(Clearwisdom.net) My work has been highly praised and gotten recognition since I began to practice Falun Gong, because I use the wisdom that Dafa endowed me with to work hard. But I developed the attachments of contentment and the mentality of completing a chore when doing Dafa work. Master taught us,

"He would think that he still had a long way to go in life, and he still wanted to make every effort to achieve some goals of ordinary people. " (Zhuan Falun)

Recently there were many things in my ordinary life that interfered with and bothered me, so I decided to attend to those things before I studied the Fa.

However, something that seemed to be so easy, something that I supposedly could finish within one or two hours, could not be finished at all. I was busy from morning till night. And so many problems kept coming up. The result was that I did not study the Fa much and fell asleep when I was tired. I suddenly found myself working liked this for many days. Not only that, I was not satisfied with the quality of what I had done, so I had to do things over. Still I was not satisfied but could not find a better way.

In addition, something that I had already finished was found one month later to be an empty file that I submitted because of carelessness. Now I realized the reason was because I wanted to show off and wanted others to say that I did everything well and fast. My thought was, "You could not be as good as I am."

I realized that it was my personal problem, so I stopped doing things and began to calm down and study the Fa first. After several hours of study during the day, I soon found an efficient way to solve my problem at night. So I did it again. What had previously taken me a couple of weeks of work was now finished well within several hours.

My aim in writing this article is to share with practitioners who may have this same problem. As a practitioner, the most important thing is to assimilate to the Fa. This is the fundamental issue. The Three Realms was made and created for the Fa-rectification. Only when we study the Fa well can we do everything that a Dafa practitioner should do. Everything is naturally within it: ask for nothing and attain it automatically.

This is only my experience. Please point anything wrong.