(Clearwisdom.net) This incident happened a while ago, but whenever I think of the purity and sanctity of my fellow practitioner, I am deeply moved.

One local practitioner experienced sickness karma interference last year. Since many other practitioners had multiple tasks they were working on, there were not enough people to come over to the hospital to send forth righteous thoughts. An elderly practitioner that often sent forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy and I were worried. We decided to visit the practitioner in the hospital and send forth righteous thoughts for a couple of days to help the fellow practitioner overcome this disaster.

One day as we were about to leave the hospital, the patient's relatives arrived. They met us and thanked us for what we had done. I was in a hurry to pick up my children from school. We had to leave. When we were outside the hospital the elderly practitioner said to me "It is not good to have only a few of us (practitioners) show up at the hospital and leave early. What must the relatives think of us?" I thought that we had been there early, as soon as I had sent my children to school, and had stayed there till it was time to pick up the kids. The relatives had shown up at hospital late in the afternoon. How could we have done any better? I replied, "I don't think so. We were here earlier than her relatives." The elderly practitioner quickly responded, "Hey, don't say that. Let's not invite the evil."

Her simple words really shocked me. I saw my own weakness. I was reminded that, although I had continuously become aware of the Fa principles, I have not used those principles to improve my "xingxing". I soon understood something: a Dafa practitioner should not look for outside re-enforcement and reasons. We must only be strict with ourselves and meet the Fa principles and improve ourselves unconditionally. When we do that, we will become more pure and not encounter evil disturbances. Will we not? It is just like the elderly practitioner said, "We should not invite the evil."

I felt that I had just found a treasure. I am always deeply moved every time I think about this incident.