(Clearwisdom.net) Yunyun (alias) had a pain in her leg after she got married in 2005. In June 2006, she was diagnosed with femoral head necrosis, and her whole family was shocked.

Yunyun's father-in-law died one year before she got married. Yunyun's mother-in-law wept every day because she felt that her life was too tragic; she had lost her mother when she was young, and lost her husband when she was middle-aged, and now her daughter-in-law was so ill! Their family had to spend several tens of thousands of yuan each year for treatment, but still there wasn't any guarantee that it would cure the disease.

According to doctors, Yunyun could very likely lose the ability to walk one day. The young couple was so sad and they even considered suicide. Yunyun's husband's aunt (her father-in-law's sister) Min (alias) learned of Yunyun's disease, and invited the young couple to her house. She told them about how miraculous Falun Dafa was and that her severe ailments had all been cured; she was a new person, and she even learned how to drive a car.

Although her husband knew Ms. Min's story very well, Yunyun was still skeptical. She decided to follow the doctor's plan and get physical therapy in the hospital. After three months, the pain was getting worse. The doctor told Yunyun that she could lose the ability to walk at any time. Yunyun often woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and moved her leg to see if she could still walk. When she got up in the morning, she would feel like there was a mountain on top of her leg. She was so scared of the three inch-long injection needles, and the therapy was very painful to endure.

Finally, Yunyun started reading the book, "Zhuan Falun," that Ms. Min had given to her. She clearly felt the pain being reduced. At that time, her other relatives had found another therapist that specialized in treating femoral head necrosis, so she went to give a try. After each treatment, she felt such pain that she almost fainted. After that, she started learning the Falun Dafa exercises from Ms. Min.

Miracles soon happened. In less than one month, Yunyun's leg stopped hurting, and she could walk up and down stairs without any problems. Yunyun said that once when she was sending forth righteous thoughts, she felt someone pull something from the top of her thigh, and she has not felt any pain since then.

Yunyun is so happy, and her mother-in-law and husband are overjoyed. They are telling everyone they know about how Falun Dafa saved their family. Yunyun regrets that her enlightenment quality was so low, and she did not learn Falun Dafa earlier. Their neighbors all witnessed her miraculous change, and they are all so happy for her.

The miraculous curing effect of Falun Dafa and the happy atmosphere in Yunyun's family helped people see the wickedness of the CCP's persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners.