(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in November 1998. In the early stage of my practice I felt Teacher adjusting my body and Falun [law wheel] turning in my body. I heard a large Falun turning rapidly between my arms when doing the second set of exercises [where the practitioner holds his arms in a circle]. I saw beautiful scenes from another dimension during meditation. I was on maternity leave. I stayed home most of the time and rarely attended group Fa study or group exercises. I actually learned the exercises from other practitioners back on July 20, 1998, but my initial understanding of Dafa was limited to physical healing. Teacher was already helping me, however, because when I experienced great pain when giving birth, I felt a large hand circling my back and pushing downward, and the baby came out. I didn't go to the hospital. Everyone said I had a smooth delivery. However, due to my poor enlightenment quality, I constantly worried about whether Teacher was guiding me and whether I would be able to practice cultivation.

It wasn't until November 1998 that I finally decided that I would follow Teacher and practice Dafa. One night when I was half asleep I saw Teacher's Fashen [law body] installing a white, luminous object in my abdomen, and my stomach swelled up instantly. I wanted to move but couldn't. I thought some evil spirit was trying to harm me, because I used to practice all types of qigong, and they had interfered with me when I tried to practice Dafa. I shouted, "Teacher, help! I don't want this thing!" Teacher looked amused and I heard a kind voice saying, "Stop shouting, I am your Teacher. I gave you a good thing and yet you don't want it!"

I have been deeply convinced of the grandeur of Dafa and Teacher ever since, and do the exercises daily. Although I didn't attend group Fa study and exercises on a frequent basis and usually listened to Teacher's lecture tapes, I clearly felt Teacher was pushing me upward. My xinxing improved rapidly and I memorized numerous Dafa passages. My home was spacious and I offered it as a locale for Fa conferences. During Fa conferences I saw countless Falun falling from the sky and filling our room. My whole family was bathed in harmony. My husband and two brothers-in-law often studied the Fa and did the exercises with other practitioners. Our home business also prospered. Everything was great.

Resisting the persecution and validating the Fa

I have a teaching job. Our home was a practice site, and my mother-in-law was a volunteer assistant. After Jiang's group began persecuting Dafa on July 20, 1999, officials from the legal and judicial systems constantly harassed us at our home. I firmly believed in Teacher and Dafa, but I was afraid to do the exercises openly at work. I got up at midnight each night to do the exercises and would wake up naturally at midnight. Teacher constantly encouraged me. I vaguely saw the wonderful scenes in other dimensions during the exercise and in my dreams. I knew Teacher was pushing me forward and telling me to firmly believe in Dafa and be diligent!

Soon, lawless officials deceived my mother-in-law. They lured her to the county detention center the evening of February 19, 2000, which affected our business, because she was in charge of managing most of it. The wicked Party also brainwashed my father-in-law, brothers-in-law and husband with venomous propaganda.

Several days before my mother-in-law's illegal arrest, she and I wrote a letter to clarify the truth to the police chief. I debated with myself as to whether I should deliver the letter after she was arrested. The evil in other dimensions saw my attachment to fear, and manipulated my family to watch me and forbid me to leave home.

My brother-in-law stayed home and watched me the day I planned to deliver the letter to the police department. He would not let me go anywhere. Teacher had then not yet taught us to send forth righteous thoughts. However, I thought, "You can't keep me here. I will certainly deliver the letter!"

My brother-in-law left after I had this thought. I knew Teacher was helping me. I bought some items for my mother-in-law and I walked to the police department. I was full of righteous thoughts on my way over to the police department. The officers had not yet come to work when I went there, so I waited. Odd thoughts constantly turned up, such as "What if they arrest me?" "How would the police chief act?" "Should I not give him the letter?" I managed to defeat these thoughts and I personally handed the letter to the police chief who had arrested quite a few Dafa practitioners. I didn't think he was a bad person, I merely thought he didn't know the truth. He carefully read the letter twice and then put it in a drawer. He said he would send things to my mother-in-law at the detention center,and he would think about what I had said in the letter and he asked me to go home. In the letter, I said Falun Gong is good and I asked him to release my mother-in-law and other Dafa practitioners. My heart was so light on the way home, as I thought I had validated Dafa with my actions. Prior to this incident, I often felt awful for not stepping forward to uphold justice for Teacher and Dafa.

