(Clearwisdom.net) A long time ago, there was a man named Ren Guozuo. He was sick for a long time and couldn't recover. Therefore, he sought out a Daoist priest to help him pray to God for peace and good health.

That same night, he had a dream. A Daoist immortal said to him, "Ren Guozuo, for your entire life, you have kept saying 'yes' but meaning 'no,' and you have not done one good deed since your childhood. Because of the evil deeds you have done, the Gods have rendered a verdict. The time of your death will arrive soon."

Soon afterwards, Ren Guozuo died as expected.

A person who says "yes" and means "no" was called a villain in ancient times. This kind of person would be disloyal when he assisted an emperor. He would be unfilial when he took care of his parents. He would be untrustworthy when he made friends. He would not be righteous when facing the critical moment.

The old saying "Tian (heaven) Gao (high) Ting (listen) Bei (tiny things)" means that even though the Gods are far above us, they observe all good and evil deeds and will reward each with fortune or retribution accordingly. Therefore, if a person says "yes" but means "no," he will only end up cheating people. The Gods and Buddhas in other dimensions will see it clearly. Any sly behavior, covering up, and deceit can only fool oneself in the end.