Greetings, Teacher and fellow practitioners:

I have always wanted to write an article but was afraid that I could not write well enough. Actually, every practitioner has something to say. I feel that I have something to write about because I am practicing such a wonderful Fa, which teaches me how to cultivate, how to be a good person, and the truth of the cosmos.

1. Relinquish concern for life or death to validate Dafa

I was fortunate to have learned Dafa in 1997, which pulled me out of a state in which I was troubled with all sorts of illnesses and preferred to die rather than live. I survived and now I am in a good shape. I have to step forward and validate Dafa. Dafa kept giving me new lives.

I felt that I could not stay at home during the time that the evil madly persecuted Dafa in 1999. I was willing to sacrifice my life to stand up for what I believed. On my way to Beijing to validate Dafa on July 20, I was arrested and taken to the local police department. They would not let me sleep, rebuked me, and threatened me all night long.

After being released, I went to Beijing again in October but was arrested by the local police and put into a brainwashing center for nine days. On January 15, 2000, a few of us went together to the county office to tell them how we had benefited from Falun Dafa. They arrested us and put us in jail. They half starved us, and handcuffed us behind our backs for three to four days. They ended up holding us for 33 days. When they savagely tortured me, I thought, "They are doing this because they do not know the facts." So I told the other practitioners, "We have to be nice to them and should not hate them. We need to tell them about the facts of Falun Gong as much as we can." So we told them the facts both verbally and by mail. In December, 2000, another practitioner and I went to Beijing again to validate Dafa. We were arrested when we spread open the banner under the wall of Tiananmen. They beat and kicked us and covered our mouths to stop us from yelling. Later I was sentenced to three years of forced labor.

At Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp I suffered a great deal. Because I was afraid of being shocked, I thought of committing suicide so that I would not give up my belief under the harsh persecution. But I remembered that Teacher had said in Zhuan Falun that one cannot commit suicide, so I gave up the thought. Looking inward at all times, I was not even afraid of death. What else would I be attached to? Nothing could affect my determination to cultivate and my will to validate Dafa.

In early October 2001, my husband threatened to divorce me. I had known beforehand that he was coming to raise the issue because Teacher gave me a hint in my dreams. I sent forth a thought that I would not let him accrue karma in his ignorance. He would eventually know that I was doing the most sacred things. Because I had time to prepare, I was very calm when he came, and was able to talk with him peacefully. This made him change his mind and tell me he'd give me a couple more months.

A few days later, the jail guard tried to force me to write pledges not to practice. A dozen or so female guards forced me down and shocked me with electric batons. I was not afraid. I thought: "The karma that you accrue in persecuting me cannot be repaid by your children, your grandchildren, or their offspring." I called out to Teacher in my mind, thinking that I could not let them continue persecuting me. With this thought, my body turned stiff and rigid, as though I was dead, and I could not see anything. They were scared and did not want to touch me. The next day they carried me to the hospital to have an examination, and found that a vertebra in my neck was squeezing my nerves, and I had hereditary heart disease. The labor camp did not want to keep me there any more and called my family members to take me home late at night. Thus I went home in October 2001, ending my sentence early. I knew clearly it was Teacher who had saved me. "When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide" (from "The Master-Disciple Bond" in "HongYin")

After spending eight months in the forced labor camp living in hell, I was extremely weak. At home, I gradually recovered through studying the Fa and doing the exercises. I was able to join the work of validating Dafa again. I could tell people about the facts of Falun Gong and how the CCP persecuted us.

During the few months I was at home, the local police and 610 Office personnel came to my house repeatedly to harass me. They again put me in a brainwashing center. In the center they bombarded me with videos slandering Dafa. I went on a hunger strike without water for five days. They carried me to the hospital and found that I was pregnant. They attempted to force me to have an abortion in order to keep me there.

I refused to cooperate. I wanted to keep my baby as long as I was alive. In the meantime I recognized that it was a good opportunity for me to expose their lies and validate Dafa. A few days later the hospital found that I had three, 7-8 cm fibroid tumors in my uterus, which could cause heavy bleeding at any time. Because I refused to have the operation, they forced my husband to sign a paper, threatening to fire him from his job if he did not comply.

I told them solemnly, "I am carrying a living child. I follow Dafa and will never kill. It is useless threatening my husband." They planned to make me unconscious using anesthetics so that they could perform the abortion. I had only one thought in my mind, "I will never let them kill my baby." I was very determined. When they tried to hold down my arms and lift my legs, I began to bleed, a sign of the heavy bleeding to come. They were scared and gave up trying to force me to have the abortion. My husband was also able to keep his job. The evil in the other dimension that controlled them was disintegrated. They stopped playing the videos slandering Dafa. The brainwashing center did not want to keep me any more and sent me home.

