Greetings, reverend Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

In this unprecedented persecution, in the midst of the terror created by the Chinese Communist Party, and going against the extremely evil suppression, tens of millions of Falun Dafa practitioners have firmly followed Master, walked through the tests and have created a magnificence that has never existed before in human history. Today I will take the opportunity of the Third Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China to share my experience in Fa-rectification cultivation with everybody. Please kindly point out any shortcomings.

1. Narrowly escaping imprisonment

Last summer, I was carried out of a labor camp, ending three years of illegal imprisonment. During the detention at the labor camp I persisted in my righteous belief in Dafa and Master. I would rather die than be "reformed" and I did not coordinate with any request or instruction. I suffered inhumanly brutal persecution such as being suspended in the air, being shocked with electric batons, having icy water poured on me, having my ribs pulled, being injected with poisonous drugs, being force-fed barbarically, having my toes stomped on, being dragged on the ground, and so on. I fainted many times and narrowly escaped alive. At the time of my release, I had been unable to stand for more than two years.

"A Great Enlightened One fears no hardship
Having forged an adamantine will
Free of attachment to living or dying
He walks the path of Fa-rectification
confident and poised"

(Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions from Hong Yin II)

I have recited this poem of Master's thousands and thousands of times, and the torture could not demolish a Dafa disciple's will. The entire process of resisting the persecution is also a process of my laying down life and death, as well as the process of a Dafa disciple's transformation from human to god. Without Master's guidance and the mighty virtue of Dafa, tens or even hundreds of me would have been killed by the evil party long ago, as an average person is absolutely unable to walk through it. However, countless genuine practitioners have all broken through with righteous thoughts and righteous belief towards Master and Dafa.

I was lifted up and carried out of the prison by my relatives. At that time I was extremely skinny. I am nearly 6 feet tall but I weighed less than 50 kilograms. As a result of being injected with unknown drugs, my whole body was covered in scabies. It ached so badly that it was hard for me to endure, and it felt as if my whole body was being punctured. My head, ears, and teeth all ached simultaneously, and my upper and lower teeth did not touch. I could only consume liquid food. My lower body was completely destroyed, as my soft tissue and vertebra had no place that was intact. I could only lie down in one position, and any movement would hurt severely. I could not see clearly, so I could not read, and I had lost control of my bladder and bowels.

2. Buddha's graciousness is enormous and powerful; I attained new life once again

Upon returning home, fellow practitioners came to see me and promptly brought me Master's new articles and the videotapes of Fa-lectures, as well as tools for studying the Fa such as an MP3 player. They encouraged me to study the Fa well, make up for the losses, restore my health quickly, and get back into the mighty current of Fa-rectification. These practitioners have provided me with much inspiration and strength.

After finally securing an environment for Fa-study with great difficulty, I was burning with impatience since I could not see the characters in the book. I thus made the best use of all my time to listen to the recordings of Master's lectures. My family members would read Master's new articles and help me recite Hong Yin whenever they had spare time. In those days, the only thing I did every day was study the Fa, and my mind was filled with Fa. My heart was extremely bright and I was extremely happy. I felt incomparably honored to be a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period. Sometimes I listened to the Fa continuously for several hours. The feeling of dissolving into the Fa is too mysterious to express in everyday language. I did not eat meals but I didn't feel hungry; I did not sleep but I didn't feel sleepy. Meanwhile, I unceasingly enlightened to the Fa while reviewing my own entire cultivation process. As my xinxing improved, my body underwent drastic changes. Master time and time again cleaned up my body for me. Once in my sleep I clearly felt Master insert one hand into my waist. After waking up, my waist, which had been stiff for two years, became flexible again and did not have any more pain. Another time I saw a group of snakes inside the left side of my brain. A glaring beam of light struck them, and my headache lessened immediately. Gradually, my teeth could also chew on things. I can clearly feel the drastic changes in my body and mind every day. My body rapidly recovered. In less than two months, I, a person already designated as "disabled" by a doctor's exam at the labor camp, miraculously stood up. I don't know how to thank the enormous and powerful Buddha's graciousness of Master, and I don't know how much painstaking care Master paid to enable me attain a new life again.

3. Rectify myself, and complete my mission with all my body and mind

My body having recovered, I decided I must do the three things to validate Dafa and save all sentient beings. I started to participate at a materials production site.

This materials site was run by several senior practitioners. It possessed a small copier that can only print single truth-clarification sheets and make simple booklets. I discovered that the booklets frequently had problems, such as wrong page numbering, untidy bindings, and slanting pages. These things seriously disturbed validating the Fa. How to solve these problems is an issue that must be dealt with seriously.

We started to calm down and study the Fa. Master pointed out in "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston":

"You probably remember something I've said to you often: a Dafa disciple should consider others first in everything he does. Whenever something happens or whenever a situation comes about, even if it's a minor thing, my first thought is of others, for it's already become natural for me--I just think of others first. If all of you can do this, there won't be any of that stubborn arguing in your validating the Fa; if you really have a solid foundation like this and are able to calm yourselves, consider others, and examine yourselves when anything happens, I think you'll be able to handle a lot of things well."

I repeatedly looked inside myself and discovered that the selfish mentality of "regarding oneself infallible and consistently correct" instilled by the evil party was still strong in my mind. Moreover, in order to repel the evil poison at the labor camp, I unconsciously formed a notion that automatically repels opposite opinions. I dug deeper into myself and discovered that deep within my thoughts my subconsciousness regarded myself to be terrific amidst the praise from fellow practitioners for my not being "reformed" after suffering three years' torture. This resulted in the fact that when I speak I always carry an intense mood that impacts others' hearts, making it difficult for others to accept me. On the surface, this is actually blending some factors of validating oneself into validating Dafa. But none of that is my true self.

Having found the root of my problems, I thoroughly disintegrated the concepts and ideas arranged by the old forces in my brain that deviated from Dafa. I extricated myself from the "insignificant problems" and felt as if the capacity of my heart was expanding, as well as my xinxing elevating, in the Fa. Yes, Master wants us to cultivate Shan, to think of others firsthand and being able to understand others with good intentions. Several senior practitioners with little education offered their money and effort to establish the materials site on their own initiative. This heart is extremely precious already, why didn't I see it? When the problems appeared, I did not look inward and held on to my attachment without letting it go while struggling and fighting. Where was my "tolerance"?

Having found my own insufficiency, the problems with my fellow practitioners melted right away. Everyone is looking inside oneself. The overall improvement caused our small materials site to become successful and our working efficiency greatly enhanced. We all realized that overall harmony and coordination are the magic weapons for us to do the three things well.

What I have obtained and achieved is all under the merciful protection of Master and from the wisdom bestowed by Dafa. It is a manifestation of Dafa opening up that wisdom, as well as the improvement of Dafa disciples as a whole. Fellow practitioners, please kindly point out any shortcomings.

Thank you, merciful Master!

Thank you, fellow practitioners!