Young Xiangxiang has practiced Falun Dafa since she was little. She studies the Fa, practices the exercises, and helps with spreading the Fa. Very often she tells her mother the things she has seen in other dimensions. During an experience sharing meeting, Xiangxiang's mother talked about her daughter's encounters from other dimensions and everyone encouraged her to put them down in writing, which they felt would help more people build up their confidence and strengthen their righteous thoughts.

The following are a few incidences Xiangxiang related to her mother.

On October 3, 2003, at eight o'clock in the evening, I was lying on the sofa watching TV.

Suddenly, a sharp pain ran through the left side of my chest and I could hardly move. My daughter Xiangxiang saw a huge monster from another dimension, and with a knife in its hand, it started carving out my flesh, piece by piece. Without hesitation, Xiangxiang immediately released a Falun at the monster and killed it instantly.

After the incident, Xiangxiang said she wanted to talk to me. We went to the room where we had Teacher's portrait hung, and she told me to sit down and cross my legs. Amazed by her behavior and seriousness, I began to think that Teacher wanted to enlighten me through my child. After sitting down, Xiangxiang told me not to spend too much time watching TV. Whenever I sit down to watch TV, some demon would start pouring dirty things all over my body, making me feel uncomfortable and lazy. Its main purpose was to discourage me from continuing to practice Dafa. Xiangxiang mentioned one other thing: "The black minions have been behind the apprehensions of Dafa practitioners and sending them to brainwashing sessions. They pour dirt over the practitioners' bodies, beat them up, and force them to give up Dafa practice. The moment a practitioner submits under pressure, whether verbally or in writing, his or her cultivation energy is immediately wiped clean from the body. Then, the practitioner's face changes to that of a demon, after which, he or she will do whatever other demons instruct. It is horrifying. Appearing in our dimension, that person behaves erratically and causes damage to Dafa."

Once there were six practitioners gathered together near a forced labor camp to send forth righteous thoughts. Xiangxiang saw that every one of them was sitting on a lotus flower, clouds were hovering above their heads, and their bodies were glowing. Some of them shot out beams of light like arrows, and they emitted littles darts like rockets towards the camp. The camp was like an oblong block, with no windows. The entrance was a like huge mouth. When closed, the inside was in pitch darkness. The building was soon destroyed by the little rockets. The demons on guard started to attack the practitioners, but a fleet of Faluns descended from the heavens and quickly destroyed them. Some of the people inside were seen running out of the building, while the others were still lying on the ground.

Playing the video recording of Teacher's lecture at home is equally spectacular. The scenes in the other dimensions are like Teacher giving a lecture personally. One evening, Xiangxiang and I were playing Teacher's lecture in Guangzhou. Suddenly, Xiangxiang turned her head towards the window and shouted excitedly, "Mom, look, Teacher is coming! Let's welcome him."

She said Teacher was sitting on a huge lotus flower, glowing with radiance. Leading the way were fairies scattering flowers, and accompanying Teacher on either side were Boddhisatvas. Following closely behind were soldiers and protectors. The whole sky was filled with wispy clouds, colorful birds, Faluns, and lotus flowers. It was simply magnificent, spectacular, and most sacred.

Xiangxiang often helps her mother with sorting and distributing Dafa materials. Sometimes, she said, she rode a motorcycle in another dimension to distribute Dafa materials. In the other dimension, she said there are people practicing Dafa and clarifying the truth as well.

One night, while searching and downloading "Minghui Weekly," Xiangxiang told me that she saw a lotus flower, spinning as it was flying towards our house. It revolved around our house once and then settled on my head. I immediately closed my hands to receive it. The whole house, Xiangxiang said, was lit up. The book Zhuan Falun was also glowing. Pulling out the drawer, Xiangxiang opened the book, flipped over a page, and streams of Faluns were seen flying out, filling the whole house. The computer that we use to compile Dafa materials, the printer, and even the amplifier that we use to play the Dafa music were shining with radiance. Turning towards her mother, Xiangxiang was so excited to see her mother's whole body transparent and dazzling with light. "Mother," she said, "I think Teacher is encouraging us to be more conscientious in our Dafa work and be more diligent in our Fa study."