1. Persecution Incidents Experienced by Practitioner Mr. Yin Xiangyang from Xinjia Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province

In late July 1997, Xinjia Town officials arrested Mr. Yin Xiangyang and detained him in the local police station. He was tortured for almost the entire evening. At the end of August, they tried to compel him to criticize Falun Gong. Because he refused to cooperate with this ridiculous request and also tore into pieces the books that slandered Teacher, the head of the Political and Law Committee and the town leader barbarically beat him. The local head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee head, Qu, who was watching the beating, shouted verbal abuse of Teacher. In late September, the Party personnel once again detained Mr. Yin and his wife, Ms. Wu Manping, in the town government building. In addition, the local police officers searched his residence. The couple was detained for four or five days.

On October 6, 1999, Mr. Yin and his wife went to Beijing to clarify the truth of Falun Gong to the Supreme Court and to report on how Falun Gong was being persecuted. They were accompanied by a family member and three others, one of whom was Ms. Li Guilan. After they reported to the Supreme Court, Communist agents escorted them to the local detention center and locked them up. The guards ordered the prisoners to beat Mr. Yin with their slippers three or four times.

When Mr. Yin's detention was almost over, guard Xing once again brutally beat him. When they found that Mr. Yin did not yield to their brutal beatings, they then used electric batons to shock him. Seeing that he still did not give in, they escorted him to the town government building so that they could torture him further. Ms. Li Guilan was also illegally detained. Mr. Yin and Ms. Li were detained twice within a month.

In December 1999 of the Chinese lunar calendar, Mr. Yin's family went to Beijing again. His son went on December 27, and he and his wife on December 28. Two people in Beijing duped them into going to a certain hotel, where they were abducted and taken to the Longkou City Liaison Office in Beijing. Ma Yanhui from the liaison office handcuffed them to a chair and a bed frame for two days. Mr. Yin's son was there, too. On Chinese New Year's Eve, Wang Jiyu from the local police station escorted them back to Longkou and detained them in the town building.

Ms. Han Xia went to Beijing on December 28. She was escorted back on the third of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar. She was also detained at the township building.

Ms. Wang Guiqing also went to Beijing at the end of the first month. She too was detained in the town building. Ms. Li Guilan went to Beijing on the seventh and was also detained. Detained with them was Li Yujun, who had gone to Beijing in December. The Party personnel, however, found some excuse to detain him as well. They did not give him food for days. He had to sleep on the concrete floor during the cold winter, making it impossible to fall asleep. Despite the cold weather, the guards still tied Ms. Li Guilan up to a window frame for two days. She got frostbite on her feet. Ms. Han Xia was held in the detention center, and Mr. Yin was detained in the township building for one and a half months.

In March and April of 2000, the practitioners who had gone to Beijing to appeal were escorted back to their hometown but were again arrested in July and August of 2000. On October 1, 2000, Mr. Yin sent truth clarifying materials to the government officials for them to read. As a result, his residence was ransacked. Wu Wenping was taken to the local police station, detained and interrogated. Mr. Yin went into exile during that time to avoid further persecution. When he returned on the afternoon of the 27th, township government agents arrested and detained him in a senior center, where they tried to force him to "reform." In addition, Ms. Wu Manping, Jiang Hua and Ms. Han Xia were also detained on October 16 and 17. On the 29th Jiang Hua and Ms. Han were sent to a forced labor camp. They sent Ms. Wu to a criminal detention center. In early November 2000, they held her at the No. 4 Branch of the Zibo Forced Labor Camp.

When these practitioners were detained, local police chief Yang interrogated Mr. Yin. Because he remained firm in his Falun Gong belief, Yang was furious. He slapped Mr. Yin's face with all his might and at the same time cursed Teacher. He slapped Mr. Yin about 45 times, and Mr. Yin lost four teeth in the process. After that, police chief Yang was exhausted and said he would continue to torture Mr. Yin the next day. After being detained in the township building for over 40 days, the practitioners realized that they should not let the evil forces continue persecuting them, so they started a hunger strike. After about four or five days, Mr. Yin and Ms. Han Xia were released.

2. Longkou Town Government Used Electric Batons to Torture Practitioners

On October 16, 2000, the Longkou Town officials used various kinds of excuses to detain practitioners in the government building. The detained practitioners included Lan Xiuzhi, Ms. Sun Jingfang, Wang Zhijun (who had been sentenced to imprisonment), and two other practitioners. The practitioners were interrogated and forced to write guarantee statements. Wang Zhijun was brutally beaten and sentenced to imprisonment. Political head Qun beat practitioner Ms. Sun Jingfang and slapped her face over one hundred times. Her face was swollen and bleeding. She was additionally made to squat for four hours and was starved for three days. Deputy chief Ma Daotang and Wang Jiming fiercely kicked her legs. Fearing that the torture sounds would be heard from outside, he locked her inside a bathroom while beating her. The practitioners were forced to sleep on the concrete floor, but they had to pay a 500 yuan boarding fee. They were not allowed to go home. If they refused to pay the boarding fee, their families' power and water supplies would be cut off!

People from the Longkou Town Economy and Trading Bureau set up a "reformation class" that same day. Bureau CCP head Zuo, Shi Lei, and someone surnamed Yang were in charge of the class. Practitioners Mr. Xu Peihao, Ms. Wang Hongju, and Wang Qinghua were detained. Ding Shuxian and Jiang Hua left home and became destitute to avoid arrest. Mr. Xu Peihao and Ms. Wang Hongju's were detained because they had gone to Beijing on October 1, 2000, to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. On October 20, Ms. Wang protested against the law enforcers, saying they had intentionally violated the law, but she was put in handcuffs and affixed onto a heating pipe, then shocked with electric batons. Her middle finger, ring finger, and wrist on her left hand were full of blisters and blood. Her hands were swollen, and her body was burned. Mr. Xu Peihao was also shocked with electric batons and tortured to extort a confession. Due to his weak health he had to be hospitalized and then suffered for a long time.

From October 27 to November 2, 2000, Bureau CCP head Zuo and his gang kept the practitioners handcuffed to heating pipes the entire time, around the clock. They removed Ms. Wang Hongju and Mr. Xu Peihao's handcuffs on November 3. After that, they sealed the windows and locked the doors. The practitioners were forbidden from leaving the room or using the bathroom. Only the guards could buy lunch for the practitioners.

On about November 15, 2000, Yu Jiejun brought some people to question Ms. Wang Hongju. They used forceful methods and fiercely beat her. In the evening on the 23rd, bureau CCP head Zuo handcuffed Mr. Xu Peihao to a heating pipe. Mr. Xu finally escaped from that vicious place. Ms. Wang was also put in handcuffs until 4:00 p.m. on the 24th. She was denied use of the bathroom for the entire time and had to relieve herself where she was. On the 24th, practitioner Ms. Yang Binghui was also sent to the"reformation class" for so-called "education." CCP head Zuo took all her clothing and money.