(Clearwisdom.net) After reading many touching stories written by fellow practitioners about Master spreading the Fa, I was so moved. I thought I should also write my experiences validating Master's greatness and compassion since I have benefited from Master's precious saving grace. I learned through this that it makes no difference to Master whether a sentient being is rich or poor.

I was born into a poor family. My mother died when I was sixteen years old, and my father was mentally retarded. Under this kind of family environment, I was tired of the outside world and looked forward to a life in temples where I could live with peace and quietness, and hold myself away from worldly strife. When qigong was very popular, and since I was fond of those little techniques, I became one of the qigong lovers of all different types. However, since I knew nothing about "No Two Cultivation Ways," or "Animal Possession," my physical condition was getting so bad that I had to drop out of school.

I had difficulty walking several steps and my teeth were very loose. If it were not for my predestined relationship with Falun Dafa, I would have died a long time ago. It is Dafa that saved me.

In late June 1993, by chance I heard that Master was giving lectures at the auditorium of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee. I wanted to go and listen to what was taught. I talked to the volunteer staff there, who allowed me to go to the lectures without paying. It is clear that Master opens the door of convenience any time for whoever is predestined.

Stepping into the class, I saw Master was shining with dazzling light. I felt very warm, and my two hands were sweaty. The whole auditorium was peaceful and calm. I was so moved I decided to attend again on the following day. I did not have fare for travel so I tried to borrow money from several people, but failed. Finally a kind lady lent me one hundred yuan so that I could go and listen to Master's lectures.

At that time, I had a very shallow understanding of Dafa, and I still had the understanding of "messages" and "treating illnesses." One time, I took a bottle of water with me to the class, thinking that the message water could cure my illness. The moment I stepped into the class, I heard Master talk about how gong was not used to cure illness, instead it was for cultivation, and it required good enlightenment quality. After hearing this, I thought, "Isn't this talking about me?" After going home, I dumped out the water.

After the Falun was installed in my lower abdomen, I could feel it. Since I did not have good enlightenment quality, when we were taking the recess, I bothered Master by asking him questions with low enlightenment quality. I did not take Master's pains into consideration. However, Master still answered and explained those questions. This is the most beautiful and precious moment in my life.

At that time, there were problems within my brain and I fell asleep during the classes, waking up when Master finished his lectures. Master was purifying my body.

One night after the lectures, I saw Master walking on his way home, very leisurely and carefree. When I observed Master, he walked upright, straight and lofty. He was walking on the worldly ground, but he was actually wandering in the fairyland. I followed him quietly for a while before I went home.

The volunteer staff members really care for all practitioners and they told Master about my situation of having no money. This I never expected, and to my surprise Master gave me a free ticket for attending the lectures and wrote on the ticket, "No money: free," with His signature on it. When I received the ticket, I felt a warm current coming over my body and I was very excited. I never expected that someone would care for a child like me, and that I would be taken good care of by Master. Master's compassion is so tremendous, and I realize that I have become one of the luckiest people.

It was decided that after those lectures, Master would go to Harbin to spread the Fa. But it was delayed, so they decided to have the lectures at "Mingfang Gong" at Jilin University. I was so lucky to attend the lectures. When we finished the class, Master said (not the original words) that He can make you reach the stage of three flowers on top of the head, and make you ascend to be a Bodhisattva. However, you will drop the moment you step out of the door, since it is not cultivated by yourself. Even so, after these few days, He will push you to a very high level, so that when you walk, you will have the feeling of detaching from the ground.

When I stepped out of the "Mingfang Gong" class, it was exactly like what Master said, because when I was walking, I felt light as if I were pushed by someone, ascending upward.

After these seven years of persecution, and the experiences of all these hardships, I really realized whom I met and the preciousness of what I obtained. There is still the path ahead of me but no matter how difficult it is, I have the Fa and Master with me and I will cultivate to the end. I won't disappoint Master for his benevolence in saving me.