(Clearwisdom.net) On December 26, 2004, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Niu Mengling from Shihezi City in Xinjiang Province died as a result of the persecution by police from the National Security Group. After Ms. Niu was killed, the police made up a story saying Ms. Niu committed suicide. The police tried to force her family to sign a paper in order to cover up the truth of Ms. Niu's death. The following is how Niu Mengling died.

Ms. Niu Mengling, 32, used to work at the East Electrical Factory in Shihezi City of Xinjiang. She was illegally arrested when she went to appeal for justice for Falun Gong in Beijing. She was taken away and sent to the Wulabo Women's Forced Labor in Xinjiang. Ms. Niu was illegally sentenced to two years of re-education through forced labor and the sentence was illegally extended for an additional nine months. Ms. Niu was later fired from work by the East Electrical Factory.

After Niu Mengling was released from the forced labor camp, she was immediately taken away by labor camp accomplices and brought to a brainwashing session. Eventually, Ms. Niu was forced to leave home in order to avoid further persecution. In January 2004, Niu Mengling was once again illegally arrested and detained at a detention center where she was tortured. As a result, she suffered from internal bleeding in the stomach. She was granted medical bail and went home to receive treatment.

On November 26, 2004, officers from the 610 Office arrived at Ms. Niu's home in two cars. They forbade Ms. Niu, who had just picked up her daughter from school, to leave the house. The police took illegal possession of the home. At that time, Niu Mengling had already asked another practitioner to come to her home. In order to protect the practitioner, Ms. Niu went to her brother-in-law's house with the excuse that she needed to ask her brother-in-law to take care of her daughter. Niu Mengling then asked her brother-in-law to call and inform the practitioner that the police were coming. The police followed her to her brother-in-law's house and threatened them outside the house. Policeman Cao Cundong broke down the door. Ms. Niu rushed into the kitchen and yelled at the practitioner to leave when she saw him passing by the road outside the kitchen. The practitioner was able to escape and returned home safely.

Ms. Niu and the policeman Cao Cundong were the only two present in the kitchen. A witness saw Niu Mengling jumping from the kitchen window on the sixth floor. She fell to the ground. Her nose was bleeding and she lost consciousness immediately. Ms. Niu was sent to the Shihezi City People's Hospital for emergency treatment. This proved unsuccessful and she died.

Police officer Cao Cundong and head of the squadron Song Li took Niu's brother-in-law to the police station. They forced, threatened and harassed him to sign a statement saying, "Niu Mengling jumped from the window out of her own will, and it had nothing to do with the police." They threatened Ms. Niu's brother-in-law that if he did not sign the paper, he would be detained. Ms. Niu's brother-in-law was afraid of the harassment and was forced to sign the statement for the police. The head of the 610 Office, Cheng Keqiang deceived and harassed Niu Mengling's parents and forced them to agree to cremate Ms Niu's body immediately in order to eliminate the evidence of the crime. Niu Mengling's family members are very regretful that they succumbed to the pressure and agreed to cremate the body.

The police made up stories afterwards: Ms. Niu's husband, Wu Shengmin (also a practitioner) escaped from prison and went home; Niu jumped from the window when she saw that her husband was being arrested by the police. However, Ms. Niu had also prepared and stored food for winter. She was preparing to establish a childcare center. How could she possibly have chosen to commit suicide?

Niu Mengling's husband, Wu Shengmin, was arrested by the Shihezi City National Security Group in January 2004 for his persistence in practicing Falun Gong. He was illegally sentenced to eight years in prison and was detained at the Beiye Prison in Shihezi City. He was never able to return home. It was when the police realized that Ms. Niu could not be resuscitated when they let Mr. Wu visit her while his hands were still handcuffed. Wu Shengmin is currently still detained in Shihezi Prison.

An innocent person who followed "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and wanted to be a good person died as a result of the persecution.

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Persons involved in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in Shihezi City, Xinjiang (District 0993, Post Code 832000): Country Code 86

Wen Jianbang, head of the 610 Office: 13999736166, 7588535, 2099399, 2031788
Li Handong, deputy head of the 610 Office: 2360221, 7588536, 2066722
Xue Yuejin, 610 Office: 2395522, 7588537 or 2099610, 2093299
Chen Damin, 610 Office: 2385008, 7588538, 2099610, 2822008
Yang Zhijie, deputy leader of the National Security Group: 13899528618, 2913021, 2021486
Xu Ningdong, National Security Group: 2913021
Cao Cundong, National Security Group: 2913241
Song Li, leader of National Security Squadron: 13095091438, 2913241, 2018137
Li Daozhong, leader of National Security Squadron: 13519924000, 2913241, 2093261
He Jianxin, member of the National Security Group's Political and Legal Committee: 2399858, 2913021, 2027588

Zhang Shengli, deputy leader of National Security Squadron: 13709930177, 2913021, 2096198
Qiu Yanxiang, deputy secretary general of the Police Bureau's Political and Legal Committee: 2016469
Zhang Zushu, deputy leader of Nongba Division: 2012136
Secretary Cheng Keqiang: 2014862, 2626066, 2012405
Address: Room 32,Building 49, Distrct 23, Shihezi City