Through the over seven years of truth-clarification and anti-persecution efforts, I have come to understand that only by following Teacher's words

"full of substance, and they are accurate, clean, and free of human sentiments" ("Mature")

and aided by righteous thoughts and compassion, can we achieve good results in rescuing the world's people.

There are not many practitioners in the south central area of China. In some distant areas one cannot even find one practitioner in several towns. We Dafa practitioners understand the great responsibilities bestowed upon us to clarify the truth and offer sentient beings salvation.

I am a doctor and started practicing Dafa in 1998. I have told others on several occasions that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I also let people know that I was illegally detained twice and sentenced to two years of forced labor for not giving up my beliefs. I told them of my experience in the forced labor camp, where one of my practitioner relatives was injected with a central nervous system-damaging drug against her will. Other topics in my approaches to clarify the truth-include mentioning the staged self-immolation in Tiananmen Square, the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Great Cultural Revolution, the Great Leap Forward, the "Three-Striking and Five-Striking," the Anti-Rightist Movement, and the recently disclosed and confirmed organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. All of these expose the CCP's true evil nature.

Some people like to argue when we try to clarify the truth. We should control the time and pace. It is not good to interrupt them. While listening to them, we should send forth strong righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil elements, evil specters, and rotten demons behind them; continue with the topic; accommodate their thinking; and dissolve their obstacles. After this we should tell them of the wonders of Dafa. For instance, tell them that our benevolent Teacher tells us to follow "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" and consider others at every moment, and look within for our own shortcomings when any conflict arises. I also tell them personal stories from work, such as treating others nicely and being considerate of my patients. They then understand Dafa's wonders and the kindness of Dafa practitioners.

After clarifying these points, following a logical train of thought, I start talking about quitting the CCP. One can talk about the red dragon recorded in Revelations or other prophesies appropriate for different types of people to understand today's situation, as well as some incidents that happened earlier this year, such as more than 300,000 tons of sand descending from the sky all at once covering all of Beijing during a sandstorm; Chongqing City's high temperature of 44.5¢XC and drought. I let them know these are all indications of heavenly rage against the evil CCP's rule. Then I started talking about the heavenly principles of "Good is rewarded with good and evil with evil," and give examples such as the SARS epidemic and South Asia's big tsunami to illustrate the point that these are heavenly warnings.

Combining my professional knowledge and what young practitioners have seen with their third eyes, I then focus on the following: the Avian Flu epidemic has never stopped; latency is normally three days. When a patient's temperature is over 39¢XC, things will start to develop in the lungs as fast as in an hour, and the lung will eventually deteriorate into a mixture of pus and blood. Avian Flu is far more dangerous than SARS.

When I see that the listeners understand the urgency and importance, I then tell them to withdraw from the Party and all its affiliated organizations, so as to avoid perishing with it together. I tell them that all we're doing right now is following Master's instructions to offer salvation to all the good-hearted people, including them, and that now more than 13 million people have published declarations of withdrawal. Every day many people go online to publish their declarations, and the CCP fears this being known. It is impossible for the party to investigate these declarations, but in order for my listeners to feel safer I tell them that using and alias or nickname is all right.

In short I just want them to understand it's important to draw a clear line between them and the CCP, and not to be associated with it. I tell them repeatedly, "I am not asking you to learn and practice Falun Gong, nor am I asking you to overthrow the CCP. I merely want you to understand the truth and choose your future. I wish for you be safe and happy."

I try my best with different people to accommodate their various attachments while talking to them. In our hometown, breaking away from the control of the evil specters in other dimensions is called, "Zhi Po (break through the control)." For common folk, I tell them that quitting the CCP helps them safely "zhi po." I take the opportunity to ask them how much education they have to help them identify what CCP organizations they may have joined. Then I help them make up a name, normally keeping their last names, and help them withdraw. This is usually done in a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Finally I tell them that, as long as they keep in mind "Falun Dafa is good," and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance are good," they will be rewarded with happiness and be free from mishaps. I also ask them to tell their relatives and friends about the wonders of Dafa.

