Thinking about How Much Master Has Endured to Save Us – We Have No Excuse Not to Be One of the Blooming Flowers

I want to share my thoughts after reading the article in the 244th Minghui Weekly: ""Being One of the Flowers Blooming Everywhere by Taking the Initiative"

I am a disabled person, and I have been producing truth-clarifying materials for more than two years. It would seem that I have plenty of time to do Dafa work because my physical condition has ensured me an easy life, but since I am a housewife, I have to do the cooking and cleaning. Dafa gives me a very strong body and boundless wisdom, but there are still times when I do not have time to cook. Practitioners asked me, "Can I help share some of your load?" "You are disabled and still have to do chores and produce Dafa materials. When you have to carry a copy machine to be fixed, isn't it too difficult for you?"

I answered, "Do you know the song 'Remember Master's Grace?'

'Tears run down my cheeks remembering the days and nights you spread the Fa.

Who would know your hardships, who would know your burden?

Who would know how much you sacrificed, who would know how much you endured?...'

"In order to save us, sentient beings, and the cosmos, Master bore unimaginable hardships. My small inconvenience is nothing, and I am just being one of the blooming flowers Master requested us to be."

What I have written down here is not as significant as those well cultivated practitioners. I only want to encourage those practitioners that are still only flower buds and are using different excuses to keep from blooming to bloom on the path as soon as possible.

Master Encouraged Me to Learn Computer Skills

I used to produce truth-clarifying materials using only a copy machine. I thought the computer was too hard to learn. Through studying the Fa, and reading other older practitioners' experiences on how they learned the computer to use it in material centers, my human notions were exposed and eliminated, and I bought a computer in March 2006. I met a practitioner who knew computer skills, and she taught me how to go online, download, and print, all within one month's time. Master has been helping and encouraging me all the way. When the Internet blockade was very severe, many practitioners could not go online, but my computer would display Dafa websites without my even clicking the mouse! First I felt strange, but then I enlightened it was Master helping and encouraging me! Cultivating Falun Dafa is miraculous.

My fellow practitioners, we are walking on the path to godhood and being harmonized by Falun Dafa. During this time when our great Master is doing Fa-rectification, we have no excuse not to be one of the blooming flowers. It does not matter if we are older, have less education, or are limited in our financial resources, if we do not walk out of humanness, as Master said, we will:

"forever crawl within the boundary delimited by their own ignorance."

(Lunyu, Zhuan Falun)

Fellow practitioners, let us quickly follow Master's Fa-rectification process!

Due to my limited level of understandings, please correct me if I am wrong.