(Clearwisdom.net) To help advance the progress of Fa-rectification, we started distributing truth clarification materials. In the beginning, some practitioners were afraid to do it, so I led the effort by going out with them. In the meantime, I did it myself, alone, day and night, and even blistered my feet in the process. I said to Master in my heart, "Dear Master, what should I do? However much I do, it is still rather limited." Then I got a hint from Master that I should help more practitioners step forward. So I looked for them everywhere and we shared experiences with each other.

After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, I lost contact with practitioners in a certain place, so I went there to distribute materials and look for them along the way. In the end, I found them. I shared my experiences with them, brought them Master's new articles, and helped them resume a small group practice and Fa study. One after another, we began to restore all the practice sites in the area.

With the acceleration of the Fa-rectification process, I then started to establish truth-clarification materials sites. As long as practitioners wanted to do it, I supported them fully. Later, one of the practitioners was arrested and two computers were left at home unused. I realized that I should learn technical skills as well, so I bought two printers and established two production sites. I again devoted myself to making truth clarification materials.

While I was teaching other practitioners how to run the site, I often ran into interference. On one occasion I taught a practitioner how to burn CDs, and I felt very sleepy and stayed in bed for three days. I looked inside of myself and suddenly realized that it must be a form of persecution from the evil. Immediately I was free from the discomfort. While offering tutorial sessions, I always encountered various kinds of trouble, like sickness-type symptoms, interference from the trainee's family members, and other sorts of difficulties. Each time, I disintegrated the evil interference with strong righteous thoughts. Once, when I was teaching a practitioner how to print, I saw in my dream that the evil tried to persecute me by putting two red and green snakes in my throat. I killed the snakes in another dimension by sending forth righteous thoughts. Another time, the evil sealed my mouth with glue, and reflected in this dimension, I developed a blister on my tongue. Every time the evil tried to make trouble for me, I disintegrated it with my righteous thoughts. As the result, our truth clarification materials production sites were up and running smoothly one after another.

After the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, some practitioners didn't understand or were afraid to distribute it. I did so however, in large quantities. Nevertheless, I felt that no matter how much effort I put into it, I could only help a certain amount of people read it. Thus I went to different places to teach other practitioners the techniques and share experiences with them, so that we could all improve in our understanding of the Fa principles and catch up with Master's Fa-rectification process.

Whenever I produce truth-clarification materials, I send forth strong righteous thoughts and ask Master for help, so that the materials can carry righteous energy to disintegrate any evil encounter and save all sentient beings. Also so the person who learns the truth can cherish it and share it with many more people.

When the authorities persecuted our fellow practitioners, we immediately exposed the crime locally and on the Internet. In the meantime, we sent forth righteous thoughts. This way, we have successfully rescued a few practitioners. As soon as one practitioner was arrested, we made the truth known everywhere. The guilty persons said, "Look at those Falun Gong practitioners. They let everyone know about our wrongdoings overnight. We must dig out their big boss." Yet they never had a clue, because after learning the truth about Falun Gong, many people who had participated in the persecution turned to protect practitioners secretly, and some even asked to leave their positions.

With practitioners complementing each other, our overall environment improved a lot. For instance, one practice site has set a good example of unremitting group exercise and Fa study since July 20, 1999. Some practitioners have always been doing very well by harmonizing our body silently, and some practitioners contributed to the materials sites unknowingly. As a result, the truth-clarifying materials really became available everywhere locally, as well as in other areas. This is the mighty power of Dafa, and a great manifestation of the group efforts of Dafa disciples.

October 8, 2006