In the past my attachment to time resulted in a bad influence on my relatives, co-workers, and classmates. Now when I clarify the truth to them, I first sincerely apologize to them and then I say, "I don't want a penny from you, not even a drop of water nor anything else in return. You won't lose a thing to quit this corrupt and despotic Party! If what I have told you becomes true in the future and you don't want to believe me now, what do you have to lose?"

In talking about quitting the CCP, I realized that we can't talk about it at too high a level, nor should we act superior or out of touch with reality. Now I seldom use the word "rescue" when I talk with everyday people. As I understand it, although I am the "main character" in offering them salvation, they are the "main characters" in the choices for their future. For instance, one of my cousins never read the truth-clarification materials I gave her, nor did she read truth-clarification emails other practitioners forwarded to her. Last month she and I got together. I took the opportunity to clarify the truth to her for a long time. In the end she agreed to withdraw from the Youth League. Her following words aroused deep thoughts within me: "The reason I will now have a bright future is because my psyche has recognized Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance; not because you have saved me."

I was shocked. I had not used the word "rescue" even once during our conversation; instead, I had repeatedly told her to "choose for herself." Moreover, I followed Teacher's instructions not to treat her as my relative but to instead treat her as a member of society who needed to learn the truth. In my humble opinion, there wasn't much difference between everyday people and us in the past to begin with; the difference now between common people and us is that we have been fortunate to meet our great Teacher. Teacher has scooped us from hell and bestowed upon us the most wonderful things. It is our great Teacher and the Fa that are saving people! As I mentioned earlier, I follow other practitioners' examples in telling people it is Master who has told us to tell them about the truth and to help kind-hearted people to choose their futures. What we have done is only passing on the wonders and building a basis for them from which to understand the truth and choose their future.

In the course clarifying the truth to people, I let Dafa inspire their good thoughts and consciences. For the few righteous thoughts they show, I use my righteous thoughts to strengthen theirs and lead them to break away from the Party's control and choose a good future. Many times when people insisted on withdrawing from the CCP using their real names, they told me that they would also tell others to withdraw, and then they would kindly remind me of my safety. They might even say, "Thank-you" three times when they left. I am deeply touched, too. I tell them, "The happiest moment for us is when you choose a good future, because you are part of my family."

I reply to some of their questions with a Dafa practitioner's wisdom. Of course I won't repeat those examples here. Occasionally, some people ask if it was I that left the truth-clarification materials at their door or window. I don't reply to them directly. I tellthem, "Simply for providing you with an opportunity to learn the truth and safeguarding your right to know, thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners have been abducted, detained, and sentenced to forced labor and prison. Some have even been killed. Countless have had their organs extracted for sale while they were still alive. The money to produce these truth materials is from what is left over after frugal spending for food and clothing. We have risked our lives making and distributing them to so many houses. To keep them from getting wet, we carefully put them in plastic bags." When people hear this they stop asking and are deeply touched.

As the enormous force of Fa-rectification quickly and forcefully advances, Master has arranged for people with predestined relationships with Dafa to hear the truth and choose their future.s Some people simply understand the truth in a couple of minutes and choose their futures, reciting"Falun Dafa is good" as they leave. Looking at the crowds on the street and thinking of the people living in remote mountains that haven't yet had a chance to understand the truth, I know our enormous responsibilities as practitioners.

Only by studying the Fa more, sending forth righteous thoughts effectively, and giving up all kinds of attachments including the pursuit of comfort and ease, letting go of fear, of impatience in truth-clarification, and thoughts of differentiating that rise from time to time can we keep up closely with Teacher's Fa-rectification process and follow Teacher to return to our eternal home, consummated.

This concludes my limited understandings. Please kindly correct me. Heshi.

Oct. 1, 2006