A month later, the police came to my home again to harass me, which forced me to leave home. The county office and 610 Office agents all said that with large tumors in my uterus and being pregnant, there would be no way for me to survive. Three months later I gave birth to an eight-pound baby boy, and my tumors had disappeared. I went home again so that I could validate Dafa. Everyone in the county that had taken part in persecuting me, including the county office, prosecutors, the court, the hospital, the police department, the 610 Office, my mother-in-law, and my workplace, were all surprised that I had given birth safely. They all said that the baby was lucky and would have a good life in the future, and urged my husband to throw a celebratory party. It was the power of Dafa that made all this happen. I told everyone I met that it was Dafa that had saved me and my baby. Everyone was moved and said that Dafa is truly great. They told each other, "The baby was saved by his mother's cultivation of Falun Gong." Later I often went out with my baby to tell people facts, distribute information and save sentient beings.

2. Believing in Teacher and Dafa. Passing tests with fellow practitioners

During the time that I was forced to be away from home, I was lucky to meet other practitioners who were also forced away from home. They asked me if I had the courage to let them stay with me. Teacher said: "The next person's things are your things,1 and your things are his things." (Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference in 2002). Teacher's words deeply impressed me. I said, "I am very willing to have you stay. My husband (a non-practitioner) said also, "If we do not help, who will?"

That particular city was aggressively searching for the practitioners. They had all just escaped from detention with their righteous thoughts. They said that even their relatives were too frightened to let them stay overnight. At the time I was a bit worried, too. But I thought that we were all Teacher's disciples. We were one body. We would not let the evil persecute us. We would break the old forces' arrangements. We were helping Teacher rectify the Fa and would not let the evil have its way. "With Teacher and Dafa, what are we afraid of?" We trust Teacher and Dafa at all times. We have nothing to be afraid of. Together we wrote letters, told facts to people, sent forth righteous thoughts, studied the Fa and shared our experiences, and distributed fact-clarifying materials. We worked very well together.

3. Quietly help and contribute to the information center

The workload at our local information production center was too heavy for it to handle. I felt that I had a responsibility to help. As soon as I had this thought, Teacher arranged everything for me. My husband bought a computer and a printer. Under this convenient circumstance, and with the help of Teacher and fellow practitioners, I learned quickly how to run the computer and help make the truth clarification materials. My husband was concerned about the persecution and was often mad at me. I thought it would be much better if I could have a computer and a printer of my own. With this thought, I easily found enough money and bought another computer and a printer. It was much more convenient. I could do whatever Dafa needed me to do.

We had many attachments to remove while we were doing things. The most prominent was the attachment of being afraid: afraid someone who knew would tell and afraid of being persecuted. Whenever these thoughts occurred, I would think, "We are practitioners in the Fa-rectification period. We have the power to disintegrate all evil factors that persecute us. We can disintegrate any black minion or rotten demon that hampers our validation of Dafa. Teacher is right next to us protecting us. As long as I study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts well, everything will be fine." By trusting Teacher and Dafa, my righteous thoughts got stronger and stronger, and finally all attachments of being afraid were gone. Now I realize that the evil should be afraid of us and not the other way around. Teacher has given practitioners all the power. As soon as one's righteous thoughts are there, all the evil and bad thoughts that do not comply with Dafa disintegrate.

Teacher said:

"Human history does not exist for [people] to take being human as its final goal, nor is human history a recreation ground created for the evil to display its viciousness. Mankind's history was established for the Fa-rectification, and only Dafa disciples are worthy of displaying their glory here."("To the 2005 European Experience Sharing Conference")

4. Cultivate to eliminate attachments and clear away evil spirits

I remembered that when I was throwing away the medals of the party leaders and other CCP memorabilia (they had cost 700 yuan when my husband bought them), I was afraid that my husband would be upset because he cared a lot about money. But I could not let them exist, so I burned them. My husband beat me, but I was quite at ease and did not feel unhappy. All I did was to ask Teacher for help. With Teacher's care, he stopped beating me when an emergency phone call pulled him away. I recognized that cultivation is a serious matter and one should not have any attachment to doing things. Because of my attachment, the evil found a loophole. I recognized that to clear away the CCP culture is very important, so I tried to do so wherever I went. I cleared out all the CCP materials in my relatives' homes, and got all my relatives to quit the CCP and its associated organizations. I took every opportunity to ask people to quit the CCP.

Looking back at the path that I have taken in the past few years, I recognize that as long as we believe in Teacher and Dafa, let go the thought of life or death, eliminate all attachments, and treat sentient beings with a benevolent heart, then no tribulation or test is too hard for us to pass, and we can save more sentient beings.

Please kindly correct my deficiencies if you see them. Heshi.