arrested Ms. Fu, Zhang Hua, and Ding Hongmei. Later, a group of officers went to Zhang Jifang's house again and forced Zhang to write a statement guaranteeing not to be in contact with any Falun Gong practitioner. According to one source, when Fu, Zhang Hua and Ding Hongmei called a motorcycle to go to Zhang Jifang's house, they clarified the truth to the driver, who then reported them to the police.

Ms. Fu was imprisoned in the Tongnan County Second Police Station. During the trial, Luo Yonghong from the National Security Group asked Ms. Fu her name. She refused to tell because she was afraid that doing so would get her family into trouble, so Luo shut the door and handcuffed Fu's right hand. Luo pulled the handcuff with one hand and relentlessly hit Ms. Fu's sensitive parts such as the top of her head, forehead, face, and ears with the other hand. Luo beat her and swore at her, saying, "I'll beat you to death." Ms. Fu was beaten so hard that she became dizzy, saw stars and heard buzzing in her ears. Luo kicked her relentlessly as well. Luo tried to force her to reveal Zhang Hua's address. Ms. Fu said that she had never known it, so Luo beat her again several times as he did before. Policeman Zhou Chuxiong, who was doing paperwork in the same room, glanced the other way and continued with his task.

Ms. Fu was cruelly tortured for three days at the Tongnan County station. She was transferred to a county detention center and imprisoned there for five days. She suffered from constant dizziness and memory loss. On September 30, she informed the deputy head of the detention center about her headache, and as a result she was beaten. Ms. Fu then requested an electroencephalogram. In less than two hours, Gao Xiang from the National Security Group came and said that they would take her to the hospital for an examination. Instead, they brought her directly to the Chongqing City Maojiashan Women's Forced Labor Camp and imprisoned her there for one and a half years. After being imprisoned in the labor camp, Fu Rufen's health did not improve. She told the police about what had happened to her at Tongnan County Second Police Station, where Luo Yonghong from the National Security Group had cruelly beaten her in order to extract a confession when she had requested an electroencephalogram. The police recorded what she said and said they would send her to the hospital for an exam on the condition that Ms. Fu pay all the expenses. The electroencephalogram cost over 400 yuan.

Ms. Fu's fourth eldest sister, Fu Ruhuan, was cruelly beaten by Li Hengyi from the National Security Group on February 21, 2003, and then imprisoned for over 40 days. She is permanently disabled and cannot care for herself. She is mentally sluggish and has become a heavy financial burden for her family.

Practitioner Zhang Hua, who was arrested along with Fu Rufen, has resisted the persecution. At the end of September, while she was still wearing an oxygen mask, the authorities moved her on a stretcher and secretly sentenced her to ten years. Since October 12, she has been at Yongchuan Prison.

It is unknown where practitioner Ding Hongmei is imprisoned.

Zhang Jifang's private clinic: 86-23-44276246

Persons involved in the persecution:

National Security Group at Tongnan County: 86-23-44582011, 86-23-44582048
Zhang Liang, the head: 86-23-44582011(Office), 86-23-44552429 (Home), 86-13709428300 (Cell)
Luo Yonghong: 86-23-44582048 (Office), 86-23-44907513 (Cell), 86-13983265867 (Cell)
Gao Xiang: 86-23-44582048 (Office), 86-23-44567929 (Home), 86-13883778667 (Cell)

Jianshe Road Police Station at Tongnan County (the second police station): 86-23-44551904, 86-23-44553070
Feng Ming, the head: 86-23-44909009 (Office), 86-23-44555303 (Home), 86-13908398016 (Cell)

Police Station at Xiaodu Town, Tongnan County: 86-23-44270031
Zhang Zhou, the head: 86-23-44270031 (Office), 86-23-44270502 (Home), 86-13609428530 (Cell)
Police Officer Wang Youping: 86-23-44270031 (Office), 86-23-44270397 (Home), 86-13509428869 (Cell)
Police Officer Li Dahong: 86-23-44270031 (Office), 86-23-44558268 (Home), 86-13389655568 (Cell)

Police Station at Shouqiao Rural Area, Tongnan County: 86-23-44275569
Chen Jianfu, the head: 86-23-44275569 (Office), 86-23-44340501 (Home), 86-13389654058 (Cell)

Detention Center at Tongnan County: 86-23-44582026, 86-23-44557569
Huang Quancheng, the head: 86-23-44582026 (Office), 86-23-44555346 (Home), 86-13709428631(Cell)
Police Officer Wu Jian: 86-23-44912009 (Office), 86-23-44560222(Home), 86-13883542333(Cell)
Police Officer Liao Shian: 86-23-44582026 (Office), 86-2344558588 (Home), 86-13062334111 (Cell)