(Clearwisdom.net) In a city in Northwest China, signs urging people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and to read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party can be seen everywhere. They are on roadsides and highways, on the walls in neighborhoods, on electricity poles, and on the walls of corridors inside buildings. Many people have received truth-clarification brochures and are no longer strangers to the idea of quitting the CCP.

When some people saw Falun Gong practitioners, they called out, "'Heaven will eliminate the CCP.' Please come and tell us about it!" One practitioner told a shoe repairman about quitting the three Communist organizations. The shoe repairman said, "I saw the signs on the walls, and I'd better quit, too." Some people ran up to practitioners and told them, "We saw the signs saying that heaven will eliminate the CCP. That'll be good!"

Some of the staff members of the neighborhood committee said, "The power of Falun Gong is really great. Within two hours, all the electricity poles in the city were covered with signs."

At the end of August, the propaganda bulletin boards in various neighborhoods displayed signs slandering Falun Dafa. Practitioners realized that they could not allow the CCP to influence people's minds and damage them, so they made many posters exposing the CCP and posted them everywhere. They also sent out a large number of letters to persuade people to become kind. The city has now taken down the slanderous slogans from all the bulletin boards.