(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, quite a few articles published on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website talk about practitioners playing the Fa to their printers or recorders in order for these machines to work normally. Some practitioners even regard these pieces of equipment as "fellow practitioners." Personally, I don't think this is proper.

As we know, animals are not allowed to listen to the Fa. Compared with animals, machines and equipment should be considered inferior. It is not proper to play the Fa to them. Although they are good helpers and have produced lots of truth-clarifying materials, this should not be a reason to play the Fa to them. For example, if a parrot is always able to remind us to feed more paper into the printer or turn over the printed materials, should we play the Fa to this parrot? Of course, when we listen to the Fa, everything in the room including the equipment, is listening to the Fa. But we do not do it deliberately. This also conforms to the state of human society. If we intentionally place a certain piece of equipment close to us when we are listening to the Fa, I don't believe that is right.

As for calling the equipment "fellow practitioners," this is even more improper. Of course, we should take care of the equipment. But if you call them "fellow practitioners," you are actually viewing them as Dafa disciples. Whether one is a Dafa disciple is determined by Master. Will Master acknowledge that these machines are Dafa disciples? Let us not forget to cultivate our speech while thinking with benevolence.