Ms. Yang Hongyan

( On July 27, 2001, Ms. Yang Hongyan was illegally sentenced to a four-year prison term. She was sent to Yang'ai Prison in Guizhou Province for re-education through hard labor. In December of 2004, just before the completion of her term, under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party, the authorities of Guizhou Province organized various jail wardens and officials in Guizhou Province to visit Chongqing in order to learn more torture techniques. The goal was to learn new ways to intensify the persecution against Guizhou practitioners. Ms. Yang Hongyan was subsequently persecuted to death in the Guizhou Provincial Public Security Hospital.

In 2001, after Ms. Yang was taken to prison, she persisted in practicing Falun Gong. She routinely reached out to the jail officials and others to clarify the truth. She also started writing, compiling, and distributing truth-clarification materials. She validated the Fa using her life experiences to show that Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa and that Falun Dafa can improve social morality as well as people's health. Because of this, Ms. Yang Hongyan was targeted and persecuted severely. She was routinely dragged to a secluded location or confined inside a dark cell where she was mercilessly beaten, often to the state of unconsciousness. When her family went to visit her, they could see the black and blue bruises all over her body.

In order to resist the persecution, Ms. Yang went on a hunger strike twice. She was then confined inside a small dark prison cell about 1.5 square meters. Everything--including eating, drinking, and going to the toilet--took place inside the cell. She completely lost all her freedom. Before practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Yang was stricken with many illnesses and health problems, including breast cancer and hyperthyroidism. After she began the practice of Falun Gong, all these chronic illnesses miraculously disappeared. During her confinement inside the small cell, there was a time when she was not given anything to eat in the mornings. She was provided with very little food overall, and she was not allowed to go downstairs. Because Ms. Yang was undernourished for so long, coupled with a prolonged period of mental and physical torment, she was physically devastated, and her former illnesses recurred. Her body quickly deteriorated and Ms. Yang was reduced to a skeletal appearance. Even under these extreme conditions, when she was finally sent back to the jail, she still persisted in reciting the Fa and clarifying the truth, and her body recovered quickly.

Ms. Yang Hongyan was finally persecuted to death inside the Guizhou Provincial Public Security Hospital. Just a day before her family received the death notification, her son and her former husband went to visit her. She was optimistic, asking her son to take good care and to study well. She also told them that she would soon be able to go home to take care of everyone after her term was up in December 2004.

The very next day her family members were extremely shocked when they heard the news of Ms. Yang's sudden death. They all went to the Provincial Public Security Hospital with their new shoes, socks and clothing that they made to dress her body. Security guards, 610 Office agents, and others surrounded them and rejected their request. The family was not allowed to come in contact with her remains. The Public Security Bureau quickly ordered Ms. Yang's body to be cremated. Such a forceful and premeditated cover-up leads many to suspect that organ harvesting may have taken place.

Departments and personnel that specifically plotted and participated in the persecution of Ms. Yang Hongyuan over the five long years include:

Various personnel from the Guizhou Provincial government
610 Office officials
The Judicial and Public Security Department
The Correctional Department

Yang'ai Jail Officials:
Kan Minghui, deputy superintendent of the 8th Division, around 35 years old.
Superintendent Wang of the No.1 Team of the 8th Division, the sister of Jail Warden Wang Hong, around 35 years old.

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October 25, 2006