(Clearwisdom.net) After reading Teacher's new lecture "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil," I remembered a story told by a practitioner from China about what had happened inside a forced labor camp. I would like to share the story with fellow practitioners.

At the beginning of the persecution, there was a new practitioner who stepped forward to clarify the truth before he had finished reading Zhuan Falun. He and some veteran practitioners were illegally arrested while clarifying the truth and sent to a forced labor camp. The practitioners inside the forced labor camp had memorized and recited Zhuan Falun. He followed along and finished learning Zhuan Falun for the first time. When he shared with other practitioners, he said,"Teacher will give us a magical treasure(1)," and he kept mentioning this. No one took him seriously since he was a new practitioner.

Later, more practitioners were arrested and sent to the forced labor camp. They brought with them Teacher's new lecture and the verses for "sending forth righteous thoughts:" "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated" and "The Fa rectifies heaven and earth, immediate retribution in this lifetime." He was delighted when he heard the verses and said, "This is the magical treasure Teacher has given us." He recited the verses constantly, every day. When the guards brought him for questioning and asked if he had any problems, he always responded, "The Fa rectifies heaven and earth." And if they questioned him again, he would say, "The Evil is completely eliminated." The guards did not know what to do with him so they left him alone. Soon after, he was released, and even he himself thought that it was strange. The guards falsely told other practitioners that he was released because he had neurosis.

Another practitioner that cultivates with his third eye opened said that he saw that the new practitioner's field was pure, clean, and translucent, and that the evil field of the forced labor camp was completely destroyed and cleaned up by his presence. Everyone thus understood that it was because the evil could not withstand it, nor do anything about it, so they released him.

(Editors' note: The main reason this practitioner was able to break through the jail and be released is because he had righteous belief in Teacher and the Fa. We ask that practitioners follow Teacher's instructions when we send forth righteous thoughts, and do not imitate the format mentioned in this article.)


(1) Magical treasure can also be translated as "dharmaratna," one of the three Buddhist treasures

November 13, 2006