(Clearwisdom.net) During the first and second Mainland China Falun Dafa Practitioners Cultivation Experience Sharing Conferences on the Internet, I did not submit my paper due to attachments. Now I have recognized my human side, broken through my old notions and attachments, and written down my cultivation experience to share my insights with fellow practitioners so we can upgrade together.

1. Obtaining the Fa

On April 3, 1997, my oldest sister gave me a book. She said upon entering my door, "Sister, would you like to read a book?" I answered without hesitation, "Sure!" I took the book with both of my hands. That book was Zhuan Falun. I remember the day that I obtained the Fa very clearly.

When I opened the book, I saw Master's photo and felt very familiar with him, like we were family, and I was very eager to read the book. I spent three days reading the book from cover to cover. I was so moved because my mind felt so peaceful, like a drought-stricken land that just had a big rainfall. I quickly read it twice more. When my sister came again, I said without her asking, "I cannot return this book to you now, I want to keep this book." My sister and I both smiled at this.

2. Studying the Fa

The first time I read Zhuan Falun, I felt that the author was very knowledgeable because it mentioned physics, astronomy, prehistorical culture, etc. The second time I read the book, I thought, "How could it be that all those fairy tales about Buddha and deities that the elderly told when we were young are real?" When I read it the third time, I found more content that I still did not understand. I then exerted more effort in reading the book, and I copied the book down by hand. Plus, I copied several of Master's other books such as Hong Yin and Essentials for Further Advancement. From June 1997 to May 1999, I copied Zhuan Falun ten times, Hong Yin twenty times, and Essentials for Further Advancement ten times.

I recently bought a computer in May 2005. While learning how to use the computer, I search-engined Zhuan Falun once. I learned that so many elderly fellow practitioners are memorizing Zhuan Falun while I was reading their experience-sharing on Clearwisdom. It took me 70 days to memorize Zhuan Falun once. I also memorized Hongyin (Vol. II) recently. Since I have constantly read the Fa, hand-copied the Fa, and recited the Fa, my physical body and mind nature both have improved miraculously. All the people around me have witnessed my changes, and they laid a good foundation for my cultivation.

3. Validating the Fa

After July 20, 1999, the vile party started persecuting Falun Gong. Seeing that so many people were being poisoned, I knew I had to tell them that the lies were fabrications, which are deceiving and poisoning them. I began to clarify the truth to my colleagues, friends and family. I told them that Falun Dafa is good, and Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is good. I told them how Dafa teaches people to improve their hearts and minds and become better people. I said, "I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I am not like what the propaganda describes on TV. Please do not believe the media's propaganda because they are not true and are deceiving people." My words and actions moved many people around me and helped them to learn the truth.

Once, an evening TV program slandered Falun Dafa again. The next morning, one co-worker at the bank lobby (I was working there) was talking about the TV program. I approached her immediately and told her openly, "Please do not listen to the TV program's slander because you do not know exactly what happened. You are harming yourself by repeating the lies." They all became silent. From then on, no one talked about the fabrications on TV at my workplace.

In earlier times, none of us printed truth-clarifying materials. We were handwriting paper slips, carrying them in our pockets, and giving them to predestined people at the market. One day, in the beginning of 2002, I gave my last slip to a cigarette vendor. He glanced at the slip and put it in his pocket with a smile. He said, "I can tell that you are a kind lady."

There was a gentleman standing nearby in his 50s. He asked, "What is that? Can I have one as well?" I replied, "I am truly sorry, but I have run out. But it's okay as long as you remember this sentence: "'Falun Dafa is good, and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!'" He looked at me with amazement because there were so many people at the market. He said out loud, but more to himself, "I can hardly imagine, that under such circumstances there is still such a good person telling people such a good truth." He added while he looked at me sincerely, "That is great! I will remember for sure!"

There is a fruit stand on my way to work, and I often stop to buy fruit and give the vendor some truth-clarifying materials. One day, as I bought some fruit, he told me, "Just pay me the full dollar amount. Don't worry about the change." I said, "Oh, that won't do! You work so hard under the baking sun or in a wind storm." I paid the full amount. There was a bike repair stand next to us, and the owner claimed, "I have never seen people like you. Everyone is fighting for some pitiful gain, but your action was so moving! It is so rare these days!" The fruit vendor told him, "She practices Falun Dafa."

I have experienced many similar cases. I know that I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, so I must discipline myself at all times with the Fa-principles. I remember at all times that I am Master's disciple. No matter if I'm at work, in my home, or with my neighbors, I must embody a Dafa disciple's nobility and dignity. Then it will be easier to clarify the truth and persuade people to do the three withdrawals from the wicked party.

For example, when I talked about quitting the Party at the bank where I work the first time, all of the employees agreed to do it. They said, "Thank you for remembering us for such important issues! You are truly a good person." Several dozen people in my family have also done the three withdrawals.

My husband and I live on monthly salaries only, and with great difficulty we support our child that is attending the university. But since Master said that material centers should spring up like flowers blooming all over the country, I realized that I must do what Master taught us to do as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.

In 2005, some fellow practitioners pooled their savings, and we established a small materials center. I used my own money to buy a computer and a printer. I learned how to get on the Internet, download documents, print, type, make booklets or brochures, etc. The materials that I produced not only supported our Fa-study group but also helped other materials centers.

Under Master's benevolent protection, I did what I should do. I can see my shortcomings compared with fellow practitioners, and I am still far from Master's requirements. I will continue do well the three things that Master told us to do.

Finally, allow me to quote Master's words from, "Congratulatory Message",

Dafa disciples, you are golden light in the mortal world, the hope of the world's people, Fa-disciples who help Master, and future Fa-Kings. Keep diligent, Awakened Ones that walk the earth: Everything of today will be the glory of the future."

(Third Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China)