(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since I started cultivation, I have been persistent in studying the Fa, doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. However, I feel that I haven't been doing the three things well enough. I also realize that time is short and it passes very quickly, so sometimes I can't find the starting point to improve myself. Two things happened to me recently, which made me understand and enlighten in some areas. I would like to write about my experience and share it with my fellow practitioners.

The first thing happened yesterday afternoon. I suddenly felt symptoms of a headache, fever, cold, vomiting, sweating all over my body and I also felt top-heavy and unsteady. I seemed to be seriously ill. I thought, "I am ill, I cannot do the exercises, I cannot send forth righteous thoughts."

I then understood that there must have been something that I did not do well from the perspective of the Fa, and that there is a loophole that the evil is exploiting and enlarging. I looked within and recounted the events of the day. I finally remembered that during the last school term, I took over an accountant position, and the cashier repeatedly created trouble for me. At the time I thought that he was helping me improve my xinxing, so I did not argue with him, but in my heart I felt very indignant.

This school term, a new accountant replaced me. Yesterday when we were together, we talked about the cashier. I made very bad comments about the cashier, and I advised the new accountant to be careful around him. I was not kind or compassionate, and I didn't speak from the Fa's perspective.

I then corrected myself and sent forth a thought that, "I know what my loophole is and I will definitely correct it." I begged for Master to strengthen me. I continued to send forth righteous thoughts every hour and did the sitting meditation. I then felt a very strong energy force coming upward from my back. After that all the abnormal things disappeared. For the first time, I finished the one-hour sitting meditation in a most comfortable way.

I realized that it was Master’s grand compassion toward his disciple. He saved me again at the critical moment when I was being dragged down. I should work harder to do well the three things and make myself a genuine Dafa particle.

The second thing happened this morning when I was doing the standing exercises. Since I was afraid of the cold, I put on more clothes. At the very beginning, I felt there was a cold wind coming over me, which made me shiver. A fear of the cold came to my mind and I thought of simply going back inside to do the exercises. The moment I had this thought, goose bumps covered my body. Quickly I realized it was a loophole. Because I did not have righteous thoughts, the old forces made use of my loopholes and then began to enlarge them. If I went along with these notions, I would further have the thought of giving up cultivation. As a result, I realized I could be dragged down further and further, with disastrous consequences. So I was determined not to acknowledge it and sent forth very strong righteous thoughts, "I am a Dafa practitioner. My cultivation path is arranged by Master. I will not allow the evil to interfere with me or to persecute me. I will definitely deny and eliminate all the interference in all the other dimensions." The cold wind disappeared after I had this thought and I felt very good physically until I finished my morning exercises.

These two things made me realize that my cultivation was too shallow and I lagged too far behind in the requirements of the Fa. I should try and make more efforts to study the Fa so that I can assimilate myself into Dafa. At the same time, I witnessed the enormous power of righteous thoughts. If I can continue to have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, no evil will be able to touch me.

I wanted to share these understandings with my fellow practitioners and hope that they will be helpful. Since I am at a very limited level, there might still be many shortcomings and mistakes within it. Fellow practitioners, please rectify it with compassion.