Dear UN Officials,


My name is Wu Zhiping. I am a Falun Gong practitioner and I am grateful that the UN granted me refugee status to remain in Thailand. I have since applied for a transfer to Canada.

I recently received a letter from an immigration officer at the Canadian Embassy in Thailand in which I was informed that my application for transfer to Canada had been denied. The following are my reasons for contacting you at this time. This information is vital for many UN applicants and others.

The particular immigration officer assigned to my case had worked in Hong Kong, Guangzhou City, and Beijing for many years. He stated that he "understands China" and said, "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is very good now and makes it possible for people to do anything, except those who are breaking the law."

The Chinese Communist regime had invited him to tour prisons in China. He indicated to me that all of what he saw was very good, including the medical facilities and environment in those prisons. He does not believe that the Chinese Communist regime has done such bad things as persecuting people and violating human rights.

During our conversation and visit I gave him the report from the independent investigation undertaken by Canadian human rights attorney Mr. David Matas and former Canadian MP and Secretary of State Mr. David Kilgour. This report has confirmed the likelihood of horrendous crimes at the behest of the CCP, namely the harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners' organs while they are still alive. The immigration officer merely glanced at it once and then put it aside. He stated that this was just a "personal act," disbelieving that the CCP is capable of such crimes. This official, facing the CCP's horrible crimes against Falun Gong practitioners, crimes that have already caught the widespread attention of the international community, asserted firmly, "That is not persecution. It is prosecution!" He thus reprimanded me for my going to Tiananmen Square to unfold a banner and considered it as my "knowingly violating the law."

The immigration official's reaction made me remember the story of when the Nazis in Germany held the Olympic Games and invited the officials from the other countries to tour its concentration camps. What the invitees saw were flowers everywhere, as well as a music band consisting of many beautiful girls. The Nazis attempted to use this trick to deceive the good people of the world. The Chinese Communist regime is resorting to the same trick Hitler used in the 1930s to deceive international figures. It even uses the same trick of holding the Olympic Games to deceive the international community, making people believe all is well under the dictatorship, meanwhile persecuting Falun Gong practitioners and other dissidents in a very sly and insidious way. I deeply believe that this immigration official had to some degree been deceived, enticed, and even brainwashed by the CCP through these kind of tricks.

The CCP regime is not merely oppressing Falun Gong practitioners for their belief system. They persecute and oppress everyone. One such example is my own mother, Wu Yuxian, who was a doctor. The CCP sentenced her, at age 70, to seven years in prison for practicing Falun Gong.

She was held in the Guangzhou Women's Prison. The officials only permitted her to be released on bail after three years of imprisonment, during which time she developed late-stage breast cancer. It was not until then that she was released to seek medical treatment. Her pension and medical insurance had been canceled under directives from the 610 Office; the agents also prevented her access to good medical care. Under threat and pressure, she had no choice but to leave home on June 8, 2005. On July 13, 2005, my mother was arrested by the national security police in Zhengzhou City of Henan Province. She was interrogated for almost three days and subjected to enormous
pressure. The abuse caused her to hemorrhage internally and put her life in danger. While her life was in extreme danger, the hospital, where she had worked for many years, denied my family members' request to send her there for medical treatment.

On February 9, 2006, my mother died at home because a large area of her wound festered. After she died, the family was required to get the death certificate from the police station. The officers even went so far as to put obstacles in our way to obtain the death certificate and prevented the reading of her eulogy at the funeral service.

My wife Zhu Luoxin was sentenced to ten years in prison for practicing Falun Gong and is presently detained in Guangzhou City Women's Prison. My brother Wu Zhijun was given a sentence of eight years, and is detained in Guilin City Prison in Guangxi Province. I was also detained in Guangzhou City First Detention Center for two years where I was tortured. After my release, the officials continued to threaten that they would send me back to a brainwashing center to continue the persecution. Faced with such pressure, I escaped to Thailand on September 10, 2003 where I was then fortunate to receive help from the UN Refugee Agency.

My unfortunate encounter with this Canadian consular official has convinced me that the CCP somehow has pulled the wool over his eyes, making him believe that in China, human rights are not violated and freedom of religious expression is intact.

I want to tell the United Nations, Western democratic countries, as well as all righteous organizations: Besides paying attention to the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong, you also need to be concerned with the CCP's effort to infiltrate, bribe, and brainwash the Western societies and individuals with their propaganda. To understand in detail what I have written here, kindly take the time to peruse a publication entitled, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. This book details the insidious nature of the CCP and contains a detailed history of their ill-doing and how they have intellectually, morally and spiritually destroyed the whole nation of China. Thank you!


Wu Zhiping, A Falun Gong practitioner