(Clearwisdom.net) Whenever I hold up the book, Our Teacher ¡V Falun Gong Practitioners' Recollections of Master Li in China, I feel like I am back in the very lecture hall where I heard Master teach the Fa, bathing in His great compassion. In an instant, excitement, tears of joy and a shaking hand fill my mind with images of that best memory on Earth. Everything is so vivid, like it just happened yesterday.

Master Arranges for Every Disciple to Obtain the Fa

One day in October 1994, I became determined to attend the last class that Master would hold in Guangzhou. However, when I told my husband my plans, he immediately replied, "I've never heard that practicing Qigong requires one to go to Guangzhou, thousands of miles away from here. How much money would you need?" I answered, "In my entire life, there has been nothing I couldn't do without; but failing to go to Guangzhou would be my life's greatest regret. I'm set on going." "You can go if you can find someone to pay for your fees, just don't come back if you go spend your own money!" The next day, a classmate of mine returned and he had a certain degree of power. I told him what my husband said, and he replied immediately that he would help pay my expenses. I was thus able to join Master's last class in Guangzhou.

A day before going to the class in Guangzhou, I was holding a meeting on the third floor of my workplace. In order to make full preparations, I left the meeting early. When I left the third floor, I had initially decided not to return to my office on the second floor. However, not knowing why I did it, I walked into my office. Seeing that the phone was ringing, I asked a worker if he knew who it was that was calling. The worker replied that he didn't know. I picked up the phone. It was my mom calling. She said, "Initially I had discussed with your dad that we'll not go to Guangzhou anymore after we buy the new house, but now, he's asking me to go again." I was so touched and did not know what to say, for I knew that my mom would not be able to go by herself. It was Master who once again personally arranged for all disciples to fulfill their predestined relationships. I was very touched and cried as I walked down the stairs, feeling as if I were meeting a long-lost relative.

My Mom and I Saw Falun

After I first completed reading the book Falun Gong in August 1994, I had a lot of questions. I chatted with an older practitioner for an entire night. The next morning, I saw a small Falun in the bottom right corner of my right eye right before I woke up. Even though it was small, it was very clear and shone brilliantly. I told Master in my heart: Master, I believe you now!

Returning to my hotel from the third day of class, my mom and I could not fall asleep at all. My mother had a nasty cough and her chest throbbed in pain. It was even painful to turn her body. I had symptoms of the flu. Nevertheless, we both knew that it was Master cleaning our polluted bodies for us and that it was a good thing. At around 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. the next day, my mother told me that she saw a very large Falun, as big as a wall shining brightly and spinning.

We Have Truly Met a Real Buddha

On the sixth day of class, after sitting down, I realized that there was a girl about seventeen to eighteen years old crying a lot beside me. I asked her why and she told me that her celestial eye is open and she saw lots of celestial deities and soldiers protecting the Fa at the top of the hall. She also saw many groups of angels and fairies. She told me that she used to be a non-believer in spiritual beings and gods, but now, she finally believes it after meeting a real Buddha this time!

No Loss, No Gain

A few days after coming back from the Guangzhou class, something strange happened. I was walking on the street, however, while remaining fully conscious and awake, there were a few minutes when I simply stood still and could not move. I could only listen to a few robber's commands and they took my gold necklace. I realized after the incident that I had been robbed. Thereafter, I calculated and realized that the cost of the necklace was about the same as the cost of having my friend pay for my expenses. It was indeed a situation of no loss, no gain. I cannot take advantage of others just to learn the Fa and thereby lose virtue. Master has truly considered so much for all of us disciples!