The next day the police chief told my father-in-law what had happened. The officials tried to make my family monitor my movements, but I refused to cooperate with them. School began on March 6, 2000 and I returned to work at school, located 21 miles away from home.

I felt I must clarify the truth to the officials and ask them to release my mother-in-law. I wrote another letter to the secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee and took it to the Bureau for Letter and Calls on a Sunday. The officials there read the letter and asked whether I used my real name. I answered yes. They let me go.

After I had returned to work, the police had received an order from the secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee that I must be placed under "strict control" for writing a letter to clarify the facts about Falun Gong. They also ordered the township police to collaborate with them in persecuting me. Officials at the township government and the Education and Culture Office, head of the police department and the principal of my school all pressured me to give up Dafa. They made all teachers at the school take turns monitoring me; whoever refused to follow this order was sent to work in a remote area, in addition to having a reduction in salary. The evildoers carried out the persecution in large part by cutting off people's livelihoods. They watched me 24 hours a day. The atmosphere at school was tense. Many teachers stopped speaking with me. I was in my late 20s and had never experienced anything like it before. I didn't know whom to turn to for help. I was frightened when I saw police cars coming to our school; sometimes my muscles twitched in fear. I recited Teacher's Fa, and Teacher's words appeared in my head,

"Under any difficult circumstance, everyone, remain calm in your hearts. Just by staying unaffected, you will be able to handle all situations." ("Lecture on the Fa at the U.S. Midwest Conference", provisional translation)

I felt Teacher was standing right next to me. I thought, "I am Teacher's disciple. We did nothing wrong. Why should we fear the police? The police arrest bad people, and I'm not a bad person." Righteous thoughts arose in my heart.

The officials always talked to me and didn't let me teach classes, but each time I ended up talking to them because they ran out of irrational arguments. I remembered the Fa well at the time and I had no fear when facing them.

My mind was pure and I could recite many Fa passages. I could memorize Teacher's new articles after reading them only two or three times. I often clarified the truth with principles I understood from the Fa, and I recited the Fa to them. They asked me many questions. The township Party secretary couldn't do anything to stop me from validating the Fa. He was so angry! He said, "I can arrest you!" I told him, "In your position as administrator of the law you would be committing a crime! I'm a good person and cannot be arrested!"

They dared not disrespect Teacher in my presence and said, "You are the only determined disciple left for your Teacher."

Teacher was protecting me all the time. When the officials came to me, some non-practitioners would always say to them, "You are not doing any good! Why are you always bothering 'Little Lotus?' She is such a wonderful person!" Once, I wrote a letter to the township police station head and hand-delivered it to him in the rain in my spare time. No one has said anything good about this person, and I hesitated before I went, but eventually I broke through various notions and went to the police station. He right away took out his gun and brandished it before me, but I didn't feel any fear. He then read the letter and asked me some questions. He said, "Wouldn't we all lose our jobs if everyone in the world practices Falun Gong?" He said that it was really great of me to go out in the rain to bring him the letter. I could tell that he was truly touched. We have to give up all kinds of human notions when clarifying the truth.

I didn't cooperate with any form of persecution. The officials went to my husband who was doing business in Beijing. They forced him to repeatedly coerce me to give up Dafa practice, and I firmly refused to cooperate with them. The evildoers looked for the "weakest link" in me. The head of the Education and Culture Office and head of the police station saw the "hard" method was not working, so they switched to a "soft" method. They begged me, saying they would all lose their jobs if I didn't give up Dafa practice; that they had families to feed, among other things. I was not alert to their scheme, and their tactics deceived me. I wrote a "guarantee statement" to renounce Dafa.

Several days before I wrote the statement I had a discussion with a veteran practitioner in our county. She said it's nothing to write a guarantee statement, as long as we can avoid evil persecution, since we are not writing down "Falun Gong" specifically and are simply deceiving the evil. We were actually deceiving ourselves and covering up our attachments with human notions! Like Teacher said, I imitated other practitioners and I didn't look at things from the perspective of the Fa. The evil had taken advantage of the deviant thought in my head. I cried the whole time as I wrote the statement, and my heart was bleeding when I walked out of the office. I felt I was no longer worthy of Dafa. Later that night I had a dream in which I fell from a very high place and stopped seeing beautiful scenes in my dreams.

