(Clearwisdom.net) With the spread of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, more and more Chinese citizens have come to understand the evil nature of the CCP. People who have been living under the tyranny and immersed in the lies of the CCP are eager to hear the truth and to be free from its control and persecution. Below are transcripts of a conversation between a Toronto "Quit the CPP Hotline" operator and a Mainland China caller who called in to quit the CCP.

Operator: How do people around you view the CCP?

Caller: From my coworkers to my friends to taxi drivers, everyone curses the Party. Everyday citizens, especially those from the middle and lower classes, hate and curse the CCP. In fact, everyone is longing for the destruction of the evil Party. However, no one dares to express this heartfelt wish in public. This is the current situation: People are depressed and feel helpless

Operator: How do you view the current situation in China?

Caller: China now has all kinds of social struggles. There is no solution to the problems unless the Party is destroyed. Whenever this issue is raised, I can say that thousands will get very emotional. Our lives are so depressed. For myself, I think that social morality, people's consciences and their sense of justice have all been destroyed. I am 45, and I experienced the Great Culture Revolution when I was young. Back then, we were living in terror and were extremely depressed. However, people still had a bit of conscience. Nowadays, we don't have anything left. All government officials are corrupt and people live only for money. If you run into a robbery on a street, no one will dare to step in to help the victim, not even the police in uniform. This is the real situation and this is because of the CCP.

Operator: Do you feel that the CCP will one day collapse?

Caller: Social problems under the CCP regime have reached the limit. I am a bit emotional whenever I talk about this. I have been dreaming of that day! I hope it will come soon! People don't have to be rich in order to be satisfied. In fact, many people have no desire to be rich, but they do need the right of free speech. Talking about freedom, one needs at least freedom of speech. In addition, one needs to live with dignity. Unfortunately, we don't have either of these two.

Operator: Do people in China want to know what is happening overseas?

Caller: The majority want to know. However, not that many people have a computer. Some do, and yet they don't have the right Internet tools to break the Internet control by the CCP. Nevertheless, several friends of mine are reading overseas news frequently, and you can tell the difference between people who have access to such information and those who don't. Many people have gradually realized that Western countries have democracy and allow people to speak freely and that the totalitarian regime of the CCP is the source of all evils.

Operator: If people were asked to make a choice between denouncing the CCP or supporting it, what do you think that the public would choose?

Caller: Near to 100% would choose to denounce the party. When people are free from the terror of the CCP and have no more fear, they will all choose to denounce the party. No one really believes in the CCP's propaganda and slogans, but they don't dare to tell the truth in public because of fear.

I told my friends: "I think the allegations that charge the CCP with harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners is 100% true. Why not? Don't you remember that Zhang Zhixin, a lady persecuted to death for criticizing the party during the Great Culture Revolution, had her tongue cut off before her execution? Wasn't the president of China persecuted to death? Falun Gong practitioners are just everyday citizens, the CCP can easily do anything to them. The party is so good at this."

The Nine Commentaries very systematically exposed the crimes of the CCP and revealed its true nature. It is so true that everywhere the Party goes there is suffering. There is no other explanation. So, what is our heartfelt wish? We are willing to give anything if that will lead to the destruction of the CCP.

I am no longer that fearful. My spouse and my child both have quit the CCP using their real names. In addition, eight relatives' children in my hometown all quit the party using their own names. I think that the CCP now cannot do much harm to us because there are so many people quitting the party. If the platform for quitting the CCP wasn't blocked, more than 14 million people would quit the Party.

If I have to live under this situation, it will be too bad and a true shame. We will not have any hope unless the CCP collapses.