(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Li Feng is a Falun Gong practitioner in Anguo City, Hebei Province. He is currently being held in Hebei Province No. 4 Prison (also called the Shijiazhuang North Suburb Prison). Once Li Feng was in a torture-induced coma for over 12 hours. Another time he displayed symptoms of severe heart trouble (myocardial infarction). Li Feng often could not eat anything for days. He is presently emaciated and in extremely poor health. Li Feng has elderly parents in their 70s to take care of. His wife and child are dependent on him as well.

The Hebei Province No. 4 Prison is a dark den where persecutors abuse Falun Gong practitioners. About 60 practitioners are illegally incarcerated there. In the past several years the wicked persons in the prison have utilized various methods to brutally torture and thereby "transform" them. Some practitioners suffered serious physical and mental disabilities as a result. Practitioners unceasingly launched hunger strikes to urge the authorities to release them unconditionally. Some practitioners are in critical condition. Practitioner Yang Xiaodong died in this prison as a result of gross abuse.

Mr. Li Feng was arrested in 2002, shortly after the successful incident of tapping into cable TV to broadcast a Falun Gong truth clarification video on July 28, 2002 in Hebei Province. He was first locked up for over ten months in the Xushui Detention Center in Baoding, Hebei Province.

On July 15, 2003, the Xushui County Court held a secret trial. The seventeen practitioners on trial validated Dafa by exposing the CCP's lies and clarifying the facts in court. Practitioners Niu Minjie and Zhao Weimin from Shijiazhuang City and others indicated that agents from the Xushui Police Department had tortured practitioners by handcuffing them to an iron chair, electrically shocking them all over, and beating them fiercely with batons. Many practitioners had to be carried to the detention center since the torture had made them unable to walk.

Under the influence of practitioners' righteous thoughts, a lawyer in the court pointed out explicitly that there still are no legal regulations regarding the nature of Falun Gong. The judge asked the prosecutor, "Are there legal regulations regarding Falun Gong that you can provide?" The prosecutor answered, "No!" Thus, just speaking from the legal perspective, all their trials and convictions of Dafa practitioners are against the law! When the court told practitioners to sign the court depositions, many practitioners refused to cooperate with the evildoers and did not sign.

Hebei Province No. 4 Prison
3 Beihuanxi Rd (or P. O. Box 131), Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, 050061

Hebei Province No. 4 Prison Phone:
86-311-87751912, ext 6534, 6241, 6216, 6264, 6324, 6264, 6324, 6457, 6521 (section chief Feng)
Xiao Feng, prison director, 86-311-87751830 (Office); 86-13503110795(Cell)
Liu Zitong, political commissioner, 86-311-87751820(Office); 86-13931105969(Cell)
Wei Wensheng, deputy prison director, 86-311-87718069 (Office); 86-13503111686(Cell)

Officers in Ward 9:
Heads: Liu Shuangjie, Liu Wenxu, Cheng Tongjin
Political Heads: Zhang Liguo, Zhao Donglai
Team leaders: Liu Bin, Zhou Zhongshe, Zhao Wenzhong, Ding Haitao, Zhang Wenchao, Ye Guojun, Zhu Jianhui
Chief officers in Ward 11: Chen Ning, Chen Xinguo

November 03, 2006