Greetings Revered Master!

I am Your little disciple. Thank you Master for allowing me to reincarnate into such a great family, where I can cultivate. I have already cultivated for seven years. I will report to Master and fellow practitioners about some of the little things I did along my seven-year path of Fa-rectification cultivation.

My family environment is pretty good. Mom and Dad both cultivate. At our home, practitioners often share experiences and hold small Fa study groups. Other than going to school, when I arrive home, everything I hear and see is all about the Fa. I really appreciate the help and encouragement that fellow practitioners have given me. It is also this environment that has allowed me to constantly melt into the Fa.

During the days when the evil was madly persecuting Dafa, I followed Mom's every step along the path that Master arranged. I often went out with Mom to pass out truth clarification material, hang banners, and post on telephone poles and building entrances the words, "Falun Dafa is Good," wherever we could. Once, I remember that Mom and I went to the countryside to hand out truth-clarification materials. It rained halfway. At that time, it was only around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. There were still many people in the village. I said to Mom, "Let us wait until we have finish sending forth righteous thoughts at 6:00 p.m. before we set out, since it will be dark then. We sent forth righteous thoughts for the rain to stop, as otherwise all of the materials would get wet and we would have come so far in vain. (At the time, we did not have plastic covers, so we wrapped the materials in red plastic bags.) Mom and I sat beneath a tree and began to send forth righteous thoughts. After we had finished sending forth righteous thoughts at 6:00 p.m., the rain had truly stopped. The village was huge. Mom and I handed out all of the 200 truth-clarification leaflets and CDs. We hung up all 10 banners that we had brought with us.

Due to the environment under the evil's vicious suppression, I became anxious at times. Sometimes, it was not convenient for fellow practitioners to communicate often. As I was fairly young and did not attract the evil's attention easily, over the years, I continuously distributed materials to fellow practitioners. If there were any problems, I would go from house to house and inform them.

I remember that in 2004, Mom had certain things to do and she did not return home at night. The next day was Saturday. The "Minghui Weekly" magazine and truth-clarification materials were supposed be published then. In the past, after I returned home from school, I would often be Mom's helper. That day when Mom did not come home, I became very worried. I did not know when she would return. She would still have to prepare the materials if she came home. What hard work! If she came home late, the weekly magazine and truth clarification materials could not be done. And for fellow practitioners who came over to pick up the materials, wouldn't they have come for nothing? Moreover, it would affect so many people who read the Minghui Weekly magazine. If we were one day late in handing out truth-clarification materials, we would be one day late in saving the people.

Thus, I decided that I would prepare the materials that day, for I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, and I am capable of doing anything. I knew that Master would help me. So, I got out the equipment and set it up. I then began to print the weekly magazine. After I had printed 20 copies, I began to bind them. After binding them, I began to work on the weekly newsletter. After printing 100 copies, I ran out of paper. I thought I would leave it at that. I had not even eaten lunch. Anyhow, I had tried my best.

On second thought, usually Mom would do far more than this. Practitioners would come for it, but this time there would be so few copies. If Mom did not come home this week, and practitioners only took this much material, wouldn't I be affecting the salvation of people? I thought, I should buy two bundles of paper and keep going. So I took 50 yuan to the computer store and bought two stacks of paper. I continued the work when I returned home.

In the evening, Mom came home and said, "Today I have delayed things. I still haven't printed the materials." I said happily, "Auntie Chen (alias) has already taken away the materials." Mom persisted, "What do you mean?" I said, "I have printed the materials, and Auntie Chen has taken them." Mom said, "The weekly magazine is done?" I said, "Yes." Mom said, "The weekly newspaper?" I said, "That has been printed too, and there are just as many as before. I spent an entire day doing this." Mom said happily, "You truly are Master's little disciple." I chuckled and said, "Mom, that's incorrect. I am already a veteran disciple."

Mom and other practitioners often go to town and the countryside to validate Dafa. I went with them every single time and was never left behind. Once I remember that fellow practitioners and I went to the local prison to hand out truth-clarification materials. We were divided into several groups and I was in the same group as an uncle. Along the way, a group of practitioners triggered the prison guards. Suddenly, the prison became tense. The front and back doors of the prison were opened. The guards were dispatched to look for Dafa practitioners in several lines. I was not scared at all. Nor was I worried for Mom. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts. Eventually, the evil did not find anything at all.

In September 2004, I changed schools. The school's hallway was huge. If I wanted to post truth clarification materials in the hallway, I would have to do it in the morning when I go to school, because it was only then that I was able to come through the school hallway. Normally, we had to go by the side gate. I intended to post truth-clarification materials between 7:00 and 7:10 a.m. on Monday morning (because each Monday they would hold a ceremony to raise the wicked Chinese Communist Party flag). Other than this time, it was not easy to get into the school hallway. However, this was also the peak hour during which all teachers and students arrived at school. I sent forth one thought: "Master, please strengthen me. On Monday I must post up truth-clarification materials in the school hallway." That morning, Mom asked a practitioner to send righteous thoughts for me. Among a continuous crowd of people, Master arranged a time when there were suddenly no people around. I grasped the opportunity. Finally, under Master's strengthening and with fellow practiitoners help, I posted up materials smoothly on the walls of the school hallway. They were particularly eye catching.

Over these years, although I haven't done all that well, I will follow Master home.

(The Third Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China)