The thought of making up for the blemish I had put on Dafa was always on my mind. I decided to go to Beijing at the end of 2000, to wash away my shame from writing the guarantee statement and also to seek justice for Dafa. I left a letter for my family in which I clarified the truth to them on December 25, 2000. My mother-in-law and I took a train to Beijing. We went to Tiananmen Square but police stopped us before we could unfurl a banner reading, "Falun Dafa is good." The police asked me where I came from. Initially I let human notions win and thought, I haven't done anything yet, so I said I'm a tourist from Hebei Province. I was cooperating with the evil! I soon realized I had made a mistake, as Teacher told us not to cooperate with the evil's orders and commands under any circumstance. I thought, "It'd be great if he could forget what I had just told him." A while later the young police officer said, "Where did you say you come from? I forgot." I said, "It's good that you forgot." When the police tried to search us, I thought I absolutely couldn't let him search me because I brought Dafa articles with me. They didn't search me.

We were taken to the Tiananmen Police Station and didn't tell our names when asked. We were locked in a bike shed with about 30 other Dafa practitioners already inside. One elementary school student with a backpack also came to Tiananmen. One practitioner was in her 70s but she looked 30 years younger. She continuously recited,

"When people do not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound. ("When the Fa is Right" in Essentials for Further Advancement)

I was impressed. A police officer carrying an electric baton always smiled at her and praised her for "doing a good job." He told her to continue to recite the Fa, and all of us started to recite the Fa.

I stood on the outer edge of the shed. The police told us to stand right next to each other without moving. I thought I must not listen to him, so I didn't go to the side where there were more practitioners. An officer pointed at the corner and told me to go over there, and I refused. He was angry and walked toward me with the electric baton in his hand. Suddenly, my husband showed up and said to the police, "This is my wife, I'll take her with me." The police smiled at my husband and said, "Oh, so this is your wife! Lead her away." I thought my husband knew the officer, but in fact they'd never seen each other before! I thought at the time of arrest, "It'd be great if my husband can come and help me. I haven't validated the Fa yet and I cannot be arrested." Teacher made all the arrangements! After I went home, I had a dream in which I had received a perfect score on a test. I had answered one question wrong but corrected it later.

Creating a cultivation environment

I returned to work, and the officials dared not watch me openly. The Party secretary gave the principal and the township officials a good scolding, saying I "ran away" because they were watching me too closely. They didn't know I had gone to Beijing. It turned out they were traveling in Beijing as tourists on the day my husband picked me up.

Teacher made these meticulous plans to protect me! More than 20 officials from the town government, the police station, the Education and Culture Office and the county Education Bureau went to Beijing to look for me. After I came back they didn't harass me as frequently as they did before, because they were afraid of me "running away" again. I acted without fear. They threatened to fire me if I continued to practice Dafa. I was not intimidated and didn't have any notions. In the end, they said during a conference that they could fire anyone else but me, because they were afraid of me appealing in Beijing!

The Party secretary told them during a conference that I should be left alone to practice at home, and they would conceal it as long as higher officials didn't see me doing the exercises. I thought, "Why should I act secretively when doing the exercises? I must practice openly, outside. Teacher gave us this form of cultivation." I did the exercises on campus and thought, "If you don't let me practice on campus, I'll practice at the front gate because it's public property, so no one can interfere with me." No one interfered with me. I created an environment to openly practice Dafa. One police officer came to the school field one night and looked at me. I thought, "I'll show you how to do the exercises." I ignored him. When I opened my eyes he had left already. When I met him later and clarified the truth to him I asked, "Did you guys monitor my practice?" The police chief said, "No, I've never done anything like that!" I did the first four sets of exercises in the morning and the meditation in the evening on the school's field.

I had to break with various human notions before going out to daily practice. I was afraid the students wouldn't understand me, because the newer students were brainwashed by the Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident propaganda. Human notions boiled over in my head, and I overcame them, one by one. When I didn't have any notions and was also doing the exercises well, I felt I was incredibly tall, the surrounding area of several square miles was enveloped in my field of gong, and everything in the school became very harmonious. The buildings, trees, flowers, grass and the morning sun were all smiling at me, and all kinds of birds were chirping nearby. Sometimes when I opened my eyes, I saw students imitating my movements. Gradually, people became familiar with the scene and they were no longer surprised by my presence. I smiled and greeted them on my way back to the dorm.

