(Clearwisdom.net) Many Dafa practitioners were arrested in Yanqing County, Beijing since late June 2006. Practitioners Wen Junqing, Wang Xiuqin, Yin Meili and several others were sent to labor camps. We do not have information on the other practitioners.

Practitioner Mr. Shi Yingji, 31 years old, lived in Konghuaying Village, Yongning Town, Yanji County and worked on the railroad. He was illegally arrested on June 28, 2006 and abused until he suffered from symptoms of brain hemorrhage. The police didn’t approve his formal arrest at the time and instead placed him under surveillance at the Yanqing County Hospital. Beijing Police Department's No. 1 Department suddenly approved Mr. Shi's arrest on September 19, 2006. He is now being held at the Beijing Detention Center. Officers Zhao Laigen and Zhen Jinji are in charge of his case. The arrest notice was not delivered to his family until September 26, although the law states that "explanations should be given if notice is not issued to the arrestee’s family or work place within 24 hours of the arrest." The notice was sent to Shi Yingji’s family after one week, but no written or oral explanation was given. Shi Yingji was held at the Yanqing County Hospital for 47 days, between August 2 until September 19, during which time he had symptoms of a myocardial infarction, high blood pressure and a stroke. He was once in critical condition.

Practitioner Ms. Wen Junqing, 36 years old, worked at the Sihai Township Tax Bureau in Yanqing County. She was persecuted in 2000 for practicing Falun Gong and was forced to resign from her job. Since then, she has since made a living as a tricycle taxi driver. She and Shi Yingji were arrested by more than 20 police officers on the afternoon of June 28, 2006 at her residence, No. 8 South Caiyuansan Alley, Yanqing Town. Ms. Wen was sentenced to two years and she is still being held at the Yanqing Detention Center.

Practitioner Ms. Wang Xiuqin, in her 50s, is a retired teacher from the No. 4 Elementary School in Yanqing County. She was arrested by National Security agents on June 19, 2005 for clarifying the truth. Ms. Wang broke free 15 days later with the power of her righteous thoughts and went into exile to avoid further persecution. The National Security agents searched for her everywhere and froze her pension. Ms. Wang was arrested again on June 30, 2006 by the police working in collaboration with the principal of the No. 4 Elementary School, and she was sent to a labor camp. Ms. Wang developed symptoms of illnesses. Officials at the Beijing Labor Reeducation Dispatch Division said that she was being held at a hospital within their system, but her family could not find her. Right now, Wang Xiuqin is being held at Division 7 at the Beijing Women’s Forced Labor Camp, having been sent there by Beijing Labor Reeducation Dispatch Division agents.

Practitioner Ms. Yin Meili is in her late 40s. She worked at the Kangan Residential Area’s Property Management Company in Yanqing. Her superiors and the police colluded to arrest her around July 1, 2006. She has been sent to a labor camp.

Practitioner Ms. Guo Zhenhua is in her 40s and lived in Wangquanying Village, Yanqing Town, Yanqing County. She was arrested on July 26, 2006. Local police officer Qi Feng from Yanqing Town searched her home. Guo Zhenhua clarified the truth to him. He didn’t say anything at the time. Later, he led several other officers and they ransacked Guo Zhenhua’s home and took her away with a search warrant.

Yanqing County Detention Center in Beijing: 86-10-81197830, 86-10-60158680 (main switchboard)
Wu Fengzhong, head of the detention center: 86-10-81197991
Li Liju: 86-13716188335 (Cell)
Yanqing Police Department: 86-10-81192222 (main switchboard)
National Security Division: 86-10-8119-8004
Liu Lianshan and Liu Herong, heads of Yanqing County's 610 Office: 86-10-69103007
Duan Jinxing, principal of the No. 4 Elementary School in Yanqing: 86-10-69145920, 86-13701179884 (Cell)
Yanqing County Hospital: 86-10-69103020 (main switchboard)
Zhang Li, head of hospital: ext. 1698
Lu Wei, deputy head of hospital: ext. 3698 or 2210
Lu Tiewu, Party secretary
Wang Li, deputy Party secretary: ext. 5698
Yang, guard at Division 7 of the Beijing Women’s Forced Labor Camp: 86-10-602788999-5701