(Clearwisdom.net) Teachings for Enlightening Children (Xun Meng Wen) was one of the Chinese classic texts for educating children on observing etiquette and rules and cultivating benevolence in society. It was originally written by an intellectual named Mr. Li Yuxiu (1662¡V1722) during Emperor Kang Xi's (1654-1722) reign in the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912). It was then edited by Mr. Jia Cunren in the Qing Dynasty, who changed the title to Student Rules. Arranged in simple three-character verses, it has five parts detailing the rules in a variety of settings. As the second most influential text for children, (the most influential being Three Character Classic (1)) Teachings for Enlightening Children teaches filial piety, respect, cautiousness, honesty, forbearance, and tolerance.

(Continued from Part II)

For all creatures throughout the world,
We should cherish with a kindred regard.
The sky covers all of us equally,
And the earth supports all humankind.
People whose conduct is good,
Are sure to have good reputations.
Good conduct is what we respect;
Good looks cannot bring people honor.
People with outstanding talents,
Rightfully earn their prestige.
Achievements are what we admire;
Braggarts don't gain our respect.
Don't use to your selfish advantage,
Your own special talents and skills.
The abilities others may have,
should never be envied or scorned.

Although you may know someone's faults,
There's no need to spread them about.
The personal business of others,
Should not be the subject of talk.
Praising the virtues of others,
Is itself a virtuous deed .
When people hear of those good points,
They will want to emulate them.
Talking of others' shortcomings,
In itself is a karmic offense.
When slander goes far beyond reason,
Disaster will surely result.
We develop our virtue together,
By urging each other towards goodness.
If we don't regulate our bad habits,
Then we will have all strayed from the path.

As to things that you give and you get,
Their value will differ:
You should be clear.
Make sure the amount that you give,
Is more than what you receive.
Don't simply pass on to others,
A job you yourself wouldn't do.
First ask, "Would I be willing?"
If not, let the matter stop there.
Kindness must be returned,
Let enmity just fade away.
Grudges are better forgotten,
While kindness increases each day.