Recently, fellow practitioners around Dalian City, Liaoning Province, have been frequently arrested. I think one important reason is that many practitioners do not understand the Fa principle of thoroughly negating the old forces very well, and are therefore unconsciously acknowledging the old forces' arrangements.

Teacher has taught the Fa many times. Teacher does not acknowledge the old forces. Regardless of whatever pact one signed with the old forces in history, at critical moments, what we need to do as Dafa practitioners is up to us. Teacher has taught us this all along. If we understand well and assimilate to the Fa, we can be impervious to the old forces' persecution and, on the contrary, the old forces can only be eliminated by us. Such a result was generated by the Fa a long time ago. What we should do is to become assimilated to and validate the Fa and manifest what Dafa requires to all levels of beings.

In fact, everything is up to practitioners. We can get whatever results we want. In a certain place, a practitioner was arrested while clarifying the truth. After escaping, he wanted to leave home for remote places to avoid being persecuted further. But local practitioners thought they must not allow the evil to continue to persecute him and that he should be able to return to work as usual. All of them firmly held this thought and shared their understandings with the fellow practitioner. After all of them improved their understanding on the Fa, the practitioner came back to work several days later. The 610 Office personnel, holding evidence that he had done truth clarification before, threatened that they would send him to a forced labor camp, but they failed to do so as the final result was determined by the practitioners.

Since Dafa practitioners determine everything, why does the persecution continue? The direct reason is our attachment of fear, which acknowledges and wants the persecution to different extents. Mind and matter are one. The old forces will take advantage of such a mentality to persecute us when we unconsciously recognize such persecution.

Before, the usual reason we found was that persecuted fellow practitioners had attachments. But now we have learned from the Fa that our cultivation way is like this: Attachments are continuously exposed and then are continuously gotten rid of. That is to say, we have attachments as long as we are in the process of cultivation, which is allowed in the Fa. Whereas, the evil is the object to be rectified by the Fa. Therefore, do the old forces have any right to make arrangements for us? Their reason for persecuting us is nothing more than an excuse, and their true purpose is to thwart the Fa-rectification and to ruin sentient beings, so they are doomed to be eliminated.

Many practitioners possibly think that they can understand these Fa principles. But I have found that many fellow practitioners acknowledge the old force's persecution to different degrees deep in their minds. One of the manifestations of this is that after other practitioners are persecuted, they do not immediately think to eliminate the persecution of fellow practitioners and the interference in local truth clarification. Instead, they think that their fellow practitioners must have attachments for which they are persecuted, or that they have to cultivate diligently for fear of being persecuted. In fact, all these thoughts conform to the old forces' thinking, strengthen the energy of the old forces, and feed the evil. As a result, an unrighteous field will be formed in the whole region where there are many practitioners with such problems.

In recent days several practitioners reviewed together the article published in Clearwisdom on May 25, 2006, "Deeply Examine and Analyze Our Acceptance of the Old Forces' Evil Arrangements; Completely Deny and Eliminate the Old Forces' Evil Arrangements" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/5/25/22445.html). We felt the article made a clear analysis of the negation of the old forces, which enabled us to realize the wrong ideas that fed the evil in our minds. I would recommend this article to fellow practitioners in the hope that we can ascend according the Fa principles and break through the situation where practitioners are repeatedly persecuted in the Dalian region.

Above is only my personal understanding in one aspect. I hope that more practitioners will break through their personal barriers constraining themselves and transcend the selfish standard of the old cosmos by giving up the mind of selfishness and satisfaction with their current status. We should regard things of others and all practitioners as our own things. In this way we will raise ourselves to meet the standard of the new cosmos based on unselfishness and altruism. Let's concentrate on the overall situation in Dalian, manage to change the current status, and reform Dalian City into an environment for saving sentient beings under the dominance of a righteous field created by Dafa practitioners.