(Clearwisdom.net) One day after sending righteous thoughts, I thought about the many practitioners who have been jailed and persecuted and felt ashamed of myself, because I sometimes am lax and not diligent. I asked myself, how could I better help my fellow practitioners? At this point, a quote came to mind: "The Fa power of their righteous thoughts pounds the demons' dens." (Hong Yin II)

What Teacher said made me realize that we should all send righteous thoughts to pound all the demons' dens where practitioners are being jailed and tortured so they can come back to join in the Fa-rectification and save sentient beings.

I previously thought that the demons' dens referred to where the head of the evil stayed. Now I realize that the jails, detention centers and prisons are all demons' dens. They are full of evil beings, rotten demons and dark minions that ordinary people cannot see. We should form a great one body to destroy the dens.

If the thoughts we have prior to sending righteous thoughts are not righteous, we may not see the greatest possible success in our sending of righteous thoughts. For example:

1. We are not persistent in sending righteous thoughts. We sometimes do it for a few days after receiving notices, then we become lax. Due to lack of diligence, we feel that we had no results. These are not righteous thoughts. Righteous thoughts are that other practitioners' affairs are our affairs. We should persist. Those who came out of the jails told us that when we sent forth righteous thoughts, some villains had problems with their physical bodies, which in turn lessened the persecution. They hope that we can persist.

2. Some practitioners believe that those who are arrested have loopholes or they did not change themselves, and in this instance our righteous thoughts would not have positive results. These are not righteous thoughts. This is in effect acknowledging the persecution of the old forces. Our righteous thoughts should be, no matter what, that our practitioners should not be in the prison, nor should they be persecuted. The old forces are not fit to test us. They are not supposed to exist and we should not endure their persecution. We are here to assist the Teacher in saving sentient beings and rectifying the Fa.

3. We did not put sufficient efforts into exposing the persecution and clarifying the truth. When we clarify the truth, we are disintegrating the evil. Those are righteous thoughts. So, if we get rid of thoughts that are not righteous and strengthen those that are righteous, then we can eliminate the demons' dens when we send righteous thoughts, and help fellow practitioners to come back to truth clarification and saving sentient beings. Teacher said,

"As Dafa disciples clarify the truth
The Fa power of their righteous thoughts
pounds the demons' dens"
(Hong Yin II)

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

October 24, 2006