(Clearwisdom.net) Because I cultivated Falun Dafa, and strove to be a good person, I was illegally detained in Heilongjiang Women's Prison for four years and suffered all kinds of persecution. If I did not have righteous belief in Master and Dafa, I could never have survived to this day.

In prison, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) instigated policemen and criminal inmatess to violate the human rights of the Dafa practitioners and did not let us to do the exercises. If they found anybody doing the exercises, they sent them to solitary confinement to be persecuted. If the criminals reported a Dafa disciple reading Falun Gong books, they would get ten credits. If they successfully brainwashed one Dafa disciple, they would get forty credits and they could also get reduced sentences.

At 6:00 p.m. on February 8, 2004, people in the CCP political department came to our division to do roll call, requiring all the prisoners to squat. We are not criminals and should not cooperate with any of the requirements for criminals, orders or instigations of the evil. So we clarified the truth to the policemen and inmates, telling them that there was no crime in our belief, Falun Dafa is good and it was illegal to detain us here.

Policeman Zhang Xiuli of the Ninth Prison District instigated the criminal inmates to beat us. Zhan Jie, Dong Lingui, Cheng Qiaoyun, five other Dafa disciples and I were dragged into a small dark room, during which time the verbal insults never stopped. Criminal inmates Hou Guiqin, Wang Dan, Hou Yingli, Zhao Xueling and three others beat us in turn. They also taped our mouths to stop us from crying out and persecuted us with the torture, "handcuffed behind the back" until around half past ten.

Since that day I started to experience difficulty in walking and had pain in my lower back and legs. On October 28, 2005, seven other Dafa practitioners and I were sent to the prison hospital.

In the middle of November, 2005, I fell down while going to the toilet and I felt even more pain in my back and legs. I started to do the exercises and was seen by inmate He Yingjie. She pushed, beat and insulted me loudly: "The CCP has us criminals watch over you to not let you do the exercises. I'd rather let you lie in bed than do the exercises. Your life means nothing to me, I only want to earn more credits and go home."

On February 5, 2006, I fell down again while washing my face in the washroom. I stood up with much difficulty and found that my legs were sore and without any strength. I could not walk any more. A fellow practitioner carried me back to the dormitory. I could not turn over after that or take care of myself. On February 6, people in the prison hospital saw that I was seriously ill and decided to take me to be examined in a hospital outside of the prison. They organized a group of people and prepared to send me away. I cried out, "Falun Dafa is good!" They sent me to several hospitals in Harbin to be examined, and the results were as follows: old bone fracture, bone marrow cancer and osteoporosis. They said I was in the last stages of cancer and needed two people to take care of me. The head of the prison was afraid of taking responsibility for my condition and decided to send me home.