Clarifying the truth and rescuing sentient beings

I secretly tried to do away with the surveillance so I could distribute truth clarification materials. I asked my husband to buy me a motorcycle and rode it to the countryside to hand out flyers. When I arrived in a village, I would walk with one hand on the bike and one hand giving away flyers. It was easier in the summer, although sometimes it rained. It was really cold in the winter in north China, and I endured a great deal of suffering. Once, I was distributing flyers in one village and a man came out right after I laid a flyer outside the front gate. He saw me putting down the flyer and tried to say something. I became nervous and pushed my bike in an attempt to get away. The bike suddenly fell to the ground and I could not start it! I told myself, "The more nervous you are, the more the evil will interfere with you. What are you afraid of?

"What's there to fear? My body would still sit there even with my head cut off."

("Huge Exposure" in Essentials for Further Advancement)

"Don't worry," I said to myself, "You are here to rescue sentient beings. Teacher is here and Dafa is here!" Fear left me right away. The man didn't say anything to me. Sometimes it is quite cold in the winter and I thought, "I'm a Dafa practitioner and since I am here to rescue sentient beings. I shouldn't feel so cold." Little by little, my hands were no longer stiff and I could hold the handlebars, and my feet no longer ached from the cold.

I almost never encountered any dangerous situation. I hung up banners sometimes and always sent forth righteous thoughts, asking the banners to stay up for a long time. One banner stayed there for one year until the color faded and the words were no longer legible, so I took it down. Once I had taken some Dafa handouts and planned to distribute them at the township government. I put them in several of my coat pockets. When I returned to the dorm, a colleague who shared my room insisted on trying on my coat and found the flyers in the pockets. She had been coerced to monitor me. I thought, "Ok, so you've found them. I'm not afraid." She asked, "Will you distribute these materials?" I said, "Yes, they are used to help people learn the truth." She said she wanted to go with me, and I agreed. After the evening class, however, she changed her mind and was afraid to go. She said, "Wear my coat so no one can recognize you." I went out in her coat that has several large pockets.

The streets were empty. I have always been scared of walking alone at night, so I recited the Fa to eliminate fear. Suddenly, an owl made a piercing noise and flew over my head. I was startled and thought about going back, but I also remembered that it was evil interference. It's trying to stop me from clarifying the truth but I cannot stop! I successfully distributed all the materials and returned safely, and my roommate was still worrying about me when I got back. I went through all of the pockets to make sure no flyers were left before returning her coat back to her. Strangely, she found a flyer in a pocket one week later and her entire family read it. I thought compassionate Teacher must have been helping them to learn the truth.

The police came the next day to investigate the source of the information. They threatened to fire my roommate if she didn't reveal the information. The police asked her whether I was in the dorm the night before, and she insisted I had not gone anywhere. They left. My colleague protected me with Teacher's help.

I think the decision of ordinary people at critical moments has to do with Dafa practitioners' behavior in daily life. I always did the hard work and took care of my colleagues. I conducted myself strictly according to Teacher's Fa, and I seized every opportunity to read Teacher's Fa to them. They all knew that I am a good person and that Falun Gong is being persecuted. They said they would hide my Dafa books if anyone came to search for them. My roommate was eventually transferred back to the county seat, although the wicked Party officials usually would not transfer anyone to the county seat without taking bribes. I think she was rewarded for her courage.

Another time our township education head said to me, "Can you put your Dafa books away if inspectors come?" I said I would, and they left me alone. I had a good relationship with the education chief's daughter. I showed the education chief a VCD of the analysis of the Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident so he learned the truth. His daughter said her entire family did not know the truth before and her father showed the VCD to their friends and relatives. They all said, "We were duped!" The chief's superiors told him to hang a Dafa-slandering banner at school, but he said to me, "Why should I hang it?"

The education chief's daughter is a very kind person. We became really good friends. She taught me lots of computer-related knowledge, which greatly aided in my later work in validating Dafa. I knew everything was Teacher's arrangement. I had wanted to make truth clarification materials for a long time, because it's dangerous for practitioners from other cities to bring me flyers and the supply is far from enough.

I used to go home once a week. When I returned home in the county seat, I went to the former volunteer at our regional Falun Gong Assistance Center, my mother-in-law's sister. We made banners and stickers together and posted them outside. We had a severe shortage of truth clarification materials. I was followed, but they couldn't do anything to me. Teacher dissolved all the tribulations for me.

