(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of November 10, 2006, the Putuo District Court of Shanghai City sentenced Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Lin Mingli to six years in prison, but the trial is based on fabricated evidence.

During the trial, the prosecutor only provided Ms. Li Hua's statement and one disc as evidence, and Ms. Li Hua, the witness, wasn't present at the trial. Ms. Li Hua called the disc the "master disc," but in fact, any disc can be used as a master disc to make copies. More importantly, this disc was not found in Mr. Lin Mingli's house, but was provided by Ms. Li Hua. Police officers only found one computer and some blank discs in Mr. Lin's home, so submitting that disc as evidence is slanderous.

Ms. Li Hua's family members said that she had a mental illness in 1994, and she was accepted as a mental patient in a mental hospital. According to her family members, after she was arrested in 2005, her mental illness recurred many times. Mr. Lin's lawyer tried to check her file at the hospital, but the hospital said that the police would not let them release Ms. Li's file.

Mr. Lin's wife asked the police, "How can you use a mental patient's statement as evidence?" The police replied, "We had her checked, and her mental state is normal." The police were aware of her history of mental illness.

During the trial, an oral statement was given, but no person or material was given as evidence, and the provider of the oral statement had a history of mental illness. It follows that the Shanghai City 610 Office is persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners without just cause.

The defendant's lawyer argued the innocence of Mr. Lin, but the judges were very impatient with the lawyer's defense. The trial was rushed. The lawyer immediately applied for an appeal after the sentencing. The second trial will be held at a middle-level court after 45 days.

We learned that the Shanghai City 610 Office head Dong Naiqian (male) is the director in charge of Mr. Lin Mingli's case. He also is the principal of the "Legal Education (Brainwashing) School."