(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share with everyone what I saw in other dimensions while sitting in meditation so as to remind each of us of the urgency for us to validate the Fa and save sentient beings before the Fa begins to rectify the human world.

Today when I was doing the seated meditation, I saw a scene: The universe had been completely rectified. Everything was so beautiful, calm, peaceful and splendid. The scene was so beautiful. And then I saw the strong force of the Fa-rectification touching the surface of the earth, almost reaching here. Suddenly, I saw Master’s hands right in front of the earth. Master’s hands were so huge that they covered the whole earth, holding back the Fa-rectification force that was rapidly approaching the earth.

The moment I saw this scene, I started to feel very excited. I could not help shedding tears. I really didn’t know why I was crying, but I still could not stop shedding tears. I was really touched and I could feel Master’s tremendous compassion and forbearance vibrating from Master’s hands.

I heard, "You have to be quick … not much time left … otherwise you will not be able to make it." I felt this message was very urgent. I understood that there were so many things that we did not do well. There are still many people waiting to be saved. If we do not exert ourselves, when the grand Fa-rectification torrent comes to this human world, it will be too late. There is not much time left.

Master is holding back the Fa-rectification torrent so that more people can be saved. It is true that when the Fa-rectification begins in this human world, it will be too late for a lot of people. After a while, I again felt deeply moved and I called out in my heart, "Master!"

Immediately there was a response, "I am here." I saw Master’s intangible image. The whole earth was enveloped by Master’s image. The earth and every single life inside the earth were enveloped with Master's tremendous compassion.

My understanding is that Master has always been there … holding us, holding this earth, holding this universe. For many times, we could not feel the existence of Master’s real entity, and we tried to look for Master’s real image. However Master has always been right there. Master is still waiting--waiting for us to walk our paths righteously and do what we are supposed to do well.

Later I also heard this message: "A window has been opened. However, you are striking the door heavily. If you take a step back, everything will go smoothly, and all the problems will be solved."

I wrote this to share with the practitioners in Singapore. I sincerely felt that this message was sent to all the practitioners in our country. As a whole body, Master is encouraging us, hoping that we have a sense of urgency for all that we are doing. I also hope that we can look inside to see how we can improve our attitudes, our understanding and our behavior. This way everything will become smooth, problems will be solved and we will become a whole body again.