(Clearwisdom.net) One day I was very angry about something, and I couldn’t calm down at all. I angrily walked across the living room. All I could think about were other people’s faults. I believed that I was right, so I was very upset. I walked in front of a mirror inadvertently. I was astonished by an image in the mirror that disappeared after a while.

I saw a monster of grotesque shape and appearance. It held a handle, which it put into my brain and used to transfuse bad thoughts into my mind. My mind seethed with those bad thoughts. At the time, I was trembling from head to toe. I wasn’t the one thinking those bad thoughts. If my thoughts weren’t firmly on the Fa, the monster with the handle could easily control me.

Here I want to share Master’s words from "For Whom Do You Exist?" with fellow practitioners for mutual encouragement.

"In dealing with relevant, important matters, if a life can really assess things without any preconceived notions, then this person is truly able to take charge of himself." (Essentials For Further Advancement)