(Clearwisdom.net) In the summer of 2004, when I was at work at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon, I suddenly felt like I had a stomachache . After a while, the pain became worse and I could not even stand up. I had the thought in my mind that I was a Falun Gong practitioner and I would not fall down. I felt better after the righteous thought came. I persisted until I got off work. The situation became worse after I was back home, and it was as if a hand had extended into my abdomen and pulled something out. I went to the bathroom and there was blood in my stool. I was not scared. I didn't think it was a disease, nor did I think about death. My heart was very calm and I didn't have any distracted thoughts. The next day, at around noon, my stomach felt better. Nonetheless, I still had blood in my stool. The blood didn't stop until the fifth day. I had a dream after this happened.

In another dimension, there was a high platform that had several seats, and some Falun Gong practitioners sat on them. I was also sitting there. There were innumerable sentient beings under the platform who were quietly watching what was happening on the platform. In the human being's dimension, some Falun Gong practitioners that were on the platform had some sickness karma. They thought of it as karma at the beginning. After a while, they thought of it as a disease. The symptoms became worse and worse. Finally they went to the hospital and handled themselves like ordinary people. They died not long after going to the hospital.

But in the other dimension the practitioners were not dead. They knew the truth and were too ashamed to be in public. All the sentient beings under the platform witnessed the whole process because their every thought was there to be seen. The same thing happened to me a while ago, including what I thought and what I did. When I felt very painful, the old forces that arranged this persecution had actually extended a hand into my belly and snatched some internal organs out. At that time I thought, "I am not afraid of anything because I have Master and the Fa." After the righteous thought emerged, the Falun repaired the damage automatically. It recreated what was missing. Everything became perfect after that. All the sentient beings under the platform watched the whole process in shock and witnessed the sacredness and magnificence of Falun Dafa. They felt the wonderfulness of Dafa from the bottom of their hearts. The old forces were silent and showed admiration, and the sentient beings disappeared.

All the sentient beings and gods watch every part of our daily lives. Only if we study the Fa with calm and pure hearts, will we be able to break through the old forces' arrangements to save sentient beings at the critical moments.

I didn't write this article until today because I still have a lot of human attachments to be removed and I was afraid that other people would say that I had a show-off mentality, and it also was because of my laziness. This sharing is limited by my cultivation level. Please kindly correct my mistakes.