(Clearwisdom.net) The Guangzhou City Legal Education School is located at 56 Xizhou North Road, Chuotou Area, Shijing Town. The school was established in April, 2001. It is actually a brainwashing center where Falun Gong practitioners are subjected to persecution.

Use of Torture to Extract the Three Statements

Policemen Lai Jianfeng and Yang Yongcheng directed guards to subject practitioners to various forms of abuse. At first, practitioners were only allowed to sleep for two or three hours a day. After several days or even weeks, some practitioners were tortured until they were lethargic and unable to think clearly. They tortured practitioners in the middle of the night. They ordered guards to restrain practitioners' hands and feet when they wanted to do the Falun Gong exercises. When the practitioners were most vulnerable both physically and spiritually, they were tied up with their feet crossed, and a rope looped around the neck tied to the rope binding their legs together. Soon the practitioners would feel terrible pain in their lower back, neck, legs, and feet. Practitioners that have been tortured like this include Mr. Wang Keng, Mr. Wang Hongfa, Ms. Deng Yi, Mr. Li Jianzhong, Ms. Wu Xiuhua, Ms. Chen Xuexing, and Ms. Zhang Li. Screams of pain were frequently heard in the middle of the night.

Mr. Li Jianzhong insisted on doing the Falun Gong exercises and did not write the so-called "three statements". He was not allowed to sleep at night, and a week later, he was in terrible shape both physically and mentally. Mr. Li Jianzhong's feet swelled up after he was forced to stand for several days. A guard surnamed Long had some guards bind Mr. Li's legs together with tape, so that he could not bend over or squat down. Mr. Li was forced to stand, and it was all he could do not to tip over. Mr. Li was tortured for more than two weeks.

Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Wang Hongfa and Ms. Deng Yi were illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor. After their terms ended, they were taken to the brainwashing center. Ms. Deng did not write the "three statements" and went on a hunger strike. The policemen had her force-fed by some helpers. Yang Yong pried Ms. Deng's teeth apart with chopsticks and metal spoons. Yang Yong also instructed others to pinch Ms. Deng's nose and cheeks and hold down her limbs. By the time they were done, Ms. Deng was bleeding profusely from the mouth. After her mouth was forced open, she was brutally forced-fed. Ms. Deng went on hunger strike for three or four months and was force-fed many times. Her teeth came loose, and she also nearly suffocated numerous times. She has a five-year-old son who needs her care, but he was forced to go back to their hometown of Wuhan to be looked after by his grandparents.

There are some elderly practitioners including Ms. Liang Xuefang, Ms. Chen Xuexing, Ms. Chen Xueqing, Ms. Chen Aiyu, Ms. Lin Xiujin, and Ms. Xu Saiying, who all are over 60. They were also taken to the brainwashing center. Ms. Li Suzhen is over 70 years old and has trouble walking. She needs some assistance if she walks across an uneven road. Nevertheless, she was also taken to the brainwashing center.

Falun Gong practitioners who were taken to the brainwashing center from 2005 to 2006 include:
Male practitioners: Pan Xiefei, Si Lei, Li Jianzhong, Fan Wei, Wang Keng, Li Qiongguang, Wang Hongfa, Zhou Mintong, Zhao Jin'an, and Feng Huang.
Female practitioners: Zhao Ruiyu, Li Xia, Yan Jin, Qin Cairong, Liang Xuefang, Liang Xueying, Li Hongxia, Yuan Ming, Lin Xiujin, Lu Huimin, Fan Haiqin, Chen Aiyu, Huang Minzhuang, Yu Ruijun, Zhang Li, Deng Yi, Chen Xuexing, Chen Xueqing, Lu Xianming, Wu Biyun, Li Qing, Li Suzhen, Li Xiulin, Zhang Xiaoyun, Chen Huiling, Si Bing, Wu Xiuhua, and Xu Saiying.

Some personnel involved in the persecution at the Guangzhou City Legal Education School

Current Head, Pan Jinhua (male), 020-81730648
CCP Political Leader, Tao Biao (male)
Deputy Head, Liu Zhixiong (male)
Policeman, the head of instructors, Lai Jianfeng (male), 020-81730646, 13302213938
Policeman, Yang Yongcheng (male), 020-81730322 (mobile)