Later on, the Minghui website published Teacher's instruction for sending forth righteous thoughts. I felt like a mountain the first time I sent forth righteous thoughts and the earth was under my feet. I couldn't understand it and I asked the assistant. She said it's a great thing. I also saw massive, various types of animals running toward me in squadrons. They fell down in large waves when I erected my palm and recited the Fa-rectification verse. In my dreams, I often saw myself taking my husband and child, and we were walking or flying upward. I realized that my family would do well if I do well.

I did the exercises daily during that period and always outside, in all seasons. I read two or three lectures of Zhuan Falun each day, and I systematically studied Teacher's other articles. Sometimes my mind was so quiet when studying the Fa; although there were other people around, I felt only my brain reading the book and my arms and legs had disappeared. It was a wonderful feeling. I was not bothered by anything my roommates were doing. Sometimes I read the Fa to them. I told each of my classes the truth about the persecution and told them to remember, "Falun Dafa is good." I clarified the truth to them sometime into the semester, after they had gotten to know me.

I started to help them quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. Most students accepted what I told them, but some students' parents were Party secretaries and their minds were more poisoned than others. It was more difficult to clarify the truth to these students. I often brought truth clarification materials to the office and gave them to other teachers. They all have learned the truth.

Some teachers say, "Nowadays, only this flyer tells some truth. The Communist Party is completely fake." I gave them copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the environment at school continuously improved. Many teachers who didn't hear the truth from me saw the extraordinary power of Dafa from my exuberant health, my optimistic and easygoing personality and said, "You look like a young girl; you don't look your age." They envied me and said Falun Gong is so good.

Villages in the surrounding area all knew that a teacher who practices Falun Gong is a good person. Many students told their friends and family about the truth, and many children came to my school and asked to be my students. I could bring Dafa books to my office and classroom. I would read Dafa passages to my students, and many students read Dafa books. The opportunity to cultivate Dafa became embedded in their lives.

Having taken a tortuous path

With the environment becoming better, I gradually developed a notion of validating myself, and developed the attachment to ease and comfort and the attachment to time, creating an excuse for the evil old forces to persecute me. Once they get the slightest opportunity, they indeed want to destroy you.

I was assigned the heaviest work at school. Initially I did not realize it was a form of persecution. My human notions had provided a loophole for the evil. I regarded the principal as a leader and didn't consider him also be a sentient being in need of salvation. I didn't clarify the truth to him well. He had asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun, of which he had read three chapters, however I had not gone back to further clarify the truth to him. The evil Party had their claws into him -- to persecute me. Intentionally or unintentionally, I classified him the same as those evildoers. I had not based this persecution on the Fa and thought the persecution was a worldly issue. The principal had cooperated with the township authorities to talk to me, but he did not actually say anything and left every time .

He even showed others the truth-clarifying letter I had written him and said it was well written. He kept the letter for several years and eventually returned it to me. As a matter of fact, several times, when some students' parents, whom the evil forces had covertly manipulated, came to school to give me trouble, he stopped them. Although Master had given me several hints, since I was busy and had not studied the Fa much lately, I was not aware of this and didn't clarify the truth well to him. A practitioner really needs to be righteous. As soon as one studies the Fa less and does things not based on the Fa, offering sentient beings salvation will be delayed. Some damage is hard to compensate for.

Now I have left the school. The principal hasn't quit the evil Party yet. To keep divine thoughts in the forefront and be unmoved by human notions, one must keep studying the Fa and cultivate according the Fa.

A while later, a practitioner who used to be in charge of the practice sites in the county was arrested, which put much pressure on me. We two often did Dafa work together. I was not worried that she might tell the police my name, but after seeing how much she had lost and how her family suffered, I was afraid to lose everything in the human world, like her.

She was sent to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Baoding City and was brainwashed. She is still plodding along the evil path at this time.

If one does not eliminate fear when it is still small, the evil will magnify it. Gradually I had many human concerns and did not dare to clarify the truth as before. I wanted to wait for a while. The old forces latched on to those thoughts and made use of this opportunity to arrange more work for me. I had to work harder and longer hours; more than ten hours every day, from 6:10 a.m. to almost 10:00 p.m. Sometimes I had to work during the time for sending forth righteous thoughts.

