(Clearwisdom.net) The printer at the truth clarification materials production site stopped working because of the high volume of printing. Before the new printer arrived, I took over the responsibility of printing the weekly journal. However, my printer had not been used for a long time, and it had also stopped working.

Master said that we should not avoid or walk around problems. Good encounters and bad encounters are all good encounters, so I took it upon myself to complete the week's journal.

In the beginning it went smoothly. Before printing, I first sent forth righteous thoughts. I was pleasantly surprised that the printer was now good. The first copy of the weekly journal was done nicely. I felt much more relaxed. When I made the second copy, however, the printing head clogged again, missing a few lines. I thought that wasn't right. It didn't make sense. The first copy came out good, meaning the print head was now working and the clogging had stopped. The second should then have been even better.

Then I calmed my heart and sent forth righteous thoughts, eliminating the evil factors at work. After sending forth righteous thoughts I tried again, but it still did not recover. I continued to send forth righteous thoughts, but nothing happened. I was about to take the machine to be repaired. At that time, my mother was reading the first printed copy of the journal and pointed out an article to me. The article talked about my exact situation. When the machine producing truth clarifying materials stopped working, the practitioner did not look for problems with the machine, but looked for problems in his/her own xinxing.

I thought about it. There could be two possibilities why the machine was having problems: one could be interference from the evil and two could be a problem with my own xinxing. If I took it to be repaired and they said that the machine was bad, then wouldn't a life be destroyed? Again, I calmed down to look inside: Was it because of my attachment to zealotry? The printer was working fine at first, without any need for repair. Was it because of my notions of joy and luck? Moreover, I did not treat it benevolently. I did not study the Fa with it, and assimilate to the Fa together with it. I did not do the three things well. It was like I was an everyday person in every respect. With trouble at work, I did not measure it with Dafa. When I encountered problems in life, I always looked at other's shortcomings. Fa study and righteous thoughts decreased.

When I saw these problems of mine, I said to the printer: "You are also a life! You know that I chose you, how lucky you are! Do you dare to lose this great and predestined opportunity? You are making Dafa materials, and fellow practitioners are waiting to see them. It is also your chance to establish honor and authority. For making Dafa materials, Dafa will give you energy. You should be running better and better, with more and more energy. You should not be interfered with by the evil. I have things that I did not do well, and I will look inside, but we cannot delay letting fellow practitioners see the journal. You should choose your position in heaven and earth; you cannot choose to be eliminated, and lose this predestined relationship that comes once in a thousand eons. You must position yourself right and not be interfered with by the evil."

Then I started to print again. The printer worked fine, clearly printing the journal. I again felt the power of Dafa and Master's benevolence and greatness. It was so miraculous, beyond any ordinary explanation and beyond the understanding of ordinary people. I was almost in tears. I deeply realized that as long as we do things according to Master, everything should go well. It is the power given to us by Dafa.

The next day, a fellow practitioner asked me to reinstall a computer because the Internet connection stopped working. Previously I had tried to install her machine, but because of the brand I could not run the CD Rom drive properly, so it wasn't installed successfully. This time I thought that, no matter how difficult it might be, I would install it well. This concerned the practitioner's safety.

When I arrived with a CD, the fellow practitioner was waiting for me at home. I sat down and waited for a while before starting the installation. Before long I figured out how to boot from the CD Rom drive. I told the practitioner, "Good, I found it. Now we can install it. This is Master opening up our wisdom."

Just a minute before the installation was finished, the computer prompted that the CD Rom had a problem. I thought maybe the CD was bad. It looked like the installation was failing again. I was worried; the next day, this practitioner would also need it to do the weekly journal. I tried a couple of times but it did not work. We both sent forth righteous thoughts together, but nothing happened. I asked Master for help. If the CD was bad, we asked Master to strengthen us and to help us install it successfully. Additionally, I told the CD: "How sacred a thing this is. You should cherish your responsibility and complete your job well. If you go bad, won't you be eliminated? You would lose this opportunity. In other dimensions, with Master's strengthening, you can do it." I consulted with the fellow practitioner to try one last time, since we could not afford to delay making the materials. We had to complete the materials even if we had to copy from the USB drive.

This time, another miracle occurred. When it came to the place where it had stuck before, the CD Rom stopped running, but the installation kept going. I knew this was Master's strengthening in other dimensions. This time our installation was successful. Fellow practitioners, Master is truly accompanying us all the time! It is just to see our heart. As long as our xinxing is there, even if a machine goes bad or a CD goes bad, Master will help us. Master truly watches over us as if protecting babies. We don't have any reason to not do well, to not do according to Master's words.

Here I want to tell fellow practitioners who make materials, that what we do are not ordinary people's things. What we do is all above the ordinary. Dafa is supernatural in the first place. We cannot be confused by any false image in this dimension. This dimension's machine may be bad, but in another other dimension, maybe it's not, In any event, we should still treat it benevolently.

Dafa's power is boundless. At some material sites the machines are constantly being replaced. This not only wastes money, but also eliminates beings. Time is often wasted for practitioners who pick up the materials. This in itself shows the degree of belief in Dafa. With firm faith in Dafa, all good results are possible.

Above is my personal experience. I wrote this to share with others, hoping for suggestions and corrections from fellow practitioners. I am sincerely grateful to Master.