(Clearwisdom.net) We have many attachments to the human world, and many human notions. In "Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital" Teacher said:

"In gods' eyes, this place is dangerous and filthy, and karma is everywhere. The karma that people carry on their bodies is so much that it drips off of them even as they walk down the street. And then there are the wicked demons of feelings (qing) and rotten ghosts that fill the human world. All of these things are matter at the lowest level that has warped."

From Teacher’s Fa we can realize the radical and severe situation. No matter where we are and when it is, we must strictly follow Teacher’s Fa to discipline and upgrade ourselves. When seeing problems with other practitioners, we need to remind them and help them so that the situation can be improved. Because we are one body, as Dafa disciples, the issues for which you are responsible are equally as important as the issues for which I am responsible.

We have recently observed many attachments and tribulations that practitioners have had on the issue of qing between men and women. I would like to share some of my experiences in this regard.

My attachments in this area were manifested when working with other practitioners. Because of technical needs, a male practitioner was introduced to me. We were introduced so that we could help each other with technical support. At the same time, since both of us were single, we could potentially become boyfriend and girlfriend. Both that practitioner and the practitioner who introduced us had these thoughts. After several months, seeing that I had not realized this, the practitioner who had made the introduction "spelled it out." I came to understand that I had been too busy with technical work to think about dating and marriage. Later, I felt tired working by myself. The practitioner who had made the introduction earlier suggested inviting the other practitioner to help again. Because I did need help, we asked him. During all this, I heard him talk about his ideas on dating and marriage, etc.

When I heard this, my heart was severely disturbed because of sentimentality and human notions. I could not calm down during Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts. A more important issue was: "Why was I so attached to this? Why could I not be stronger so as to suppress and even eliminate these thoughts?" I could clearly feel that it was not myself, but rather notions from the old forces that had been isolated from me. It was using my human notions to strengthen and enlarge them. As a result, I felt I was being tightly constrained and suppressed. It was also dragging me to the deepest hell. Fortunately, I immediately noticed it, although it took some time to eliminate it.

On the second day, I was too engrossed and the sentimentality became stronger and stronger. On the third day, it became even more severe. I erected my hand to clear it away but that did not work. I was in despair and asked Teacher for help. Soon afterward, much of the matter was removed. Although similar thoughts did come out later from time to time, generally speaking, I could immediately recognize them and eliminate them. In my heart, I was asking every cell of my body to recite "Falun Dafa is good" and it was very effective.

After experiencing this tribulation, I realized that, upon seeing your attachments, other practitioners could send forth righteous thoughts to help you, but our own mind is the most critical: whether or not we want truly to separate those attachments and eliminate them. We need to look within, since we are the ones who know our attachments the clearest.

In the detention center and forced labor camp, I experienced many things, including my ex-husband divorcing me and his remarrying someone else. He not only took the children, the house, and property, but also did other bad things to me. Even the police looked down upon what my husband did to me, and they respected me since I could handle those things smoothly. I thought I had passed the tests of sentimentality and when other practitioners talked about such things, I did not pay attention to them. In fact, the Fa's requirements for us are becoming higher and higher. We have to eliminate the existence of any bad things through cultivation, so that we can reach consummation and return to the place where we originally came from. A long time ago, I already knew I still had such attachments, but did not pay attention to them. As a result, they accumulated and became very severe.

Another point is that, when such things happen, we do not need to claim we can achieve this (letting go of the attachments), but should instead really improve ourselves with respect to the Fa. We need to take initiatives to cultivate, not to evade. Plus, with such things existing in my dimension, it is my responsibility to eliminate them. (I eliminated the attachment of lust like this in the past and have not had lust for several years.)

There is another issue during this process, that is, how do we let the side that has cultivated well dominate? First of all, we need to be clear that those notions are not our true thoughts. I consider them to be bad things that are stuck on me and interfere with me for doing the three things. I think that, no matter who I owe a debt to in history, that person cannot be excused from interfering with my validating the Fa. I erected my hand to eliminate this sentimentality (the one between a male and a female) so that it would not interfere with me in any way. I recited the Fa-rectification verse and spent a long time eliminating the interference of sentimentality. It was very effective, and I felt much less pressure and much purer.

Please point out anything improper.