(Clearwisdom.net) In our area there are some different opinions regarding the issue of marriage. I'd like to share my current understanding.

I. One-wife-one-husband is the arrangement of gods for human morality, which provides stability for this level of the Fa

Gods have provided the arrangement of marriage for people, and one-wife-one-husband is the moral standard they've established for human beings. In modern society, however, frivolous sexual behavior (including divorce) has become the norm. This doesn't merely undermine the moral standard established by gods. Gods have provided the standards that people should abide by through the arrangement of marriage, including the lives husbands and wives share and their relationship with society, the relationship with their children, and the transformation of karma and establishment of predestined relationships. If one carelessly divorces or participates in a casual sexual relationship, it not only falls short of the moral standard arranged by gods for humans, but also speeds up the degeneration of this level of the Fa and ruins the arrangements of gods. The sins one has committed in that case are huge. We practitioners should treat this issue seriously and not defame Dafa.

II. Whether to get married again after divorce from the perspective of the Fa

Practitioners are being persecuted in China. Some have lost their jobs, and others have had their houses confiscated. Many were sentenced to jail terms, which in some cases has led to divorce. Some practitioners broke their marriage vows because of temporary emotions and took the path arranged by the old forces, causing damage to Dafa. Should practitioners get married again after divorce? I think it's fine for those who were divorced before they cultivated Dafa, because when one begins cultivation Teacher re-arranges his or her life. Things that happened in the past are taken care of by Teacher. As for those who divorced after they took the path of cultivation, should they get married again? I think it depends on their reasons. If it's to fit in with ordinary society, or so they can take care of each other after getting married and do the Three Things better, then there's no problem. If it's for their own happiness and satisfying the desires of everyday people, then it fails to meet the standards of Dafa cultivation.

The people of the future will use the paths we walk as a reference, so as long as we position ourselves well and always consider things from the perspective of the Fa, Teacher will harmonize everything.

Fellow practitioners, please compassionately correct me if there is anything wrong in my understanding.

November 4, 2006