(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of September 18, 2006, Tang Longping and eight other police officers broke into the home of Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhou Jiali. Tang Longping, the Assistant Director of Lushuihe Township Police Sub-Bureau of Baishan City, Jilin Province was accompanied by Zhao Wenjie, police chief of the Criminal Investigation unit, officer Xiu Jihu and several others. They illegally searched the house and took a computer, a printer, a CD burner, Falun Dafa books, copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other truth-clarifying materials. They also illegally arrested Ms. Zhou's husband, Wang Zhongliang, who is not a practitioner, Mrs. Yang (practitioner), Ms. Zhou's visiting relative, Mrs. Ding (practitioner), a neighbor who was visiting, and Ms. Sun Changping (practitioner) and her son (practitioner) who were employed by Ms. Zhou.

Mr. Wang Zhongliang and the others were having a meal at the house when the incident occurred. When he was released, the police said that Mr. Wang would be fined because they found the book Falun Gong in his home. Later that same day, the police arrested practitioner Ms. Yang Zhonghong. Ms. Yang clarified the truth to a family member of police officer Liang, and she was reported to the police. During the arrest, Tang Longping tried to coax Ms. Yang's four-year-old daughter into naming all the people that had met with her mother. The child was so frightened that she was trembling. The neighbors protested strongly against the abusive behavior of these police. People say the police these days are worse than gangsters.

On the afternoon of September 19, the families of these practitioners went to the Lushuihe Police Sub-Bureau asking for the release of their relatives. They were asked to leave and were pushed out the door in a hurry. All practitioners were sent to Fusong County Detention Center. When the families brought blankets and other daily necessities to the detention center, the police there refused to let the practitioners have them. Practitioners had to purchase these items at the detention center, and a thin blanket costs over 100 yuan. The police use every means to extort money from practitioners.

In addition, Fusong County Detention Center Director Li Kegang refused to let practitioners' families visit them or bring them anything. He also blocked any information to the outside. Li used to work at Dongshan Police Station of Lushuihe and he has a very negative attitude toward Dafa. He was transferred to Manjian Police Station, and then sent to Fusong County Detention Center at the end of 2005.

Lushuihe Township Police Sub-bureau: 86-439-6365334
Criminal Investigation Unit: 86-439-6360110
Xishan Police Station: 86-439-6365339
Dongshan Police Station: 86-439-6365338
110 Unit: 86-439-6361619
Fusong County
Detention Center Director, Li Kegang, 86-13843944111 (Cell), 86-439-6211787, 86-439-6362820, 86-439-6212393, 86-439-6211787
Political and Security Section Director, Zhang Aiming, 86-439-6211203
Lushuihe Township Sub-bureau Director, Zhang Jianhua,86-439-6365334 (Office), 86-13894021766 (Cell)
Police Bureau Director, Gao Feng, 86-439-6212815, 86-439-6212409, 86-13943953068 (Cell)
County Police Sub-Bureau, Bian Yanjun, 86-439-6218704, 86-439-6316999, 86-13159799389 (Cell), 86-439-8962839
Police Bureau, Legal Section Director, Qiu Yuan, 86-439-6212388
County Assistant Director, Tang Longping, 86-439-6361613 (Office), 86-439-6310000, 86-439-8944988, 86-13843945678 (Cell)
Su Hui, 86-439-6365675 (Office), 86-439-6361612 (Home), 86-13704498179 (Cell)

Zhang Xin, 86-439-6361617 (Office), 86-13843930925 (Cell). This person follows practitioners and reports their activities to the police. His family paid 300 yuan to get him this temporary job. Because he helped persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, he is now working in the records department. His father had a car accident and injured his legs, which is believed to be karmic retribution for persecuting Falun Gong.

Li Qingren, 86-439-6126110 (Office), 86-439-6363392 (Home), 86-13894042858 (Cell)
Zhao Wenjie, 86-439-6361619 (Office)
Zhang Jinliang, 86-439-6361619 (Office), 86-439-6360001 (Home), 86-439-8669001