I am eighty-three years old and I began to practice Falun Gong in 1997. I'd like to share my experience with fellow practitioners via the Clearwisdom website.

On April 16, 2005, my oldest daughter passed away. My children went to the grave site to cherish her memory and my husband and I were left at home. The demons of "qing" started to interfere with me, and when I thought of being with my daughter in the past I could not help but cry. Since my attachment to emotions arose, the old forces were watching us and menacingly took advantage of these loopholes and persecuted me.

While I was crying, I felt something was wrong with my legs. At noon, seeing that my legs were partially disabled, my youngest daughter, who also cultivated, asked me, "Did you miss my sister and cry at home?" I answered, "Yes." My daughter said, "This is the old forces persecuting you, but you would never admit it. Don't cry again later, please send forth righteous thoughts more diligently." I promised and sent forth righteous thoughts hourly. However, my legs did not work well and I was in such pain that I had difficulty walking.

My youngest daughter took me to her home. My legs became increasingly painful. I could walk on the first day, but on the second day, I could not and had to crawl to go to the bathroom; on the third day I could not even crawl. My son-in-law called my son; they wanted to send me to the hospital. My legs were too painful to move. I did not come to a full understanding on this issue and I agreed to go to the hospital.

However, when I went to the hospital for tests, everything was normal. The doctor finally said that there was water filling up in my knees and they wanted to remove it. Then I thought: Only by believing in Master and Dafa can I really be safe. I asked him, "After removing the water inside, will it come back?" The doctor answered, "Yes." I said, "Why should we remove it if it comes back again? No, I want to go home." My son asked the doctor to prescribe some medicine and then we went home.

I returned to my home and my son came to visit me from out of town. He was very respectful. After he arrived, he immediately got some water for me and asked me to take medicine. I did not grasp the moment to hold to my faith. I had the medicine because I was afraid of hurting my son's feelings. Later I thought it was improper, as I was a cultivator and I believed in Master and Dafa. It was not an illness. It tested my enlightenment quality and at the same time allowed me to get rid of emotional attachments. When my son got medicine for me again, I held it in my mouth and did not swallow it. I spit it out while he was not watching. After that my son never asked me to take medicine again. However, I still did not completely break through the tribulation. My son bought some splints and put them on my legs. After he left, I took them off. Seeing that I did not take medicine nor put on the splints, my husband was not happy. I was not moved by his reaction and sent forth righteous thoughts as usual. I listened to fellow practitioners, read the book and studied the Fa.

One day my daughter came to visit me. She asked me to believe in the hospital first and then Dafa second; she called it "double belief." My youngest daughter hurried to remind me that, "Because you believed in two schools, you failed to break through the tribulation. Only by firmly believing in Master and Dafa can you break through the tribulation. Later she asked me, "Do you believe in Master or the hospital?" I said, "I believe in Master."

A couple of days later, a fellow practitioner from outside our village came to visit me; she talked a lot about firmly believing in Master and Dafa. I was moved very much. I wanted to give her an apple and asked my youngest daughter to get it. The practitioner said, "If you really want me to have an apple, just bring it to me yourself." Actually, the fellow practitioner helped me negate the persecution from the old forces during the process of getting the apple. I did not think about it, got up from my bed, and walked step by step to the back room, where I got an apple for my fellow practitioner.

After that I could stand again and I always went to my fellow practitioners' place to study the Fa. After seeing this miraculous change, another one of my daughters also took the path of cultivation.

From this event I deeply realize that at critical moments, every human notion is an opportunity for the old forces to take advantage of our loopholes, which may cause losses in validating Dafa. Only with unwavering faith in our Master and Dafa can we really overcome obstacles after getting rid of human notions. The help from other practitioners is also very important; without reminders and help from fellow practitioners I could not have broken through this tribulation. I hope fellow practitioners can also learn some lessons from this.