I tried hard to do well under the old forces ' arrangements. I felt mentally and physically tired. I didn't realize this was what the old forces had arranged, and I should become more diligent and deny any arrangements. Instead I became so tired and wanted relax, which made me often practice less or not at all. I was tired at work and wanted to sleep. I thought I would catch up to the exercises the next day and Master would forgive me. It seemed I practiced for Master.

Gradually these human notions made me muddle-headed and I even felt sleepy during Fa study. I couldn't even complete one chapter in several days. Sending forth righteous thoughts was a little better, but not for long. Trying to solve issues the old forces had arranged is futile; one cannot go beyond it. Gradually I felt the change physically. I easily got tired and my mental state was much worse than before.

Once I had extreme pain in my lower abdomen and back. It was difficult for me to breathe and I was unable to lay down to sleep at night. The pain made my whole body sweat. I was shocked and awakened. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master for help. Now that I remember this incident, I do not know how much Master suffered for me.

For over a year I was also attached to my appearance. However, it became worse and worse. I did a lot of work but didn't benefit from it at all. I was stuck in the evil persecution. Many human notions surfaced. I felt it unfair [because I was given so much work] and I treated things with human thoughts. I felt my state was not right and I was not behaving like a practitioner. However since I had not studied the Fa diligently, it was hard for me to have a breakthrough. I might be diligent for several days then unable to persevere again. I struggled painfully in the arrangements by the old forces, which wasted a lot of time to rescue sentient beings. The truth is, I didn't do the Three Things well that Master asked us to do. I was merely going through the motions; therefore, nothing was done well.

Pulling myself up and becoming diligently again

Faced with this state, I became dejected and lost confidence in my cultivation. My mind was in turmoil. Others cannot imagine the pain I felt when I was not centered on the Fa. How dangerous it is when one follows the old forces' arrangements; I had almost let them destroy me!

Master had seen our position and told us,

"I hope everyone will do better and better at the end. Be sure not to become lax. You must not slack off, and you must not become apathetic." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles," February 25, 2006)

During that period, when I came back home, I often looked for fellow practitioners and held discussions with them. If I had not studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts with them, I might still be stuck there and would not have been able to raise myself again.

I used to think Master had arranged my working position as the place for me to save sentient beings. Later I realized it was not right. Dafa is harmonized. What Master had arranged was the group study and group practice environment. From the beginning, the old forces had tried to block me from Fa study, which made me miss the group study environment. I was hampered by the heavy work load. I thought I could rescue sentient beings anywhere; there was more important Dafa work for me to do at home. I was not just to do ordinary work.

Several years ago the evil tried to prevent me from changing jobs. This year I had a breakthrough and transferred to another school near my home. Now the work time is shorter and I can study the Fa together with other practitioners. I can take care of my eight-year-old son as well and take him to study the Fa and do the exercises. The environment has gradually become better. Through group study, doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts I have become diligent again. I feel my righteous thoughts have been strengthened, too.

Several practitioners and I set up a truth-clarifying materials distribution site, which has operated smoothly. We provide truth-clarifying materials for the whole county. Now more distribution sites are set up at different locations.

Compared to diligent practitioners, I am really behind. Writing of my experiences from once diligently practicing to falling down, then getting up, is to remind those who have experiences similar to mine ¡V to recognize the old forces' arrangements, getting rid of their arrangements and follow Master's plans for us, to do the Three Things well.

Here I thank our compassionate and magnificent Master who never gives up hope, no matter how his disciples disappoint Him. It is hard to describe my feelings. Master, your disciple didn't do well, which made you worried. I felt Master's boundless benevolence from studying the Fa recently,

"Don't be afraid when you see shortcomings and mistakes. If there are any, just get rid of them. If you didn't have attachments or mistakes you would no longer need to cultivate. During the process of cultivation, it's certain that you'll have human attachments. ("Lecture on the Fa at the U.S. Midwest Conference," June 26, 1999 in Chicago, provisional translation)

"Even for those in mainland China who haven't done well or haven't done well enough, or who have even done very bad things, before this affair ends those things are still manifestations in personal cultivation. But time waits for no one, and there are fewer and fewer opportunities." ("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital;" July 22, 2006)

Diligently advance, fellow practitioners!

(From Third Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China)

October 26, 2006