(Clearwisdom.net) I am an older woman living in the countryside, and have found that by believing in Teacher I can pass any test.

Believe in Teacher and Dafa, Settle Wrongs and Karmic Relationships with Benevolent Solutions

It was in December of 2000, that a strange thing happened in my family--only recently did I enlighten to what it was about.

When Jiang's regime began to persecute Falun Gong, all over China police arrested practitioners, ransacked their homes, destroyed Dafa books, extorted "fines" and removed practitioners from their jobs.

As a Falun Dafa practitioner I wanted to go to Beijing to validate the Fa. One evening, about five days before I decided to go to Beijing, I had just started the sitting meditation when someone knocked on my door. It was my youngest daughter, breathless from running. She said, "Big problem, my brother-in-law called me from someone's home, saying that when he returned from a business trip, his brother-in-law attacked him with a knife, and he is badly injured. Come quickly and see."

My mind was not disturbed, because I have the Fa in my heart I knew that nothing is accidental, and that things happen because of karmic relationships. My home was about seven to eight miles away, the road was difficult to walk, I could not find a vehicle, and it was already late. By the time I got there, everything would be over. Then, I remembered that Teacher told us that when one person practices, the whole family benefits; so I thought that things would work out fine. I told my daughter to go home, and I continued the meditation as if nothing had happened.

On the next day, when my son and eldest daughter came to visit, I asked my son why he had tried to kill his brother-in-law. He was surprised, and said, "No such thing happened." I did not pay any further attention to the incident, and let it pass. This year while memorizing Hong Yin II, I suddenly recalled what had happened just prior to my trip to Beijing, and came to this understanding. The two men probably had some enmity between them, arranged by the old forces, and the incident was used to stop me from going to Beijing, and thus tried to persecute me. However I did not follow its way, I looked at the situation with the Fa, and the old forces could not use their tricks. At that time, I did not understand it through the Fa, did not know about denying the old forces, or negating persecution. But I stuck to a principle: when I can't understand something through the Fa, I simply do what Teacher says, and what I do isn't wrong. Teacher protects us at all times, therefore Teacher settled this karmic relationship involving human lives with a benevolent solution. After I enlightened to this, I had more faith in Teacher and Fa. I must be a qualified Falun Dafa practitioner, and live up to Teacher's merciful salvation.

Don't Forget to Call for Teacher's Help When in Difficulty

Don't forget to call for Teacher's help when you encounter difficulties, but don't only remember Teacher when you are going through an ordeal, and forget Teacher when there is nothing wrong. You absolutely cannot be like that. In 2000, I did not have a high understanding of the Fa principles, but I did remember Teacher at a critical time; so I passed this test.

On December 23, 2000, I got rid of all interference, and arrived at the Harbin Train Station. I bought a ticket and was waiting to board. My family and town officials knew I had left so they mobilized over 20 of my relatives, friends, and government cadres to look for me at every crossing and station in Harbin.

About 1:40 p.m., while in line waiting for my ticket to be checked, I looked up and saw my younger brother-in-law standing at the front left of the line. With no time to think of anything else, I just called to Teacher: Teacher, quickly help me, don't let him see me. I immediately turned my face to the right side. I saw my youngest daughter's boyfriend standing at the front beside the line, so I turned my face to the front, and thought silently: Teacher do not let them see me for sure. The two men carefully looked at every person passing by, and although I was now close to them they didn't see me, and I successfully had my ticket checked. At that time, I didn't understand what it was to send forth righteous thoughts, or what the old forces arrangements were. I only knew that Teacher guards me at all times, and so based on my faith in Teacher and Dafa, I smoothly boarded the train to Beijing to validate the Fa.

Settle Human Notions, Do What Teacher Says

I arrived at Tiananmen Square on December 23, 2000. Tiananmen was full of plainclothes officers and police, they checked everyone that passed. Just as I arrived, a plainclothes police officer asked me to curse Falun Dafa. When I refused, they dragged me into police car, drove me to a local Police Station, and locked me in an iron cage. Every county had an office in Beijing at that time.

The town police station picked me up and sent me to the county detention center on December 29, 2000. Because I went on a hunger strike, I was sent to the county prison on January 29, 2001. The place was gloomy and filled with terror. I could hear the sounds of beatings and verbal abuse every day. We were talked at daily, and there were practitioners who had been brainwashed into helping the prison staff. If you did not write a "guarantee statement," you would not be allowed to go home. One day, staff of the county public security bureau and 610 Office interrogated me, "If we let you go home now, will you still go to Beijing?" I enlightened this way: if I cooperate with the evil and say I will not go, it means I am not validating the Fa. I just said, "Beijing is the capital, a yearning place for people, everyone wants to go." The police officer said, "I am asking if you will go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong?" I steadfastly said, "Yes." This officer was from the county political and judiciary section. He pulled and pushed me, from this room to that room, and shouted as loud as he could, "Everyone come and look. I let her out, but she just wants to go to Beijing."

