(Clearwisdom.net) Evelyn has her own business in Germany. She has a happy marriage, a good family, and a handsome 16-year-old son. A near-death experience completely changed her life. Two years ago on Christmas day, she had a cerebral hemorrhage and was hospitalized. When she was given emergency treatment, she found herself out of her body and perched on the ceiling, watching the doctors and nurses treating her body. Then she levitated to the sky, passed through a dark tunnel and then entered into a sunny place. Suddenly, she felt herself very relaxed. Extremely warm "lights" surrounded her.

Evelyn was baptized at a young age, so she thought the light was Christ. In an instant she saw her life journey from birth to death. She was ashamed for the mistakes she had made in her lifetime. The "light" wanted her to go back and said clearly: "There is one more task for you to perform." She did not want to go back, but was pushed back to her body by a strong force. When she woke up, she immediately told the doctors, nurses, and her family of her experience, but they didn't believe her. They thought it was an illusion caused by the damage to her brain. After she was discharged from the hospital, she became very sensitive and experienced a supernormal ability: she could perceive other people's diseases and thoughts. She knew this ability was given to her by the extremely warm "light," but she no longer shared her experience with others, because even her best friend thought she had mental problems. She felt very lonely and sometimes even doubted her experience. At any rate, she no longer wanted to live only for herself and her family as she had done before. She was pondering what was the "important task" the "light" had mentioned. She searched for an answer for two years. She went to churches and other religious groups. She read many spiritual books. She could not find a satisfactory answer. Evelyn met me on the Internet. She thought she could find an answer in Buddhism.

She was the first real person I knew to have a near-death experience. Her account confirmed the same experiences reported in books by the thousands of people who have had near-death experiences. But "the important task" she referred to was something that I had never heard of. I believed that there are no accidental meetings. The reason she found me was that she should learn the "important task" from me. In today's world, is there a more important task than cultivation and Fa-rectification? Regrettably, many people are still lost in the "glorious light" of traditional Buddhism. All of a sudden I realized why I had the job I did in society, a job that brought me into contact with people like this German lady. I told her that her experience was real and she shouldn't doubt it, and only fortunate people could have that experience, because this was a chance given by God. I told her to grasp this chance to fulfill the true meaning of life. I also told her that today's Buddhism has deviated far away from the teachings of Shakyamuni, and similarly, today's world is very degenerate. The monks cannot even help themselves, let alone solve her problem.

Teacher is rectifying the Fa in our world and has spread the Fa to every corner of the world. A new cosmos has been born. Everyone is facing a choice. The "important task" is to assimilate to "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" and to help Teacher to rectify the Fa. She listened to me carefully and kept nodding her head. In the end I told her that Zhuan Falun is a book from Heaven, and it could solve all of her problems. I suggested that she go to the Falun Gong practice site to learn the exercises.

One month later Evelyn sent me an enthusiastic email and expressed her thanks for helping her find the answer that she had so painstakingly searched for. She had read Zhuan Falun twice and each time she had a new experience and understanding. She started practicing the exercises and her supernormal ability has strengthened unwittingly. But to her regret, some of her friends could not accept her new way of life and became estranged f rom her. She made many new friends, and her husband is gradually understanding her and supporting her. Her 16-year-old son also showed great interest in Falun Gong. She wrote: "So many kind-hearted people are walking on the same great path. I feel so happy and joyful."