(Clearwisdom.net) Forty-three-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Jianpo from Langfang City, Hebei Province is on the brink of death at the Jidong Prison in Tangshan City. His family went to the prison's Division 4 on October 6, 2006 and asked to meet with him. They also requested Yang Jianpo's release on medical parole. Division 4 officials forbade the family to meet with Yang Jianpo. The disappointed family waited from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. before returning home. Guards from Division 4, the local police station head Xu Chong, and military police officers in turn talked to the family during the 12 hours and told them to go away. They said, "You should no longer come back here; tell other people from your family to come."

Some other relatives went to the prison on October 8, 2006, hoping to see Yang Jianpo this time. The relatives didn’t know how to get there and so asked practitioner Liu Xianglong from Langfang City to take them. Once at the prison, one guard agreed to let Yang Jianpo’s wife and child meet with him. When he heard other relatives had come along he asked everyone to register their names. He said they would be able to see Yang Jianpo after the officials finished discussing it in their meeting. The family waited. Li Zhengyun, the political head at the Jidong Prison Central Hospital, Wu, head of the Prison Politics Section and chief surgeon Bi went to Yang Jianpo’s wife. They told her that Yang Jianpo could die at any time as he was suffering from multiple organ failure. His wife again asked for medical parole, but the authorities said he did not qualify for medical parole, as he didn’t "obey the law." His family said, "He never violated any law. He is a good person and you are detaining him illegally."

When the prison office hours ended at 4:30 p.m., a group of officials, including Yan Zhen from Division 1 of the Langfang City Police Department and Liu Yanhui from the Langfang City National Security Division, tried to take Yang Jianpo’s family away. They arrested Liu Xianglong, who had shown the family the way to the prison. They ignored the family’s pleas. Yang Jianpo’s wife had a sudden heart attack and lost consciousness, and yet a police officer, in his 50s, from Langfang City, repeatedly told the family to go away.

Liu Xianglong’s family learned about the arrest and went to the Langfang City Police Department, the Guangyang District Police Department, the Anci District Police Department and to the National Security Divisions in all districts and detention centers, to look for him. All officials denied knowledge of the arrest. The family continued their efforts and eventually found out that Liu Xianglong was being held at a Langfang City Brainwashing Class.

Right now is the fall harvest season. Liu Xianglong’s wife is in poor health, and their three young children cannot work in the field. The whole family relies on Liu Xianglong.

Yang Jianpo and his wife Nie Chunling have been persecuted frequently in the past several years. Yang Jianpo was arrested by officers from Guangyang Police Department in Langfang City on February 20, 2004. He was held at the Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City. His weight had dropped from 198 lbs to 88 lbs when he went home on June 8, 2004. He was skin and bones.

Yang Jianpo, Cao Baoyu and other practitioners were arrested during the 2006 Chinese New Year when clarifying the truth to government officials in an effort to rescue fellow practitioners. Yang Jianpo nearly died from torture and was taken to the Langfang City Hospital and the Langfang City Chinese Medical Hospital, both of which issued him a Notice of Critical Condition. Langfang City Detention Center officials issued a release notification, but agents at the Guangyang District 610 Office withheld the release notice and transferred Yang Jianpo to Guangyang District People’s Hospital, also called the Beidajie Hospital.

Cao Baoyu died from torture at the Guangyang District People’s Hospital on the evening of April 27, 2006. Yang Jianpo was sent to the Langfang City Detention Center and later sentenced to prison, and locked up in Division 4 at the Jidong Prison, although he was still hovering between life and death. Yang Jianpo has been holding a hunger strike since February 5, 2006 to protest the detention and persecution.

Jidong Prison in Hebei Province:

Song Chenliang: head of prison, 86-315-8327666 (Office), 86-315-8327966 (dorm), 86-311-83807666 (Home), 86-13930530566 (Cell), 86-13832978666 (Cell)

Peng Yanjie: political secretary, 86-315-8327888 (Office), 86-315-8502668 (Home), 86-13903157108(Cell)
An Yue: secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, 86-315-8327668 (Office), 86-315-8502888 (Home), 86-13503150211 (Cell)
Sun Yuejin: deputy head of prison, 86-315-8327898 (Office), 86-315-8310669 (Home), 86-13653155866(Cell)
Hou Baochen: deputy head of prison, 86-315-8327686 (Office), 86-315-8310686(Home), 86-13803329986(Cell)
Wang Xiaode: deputy head of prison, 86-315-8327868 (Office), 86-315-8501993 (Home), 86-13603256338(Cell)
Li Bing: deputy head of prison, 86-315-8327688 (Office), 86-315-8310688 (Home), 86-13933327929 (Cell)
Xue Yanlin: deputy head of prison, 86-315-8327999(Office), 86-315-8501855(Home), 86-13803306117 (Cell)
Langfang City Police Department: 86-316-2333333 (main switchboard)
Langfang City "610 Office," 86-316-2015211 ext. 6162
Front office at the Langfang City Detention Center: 86-316-2333043