After a few days, they came again and said, "You can go home tomorrow, the guarantee statement you wrote is very good, we have all read it." I wondered what they were talking about. Whether the statement was real or fake, and regardless of who wrote it, I would not acknowledge it. I said, "I did not write anything, it is not from me." The evildoers said, "You can go home if you acknowledge it." I replied, "But I did not write it, what shall I acknowledge?"

Then, I remembered that previously, and unknown to me, someone had written a guarantee statement for me. A guard brought it and said: "Someone wrote the guarantee statement for you, do you agree with it? If you agree, you can go home tomorrow." I clearly realized: Why did I still need to deny something written by someone else? It was to show which road I would take: listen to the evil, or follow Teacher? What someone else says does not count, but one must make one's own choice.

Teacher told us cultivation is serious. Therefore I said I did not write it, and I did not acknowledge it. They dejectedly walked away.

It was close to the Chinese New Year when the evildoers again used my family to test me. My brothers, sisters, husband, sons, daughters, and daughter-in-law all came to see me in prison. I was taken to a room, and my children knelt in front of me, held my legs and cried: "Mom, quickly write the guarantee statement, so we can go home together" and other such pleas.

Without the Fa in my heart, I would not have been able to pass this test. I recalled that Teacher said, "Just by staying unaffected, you will be able to handle all situations." ("Lecture on the Fa at the U.S. Midwest Conference") At that time, my son had already written the guarantee statement for me, and had put his fingerprints on it on my behalf.

I thought: no matter who wrote such a letter, if I do not deny that it is mine, it is the same as agreeing with the contents; which would be the same as writing it myself. They started to walk away with the guarantee statement, but stopped when I called out that I wanted to read it. They would not let me see it at first, so I said I would not acknowledge it if I could not read it. When they gave it to me, I tore it up without even looking at it.

As of April, many local practitioners had been sentenced to jail or sent to labor camps, and only ten of us were left. The county political and judiciary committee secretary who focused on persecuting Falun Gong came to talk to us every day, and wanted us to write guarantee statements. I always just clarified the truth to him. On October 9, I was again taken to the prejudication room; the county political and judiciary committee secretary brought paper and pen, and said, "You can go home after you write the statement. Those who don't write a guarantee statement are sent to labor camps. It is enough to write four lines, how easy it can be for you! I will tell your Teacher, you did not write this, it is I asking you to write it. Your Teacher won't blame you." I thought: "Won't you take what I write and tell my Teacher, 'look what your disciple wrote.'" Then, my eyes became bright, and I thought: why don't I use this opportunity to write what I should? The evil elements in other dimensions will be eradicated for sure. I picked up the pen and without hesitation, wrote "declaration" in the middle of the page, and then:

Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa.
The Fa rectifies the Cosmos.
I loudly proclaim from my innermost being that Falun Dafa is good.
I will never turn back on the path of cultivating Dafa.

After that, they never asked me to write a guarantee statement again. On May 14, I walked out of the devil's lair. I continue doing what a Dafa disciple should do.

I Want to Make Truth-Clarification Materials, Save Sentient Beings

We did not have many truth-clarification materials in the rural areas at that time. We had to get them from another city or county. Getting the materials was very difficult. Because I am already over 60, and do not have much education, I did not dare to think about making my own materials. Now, I realize that I thought this way because I did not study the Fa well, I had used human thinking to handle such a holy thing. I didn't enlighten to the Fa until the Minghui Weekly called for material sites to be set up everywhere. Then, I wanted to learn how to use a computer to make materials and save sentient beings. Due to my righteous thoughts, Teacher arranged it for me. My daughter engaged a fellow practitioner from another province who is a computer expert to patiently teach me how to access the internet, download materials, and layout articles, etc.

I knew nothing about computers. I didn't even know what a computer looked like. It was very hard for me to learn. However, this young fellow practitioner really thought through the matter, he taught me the entire night, and used everything he could think of to help me learn as quickly as possible. I really appreciate this practitioner, and even more, appreciate Teacher for giving me everything. Now I know the basics of downloading from the internet, printing layout, sending the declarations for quitting the CCP, and some other simple computer operations. My family prints 100 to 150 Nine Commentaries and 500 truth-clarification flyers and brochures that suit the local situation every week. I cooperate very well with practitioners who come to pick up the materials, and communicate in time when there is an issue. I also look inside and harmonize with others.

In order to validate Dafa and save sentient beings, as long as you want to learn to use a computer, you will certainly be able to do it. Do not think with human notions, because we are all Falun Dafa practitioners, we are supernormal--not everyday people.